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Southern California Railroad Mileposts with Sheriff Reporting Districts

RD Map

RD Map


Railroad mileposts used to report incidents and issues along railroad lines to public safety (law enforcement and fire).  It includes LA County Sheriff Reporting District Numbers for each milepost.


This dataset was developed in 2006 to be added to Reporting District Maps for the LA County Sheriff, who are contracted to patrol the Metrolink lines that take commuters across Southern California.  This dataset covers the following Metrolink commuter lines:

  • Antelope Valley
  • 91 Freeway Line
  • Inland Empire/Orange County Line
  • Orange County Line
  • Riverside Line
  • San Bernardino Line
  • San Bernardino – Riverside Line
  • Ventura Line

Source Data and Data creation

Multiple source data files (MilePost Source Data – zipped files) from the various railroads that operate the tracks were combined into a single datasource.  Mileposts generally are locations where there is a crossing of some sort (either a street, bridge, or some other crossing).

The milepost number includes a “distance from the start of the line” as part of its number.  In order to convert this to a location, LA County used dynamic segmentation (learn more here)   to find the distance of the milepost from the starting point of the line, and this was then adjusted as necessary, both by global changes to groups of mileposts that started outside LA County, as well as by hand editing to ensure the mileposts linked up with the crossings.

This dynamic segmentation enabled LA County to create a “Straight Line Track” which was part of the map.

We added locations for Metrolink Stations to the table to include those as well.

LACounty Sheriff Reporting District numbers are established by the local jurisdiction (e.g. the city) that handles law enforcement for that area.  For example, Los Angeles is 6101, and Glendale is 6141 – when the railroad line is in Los Angeles, all incidents (which tend to be reported by train operators by their milepost) need to be translated to the correct Reporting District.

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Data Field Descriptions

The most important fields are in bold below.

• ID - Internal ID Number (ignore)

• TABLESOURC - Source Table for data.  If blank, hand added
• U_S__DEPT_  - US Department of Transportation ID Number
• CPUC_NUMBE - California Public Utilities Commission Milepost Number - this was the source of the mileage
• STREET_NAM - Name of the milepost (generally the street it is crossing)
• CROSSING_A - Who operates and maintains the track
• PUBLIC_WOR - Public Works Agency Responsible for road
• TYPE_OF_CR - Type of Crossing, and warning devices if at grade
• THOMAS_BRO - Thomas Brothers map page reference
• RRCODE - unknown code
• TYPE_XING - Crossing Type (2 = private, 3 = public)
• POS_XING - Crossing Type (1 = at grade, 2 = Overpass, 3 = Underpass)
• ROUTE - The Metrolink Line that this Milepost pertains to
• MILEPOST -  Ignore
• MP_MILE - The Milepost distance from start in miles - this was extracted from the CPUC milepost name
• MPFEET_ORI - The Milepost distance from start in feet.  This was the original location
• FIX_FEET - Bulk fixes applied based upon manual review - some lines didn't correctly state their starting point, or if it was outside of LA County this was adjusted
• FIX_HAND - Hand fixes applied to the milepost location to correctly locate the milepost at the street crossing it mentions.
• MPFEET - The final distance in feet from the beginning of the line - this is used in the related dynamic segmentation tables that established the actual location
• ROTATE - This was used during map production to determine if the label should be rotated.
• LABEL_MP - The Milepost Label
• LABEL_ST - The label showing the street that the railroad was crossing
• MP_TYPE - Determines if this milepost is a street crossing or a station (used for symbology)
• RDNEW - LA County Sheriff Reporting District Number

GIS Source Information
Database Name: eGIS_Transportation
Feature Dataset Name (if applicable):
Reference Date: 2006
Accuracy: Thomas Brothers
Update Frequency: Other
Access Constraints:None

Contact Information
Steve Steinberg
Geographic Information Officer
County of Los Angeles
Internal Services Department
9150 E. Imperial Hwy, MS#3
33.916650, -118.132255
Downey, CA 90242
(562) 392-7126

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