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Guide to Replacing Thomas Brothers

The County of Los Angeles has embarked on projects to replace the data it has historically licensed from Thomas Brothers with data that it owns and maintains internally.  This will allow the County to distribute, update, and improve this data without current restrictions.  The layer by layer comparison is listed below, and in the guide below:

Guide to replacing Thomas Brothers Data – April 2015

TB Layer Description Current Layer Link
TRNL Transportation (Street) LA County Street Centerline Link
CSNA County Area LA County Boundary Link
CTYA City Areas City Boundaries Link
ZIPA Zipcodes ZIP Code Boundaries Link
CENA Census Areas Census Tracts (2010) Link
CLTP Cultural Points Points of Interest Link
CLTL Cultural Lines Marina del Rey Docks Link
CLTA Cultural Areas Countywide Building Outlines Link
HYDL Hydrology Lines Rivers, Streams, Water Conveyance Link
HYDA Hydrology Areas Lakes & Reservoirs Link
OWNA Ownership Boundaries LA County Land Types Link
PGBA Thomas Brothers Page Copyrighted data, departments should eliminate dependency. Not available
PBDA Thomas Brother Grid Copyrighted data, departments should eliminate dependency. Not available
TRSA Township Range Section Township Range Section, Rancho Boundaries Link


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Accuracy: Parcel
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