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Active Wells


The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works has developed a groundwater well web viewer to provide the public with current and historical groundwater depth information throughout Los Angeles County.



To provide active wells information to the public.


Supplemental Information:


  1. The State of California Department of Water Resources (DWR) developed the California Statewide Groundwater Elevation Monitoring (CASGEM) Program to make groundwater monitoring information available to the public through collaboration between local monitoring parties and DWR to collect groundwater elevation information statewide. The data have been compiled in the CASGEM Online System and made available to the public via the Internet with a GIS map interface. As a result, all interested parties can use the data to evaluate and monitor groundwater conditions in California.

The CASGEM Online System will allow you to:

  • View lists of local agencies, counties and associations who have volunteered to serve as CASGEM Monitoring Entities providing groundwater data statewide
  • View CASGEM Monitoring Plans and Groundwater Management Plans (via hyperlink)
  • Search and view groundwater elevation data in tabular format
  • View hydrographs that show groundwater elevations for wells
  • Search and view groundwater monitoring well information
  • View mapped locations of CASGEM wells, monitoring area boundaries, and other geographic information
  • Measure distances between wells and size of monitoring areas and basins
  • Download well information, groundwater data, hydrographs and maps
  • Download summary reports on wells, groundwater elevations, Monitoring Entities and basin information.


  1. The State of California Department of Conservation developed the Division of Oil, Gas & Geothermal Resources Well Finder, which is a web viewer that allows the public to access information on oil, gas, and geothermal wells throughout the State.


Using GIS Data on this site

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Data Field Descriptions

GIS Source Information
Database Name: eGIS_Hydro
Feature Class Name:
Feature Dataset Name (if applicable):
Reference Date:
Accuracy: Parcel
Update Frequency: As Needed
Access Constraints:None

Contact Information
Miguel Osorio
Senior Civil Engineering Technician
County of Los Angeles
Department of Public Works
900 S Fremont Ave

Alhambra, CA 91803

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