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L.A. County Address Points

Address Points

Current data date: August 2014 - Data is automatically updating information weekly. For more information please visit the Countywide Address Management System page.

This dataset contains address points from the Countywide Address Management System (CAMS), a collaborative program between the County’s Registrar/Recorder, Chief Information Officer, Public Works Department, Department of Regional Planning, and many local cities to manage addresses and street centerlines for the purposes of geocoding and cartography.

What this data is (and isn’t)

This dataset contains the best available information, with close to 3 million primary and secondary addresses in the County of Los Angeles.   It does NOT include information about every unit, suite, building, and sub-address.  With probably over 7 million addresses, we have a ways to go.


This dataset includes over 2.9 million individual points for addresses in the County.  Data has been compiled from best available sources, including city databases, LA County Assessor parcels, and the County’s House Numbering maps.  Please see the Source field for information.

Street Name information has been split into multiple fields to support the County’s specifically designed geocoders – please see the entry on LA County Specific Locators and Matching rules for more information.

Multi-address Parcels

Some of our data sources (LA City, LA County, for example) have mapped each individual address in their city.  These may also show unit information for an address point.  A property with multiple addresses will show a point for each address.  For some cities where this has not happened, the data source is the Assessor, where the primary address of the property may be the only address shown.  We invite cities and sources with more detailed information to join the CAMS consortium to continue to improve the data.

Legal vs. Postal Cities

Many users confuse the name the Post Office delivers main to (e.g. Van Nuys, Hollywood) as a legal city (in this case Los Angeles), when they are a postal city.  The County contains 88 legal cities, and over 400 postal names that are tied to the zipcodes.  To support useability and geocoding, we have attached the first 3 postal cities to each address, based upon its zipcocode.

For a full list of zipcode to postal city correlations, see this file: zipcodexxpostalcities (20170831) – Excel File

Download the data

  •  Data Download in ESRI File Geodatabase Format – includes Streets and Address Points (250 Mb): Click here to download
Using GIS Data on this site

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Data Field Descriptions
  • AIN - Parcel this address falls inside
  • Numprefix - Number prefix
  • Number - House Number
  • NumSuffix - House Number Suffix (1/2, 3/4 etc)
  • PreMod - Prefix Modifier
  • PreDir - Prefix Direction (E, S, W, N)
  • PreType - Prefix Type (Ave, Avenida, etc)
  • STArticle - Street Article (de la, les, etc)
  • StreetName - Street Name
  • PostType - Post Type (Ave, St, Dr, Blvd, etc)
  • PostDir - Post Direction (N, S, E, W)
  • PostMod - Post Modifier (OLD, etc)
  • A series of building and floor information fields - not currently filled out
  • UnitType - Unit Type (#, Apt, etc) - where these are known
  • UnitName - Unit Name (A, 1, 100, etc)
  • Zipcode - Zipcode
  • Zip4 - Not currently filled out
  • LegalComm - Legal City or primary postal city in Unincorporated Areas
  • PostComm1 - Primary Postal Community
  • PostComm2 - Secondary Postal Community
  • PostComm3- Third Postal Community
  • Source - source of the address point, including
    • Assessor - LA County Assessor parcel centroid with the Situs Address - primary address only
    • LACity - City of Los Angeles - primary and secondary with unit numbers
    • Regional Planning - source is the LA County House Numbering Maps - primary and secondary addresses
    • other agencies - will provide more details soon.
  • SourceID - ID of the Address in the source system
  • MADrank - Method Accuracy Description (MAD) provides a number between 1 and 100 detailing the accuracy of the location.
  • PCITY1 - 1st postal city (from the USPS)
  • PCITY2 - 2nd postal city (from the USPS)
  • PCITY3 - 3rd postal city (from the USPS)

GIS Source Information
Database Name: eGIS_Addressing
Feature Dataset Name (if applicable):
Reference Date: Continual
Accuracy: Parcel
Update Frequency: Weekly
Access Constraints:None

Contact Information
Rachel R. Rodriguez - GISP
CAMS Coordinator
County of Los Angeles
Internal Services Department
9150 E. Imperial Hwy
33.916650, -118.132255
Downey, CA 90242
(562) 940-2207

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