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Los Angeles County Storm Drain System

Sample Channels, Gravity Mains, Catch Basins, etc.

Sample Channels, Gravity Mains, Catch Basins, etc.

The Los Angeles County Storm Drain System is a geometric network model representing the storm drain infrastructure within Los Angeles County. The long term goal of this network is to seamlessly integrate the countywide drainage infrastructure, regardless of ownership or jurisdiction. Current uses by the Department of Public Works (DPW) include asset inventory, operational maintenance, and compliance with environmental regulations.

GIS DATA DOWNLOADS: (More information is in the table below)

  • File geodatabase: A limited set of feature classes comprise the majority of this geometric network. These nine feature classes are available in one file geodatabase (.gdb). ArcMap versions compatible with the .gdb are 10.1 through 10.3.1. Read-only access is provided by the open-source software QGIS. Instructions on opening a .gdb file are available here, and a QGIS plugin can be downloaded here.
  • MS4 Outfalls: Per special request from our DPW’s Watershed Management Division, this shapefile representing MS4 outfalls is made available. For more information on these outfalls, please contact George De La O at 626-458-7155. For all other inquiries, please see contacts on this page.

Acronyms and Definitions (pdf) are provided to better understand terms used. ONLINE VIEWING: Use your PC’s browser to search for drains by street address or drain name and download engineering drawings. The Web Viewer link is: http://dpw.lacounty.gov/fcd/stormdrain/index.cfm

Online Color Key:

Storm Drain Application Legend

Sample of the Online Legend, under  Layers

BLUE: The drainage infrastructure maintained by the Los Angeles County Flood Control District (LACFCD) has been verified to the best of our ability. These features are symbolized as blue on our web viewer. Original constructions plans of drains maintained by LACFCD are available (PDF) via hyperlink. MAGENTA: Storm drain features maintained by the City of Los Angeles (symbolized as magenta) are included in this network. Up-to-date data may be viewed on Navigate LA, maintained by the City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Engineering. GRAY: All features symbolized gray in the SDS viewer represent infrastructure whose locations cannot be verified and attributes are unknown. GREEN: Channels that are maintained by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

MOBILE GIS: This storm drain system can also be viewed on mobile devices as well as your PC via ArcGIS Online. (As-built plans are not available with this mobile option.) dpw_QR_LADrains

More About these Downloads All data added or updated by Public Works is contained in nine feature classes, with definitions listed below.  The file geodatabase (.gdb) download contains these nine feature classes without network connectivity. Feature classes include attributes with unabbreviated field names and domains.

ArcMap versions compatible with the .gdb are 10.1 and later.

Feature Class Download Description
CatchBasin In .gdb Catch basins collect urban runoff from gutters
Culvert In .gdb A relatively short conduit that conveys storm water runoff underneath a road or embankment. Typical materials include reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) and corrugated metal pipe (CMP). Typical shapes are circular, rectangular, elliptical, or arched.
ForceMain In .gdb Force mains carry stormwater uphill from pump stations into gravity mains and open channels.
GravityMain In .gdb Underground pipes and channels.
LateralLine In .gdb Laterals connect catch basins to underground gravity mains or open channels.
MaintenanceHole In .gdb The top opening to an underground gravity mains used for inspection and maintenance.
NaturalDrainage In .gdb Streams and rivers that flow through natural creek beds
OpenChannel In .gdb Concrete lined stormwater channels.
PumpStation In .gdb Where terrain causes accumulation, lift stations are used to pump stormwater to where it can once again flow towards the ocean
Using GIS Data on this site

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GIS data available on this website is provided AS IS - please read the GIS Data Portal Terms of Use

Data Field Descriptions

Most of the feature classes in this storm drain geometric network share the same GIS table schema. Only the most critical attributes are listed here per LACFCD operations.

Attribute Description
ASBDATE The date the design plans were approved "as-built" or accepted as " final records".
CROSS_SECTION_SHAPE The cross-sectional shape of the pipe or channel. Examples include round, square, trapezoidal, arch, etc.
DIAMETER_HEIGHT The diameter of a round pipe or the height of an underground box or open channel.
DWGNO Drain Plan Drawing Number per LACFCD Nomenclature
EQNUM Asset No. assigned by the Department of Public Works' (in Maximo Database).
MAINTAINED_BY Identifies, to the best of LAFCD's knowledge, the agency responsible for maintaining the structure.
MOD_DATE Date the GIS features were last modified.
NAME Name of the individual drainage infrastructure.
OWNER Agency that owns the drainage infrastructure in question.
Q_DESIGN The peak storm water runoff used for the design of the drainage infrastructure.
SOFT_BOTTOM For open channels, indicates whether the channel invert is in its natural state (not lined).
SUBTYPE Most feature classes in this drainage geometric nature contain multiple subtypes.
UPDATED_BY The person who last updated the GIS feature.
WIDTH Width of a channel in feet.

GIS Source Information
Database Name: eGIS_Hydro
Feature Class Name:
Feature Dataset Name (if applicable): eGIS_Hydro.EGIS.DPW_STORM_DRAIN_NETWORK
Reference Date:
Accuracy: Parcel
Update Frequency: As Needed
Access Constraints:None

Contact Information
Thierno Diallo
Geographic Information Systems Manager I
Los Angeles County
Department of Public Works


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