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Proposed City Reorganizations (Annexations/Detachments)

The following table provides some information on “Proposed City Reorganizations” (Annexations/Detachments) within Los Angeles County which have been submitted to and accepted by “Local Agency Formation Commission of  Los Angeles County” ( LAFCO) for processing. The main purpose of this webpage is  to make available the boundaries of the proposed reorganizations in GIS (shapefile) and image (PDF or JPEG) formats.

If you are looking for city boundaries or city annexation/detachment history, then click here to go to that page.

The most recent proposal will always be at the top of the list. We will update this table as we obtain new information from LAFCO.  Some applications take years to process while others are cancelled or never completed.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT THE MAPS PROVIDED HERE ARE ONLY DRAFTS AND NOT OFFICIAL ANNEXATION/DETACHMENT BOUNDARIES.   The data available on this page, including the data and shapefiles below (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Information”), is provided “AS-IS” for viewing, copying, and distribution. Use the Information at your own risk. The County of Los Angeles, its departments and its affiliated entities, elected and appointed officers, officials, employees and agents (hereinafter referred to as the “County”) and LAFCO make no representation or warranty of any kind regarding this website or Information, explicit or implied.

Annexation/Detachment No. Name (if applicable)  Reorganization (Annexation/ Detachment) City (Unincorporated Community) Reorganization Boundary, in Shapefile/Image format(DOWNLOAD HERE) Status (Proposed/



Date Filed Acres Inhabitants Affected
City of Rancho Palos Verdes Reorganization No. 2019-01 Detachment from City of LA/ Annexation to City of RPV R (D&A) Cities of LA/Rancho Palos Verdes Shapefile / Image Proposed 11/01/2018 1.17 5
Tesoro del Valle Annexation to City of Santa Clarita Tesoro del Valle A Santa Clarita Shapefile/Image N/A N/A 1,784.7 N/A
Reorganization No.2016-33 to the City of Los Angeles D (R) Los Angeles Shapefile/Image Approved 05/16/2019


1.32 0
Reorganization No.2016-33 to the City of Los Angeles D (R) Los Angeles Shapefile/Image Approved 05/16/2019


1.32 0
 City of Agoura Hills Annexation No. 2018-12 A Agoura Hills Shapefile/Image On Hold Not Filed Yet 83.63 102
City of La Verne Annexation A La Verne Shapefile/Image Proposed Not Filed Yet
City of Santa Clarita Annexation No. 2018-04 Plum Canyon, Skyline Ranch, and North Sand Canyon A Santa Clarita Shapefile/Image Approved 04/24/2018



3117 6192
City of Bradbury  Reorganization No. 2016-08 (Detachment from Monrovia) R (D&A) Bradbury and Monrovia Shapefile/Image Approved 11/01/2016 2.96 2
City of Santa Clarita Annexation No. 2016-07  West Creek/West Hills A Santa Clarita  Shapefile/Image Approved 04/14/2016 1,018.39 5,151
City of Pomona Reorganization No. 2015-14 R (D&A) Cities of Pomona/Diamond Bar  Shapefile/Image Approved 02/02/2016 5.17  0
City of Pomona Annexation No. 2015-09 A City of Pomona (Unincorporated) Shapefile/Image Approved 01/16/2019 5.76  0
City of Agoura Hills Annexation No. 2015-10 A Agoura Hills Shapefile/Image Proposed 10/28/2015 116.67 3
City of Palmdale Desert View Highlands A Palmdale Shapefile/Image Proposed 09/28/2015 284 3259
City of Santa Clarita Gateway Ranch A  Santa Clarita Shapefile/Image  Proposed  Not Filed Yet
City of Calabasas Annexation No. 2014-03 Craftsman Corner R (D&A) Calabasas and Hidden Hills Shapefile/Image Proposed 12/10/2014 176.00 80
City of Calabasas Annexation  No. 2014-04  West Agoura Road A Calabasas (Unincorporated SMMNA) Shapefile/Image Denied 03/18/2014 43.31 0
City of Rolling Hills Reorganization No. 2013-04 R (D&A) Rolling Hills and Rancho Palos Verdes  Shapefile/Image Approved 4/14/2016


0.54 0
City of Palmdale Annexation No. 2011-19 A Palmdale (Antelope Valley) Shapefile/Image Proposed 3/8/2012 405.00 0
City of Carson Annexation No. 2011-25 Rancho Dominguez A Carson (Rancho Dominguez) Shapefile/Image Proposed 12/27/2011 1710.00 2597
City of Los Angeles Annexation No. 2011-27 Hidden Creek Estates A Los Angeles (Unincorporated Oat Mountain) Shapefile/Image Proposed 12/8/2011 297.42 0
City of Palmdale Annexation No. 2010-05 A Palmdale (Antelope Valley) Shapefile/Image Proposed 10/25/2010 49.60
City of Industry Annexation No. 2007-04 A City of Industry (Unincorporated) Shapefile/Image Cancelled 01/04/2007 14.80

A = Annexation, D = Detachment and R = Reorganization

If you were looking for city boundaries or complete city annexation/detachment history, then click here to go to that page.

Using GIS Data on this site

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Data Field Descriptions

The maps on this page will show the boundaries of proposed reorganizations (annexations and detachments). There will be very little (if any) attribute information with this data.

GIS Source Information
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Accuracy: Parcel
Update Frequency: As Needed
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Contact Information
Thierno Diallo
Geographic Information Systems Manager
Los Angeles County
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(626) 458-6920

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