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Tax Rate Area Polygons

The Tax Rate Area Polygon file shows the boundaries of Tax Rate Areas, which is used by the Assessor to assign tax rates to properties.  When joined with the Tax Rate Area Table, it can be used to determine the property tax rate for any area of the County.


Districts and cities collect taxes based upon a boundary that is approved by the State Board of Equalization. The Auditor Controller maintains a list of these Tax Rates in the Tax Rate Area Table and groups taxable properties into Tax Rate Areas (TRAs). The TRAs are numbered and appear on both secured and unsecured tax bills. The Board of Supervisors sets the tax rates that are calculated in accordance with Article 13(a) of the Constitution of the State of California.

The Assessor assigns TRAs to properties in order to support the collection of propety taxes by the the Treasurer Tax Collector. This file (the TRA polygon file) shows the boundaries of each Tax Rate Area. These boundaries are built from the legal description of each of the Tax Rate Areas, as approved by the State Board of Equalization.

This dataset, when combined with the TRA Table, will enable users to determine the tax rate for any specific area in the County, as well as the agency, city, agency, special district. On a property tax bill, the TRA is used to determine the assessments that come from these other districts.


To download the Tax Rate Area Polygon File, click here (252 Mb zipped shapefile).


LA County Assessor, LA County Auditor-Controller, LA County Treasurer-Tax Collector

Use limitations

There is no use limitation. However, please be aware that the TRA table is valid for the date of publication – it is updated yearly.

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Data Field Descriptions

TRA - Tax Rate Area Number

GIS Source Information
Database Name: eGIS_Cadastral
Feature Dataset Name (if applicable):
Reference Date: 2015
Accuracy: Parcel
Update Frequency: As Needed
Access Constraints:None

Contact Information
Emilio Solano
GIS Manager
Los Angeles County
Office of the Assessor
500 W Temple Street
Suite 325
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 974-7352

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