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LA County CAMS Address Locator

geocodeFrom this post you can download an address locator customized for Los Angeles County, as well as the rules that build it.

The County of Los Angeles currently is able to confidently match over 98.8% of incoming addresses.  This has been tested against approximately 9 million addresses composed of voters’ addresses, utility addresses, and 911 dispatch files.   Part of this has to do with the high quality of the reference file that we manage through the Countywide Address Management System, but a large part of this success rate has to do with something that many people take for granted – the geocode matching algorithms.

Download the locator

  • Esri ArcGIS Locator files (zipped): 260 Mb.  CAMS_Locator is a composite locator that involves CAMS_POINTS, CAMS_STREETS.  In the zip file, you will find 8 files (.loc, .xml, and .lox).
  • LA County Custom Address Style: As described above, CAMS_Locator is created based on the custom Address Locator Style.  If you would like to create a locator , please download this file.


locator2County of Los Angeles maintains geocoder utilizing Esri ArcGIS Address Locator, but with a custom Address Locator Style.  This custom style was developed to accommodate complex addresses within LA county.  One complexity comes from fuzzy concept of cities.  The same area can be identified by different city names.  For example, Zip Code 90028 area can be “Hollywood” and “Los Angeles.”  We make our Address Locator to be able to search up to 4 types of cities:

  1. Legal City,
  2. Postal City 1,
  3. Postal City 2, and
  4. Postal City 3.

For the locators we search the Postal Cities first before we search the Legal City.

Another customization is intersection match.  When you need to find location of two intersected streets,  you do not need to specify city name.  For example, when you would like to find intersection of “North Hill St and 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA,” all you need to input is “2nd & hill.” No need to specify street direction (e.g. North, South, East or West), street type (e.g. Street, Blvd, Avenue, etc), or city (e.g. Los Angeles).  The Geocoder will give you candidates if multiple potential intersections are found.

The CAMS Locator is updated every Thursday with newest revisions from the CAMS system.

How to use it

Note – this locator will only work in ESRI’s ArcGIS Desktop software – you will need that software to use it.

To geocode addresses using CAMS_Locator:

  1. Download Esri ArcGIS Locator files (zipped) to your local drive and unzip.
  2. Right click the table you would like to geocode
  3. Go to “geocode address”
  4. At “Select Address Locator” window, click “Browse for Locator.”
  5. Then navigate to CAMS_Locator you locally downloaded. Click “Choose.”
  6. Then follow your regular “Geocode Addresses” procedure in ArcGIS Desktop.

To create CAMS_Locator on your own:

  1. Download LA County Locator Style.
  2. Save the .xml to your ArcGIS installation location.  Typically, C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.3\Locators.
  3. Prepare reference files.  Our reference file is created from CAMS Street Centerline and CAMS Address Point files (available from “LA County Street & Address File” post.  Please note that reference file needs to be transformed for improved match rate and better performance. (e.g. standardize some fields, translate zipcode to postal cities, and delete rows that do not contain attributes, etc.)
  4. Create 2 Address Locators.  Note: For the locators we search the Postal Cities first before we search the Legal City, so we actually use PCITY1 in the LegalCity field, and shift the Legal City to the PCITY3 field.
    1. CAMS_POINTS from “US Address – Dual Ranges – LA County – 20160519” style,
    2. CAMS_STREETS from “UA Address – Single House – LA County – 20160519” style, and
  5. Create a Composite Locator, CAMS_Locator, from the above three Address Locators.

The above instruction may not not enough to create your own CAMS_Locator.  For more details, please contact eGIS@isd.lacounty.gov.

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