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Orange County City and Special District Boundaries

I was informed that high quality boundary files for cities and special districts in Orange County are available from Orange County LAFCO’s website.

LA Times GIS Data

LA Times aggregates a number of datasets, along with an API for accessing them.

Of greatest interest to most folks is the LA Times Neighborhood dataset (click here to access), as well as the LA County Regions.

Sensitive Environmental Resource Areas (SERA)


NOTE:  This layer has been rescinded due to the update of the Santa Monica Mountains Local Coastal Program, certified by the California Coastal Commission on October 10, 2014 (a link to the resolution is here).  The new Sensitive Environmental Resource Areas and other Biological […]

Zoned Districts (ZD)

These districts were established when zoning was created for Los Angeles County many years ago. It was a way to break the county up into distinct areas, smaller units, for easier record keeping and organization. It is still in use to identify and keep track of those ordinances […]

Community Standards Districts (CSD)

The community standards districts are established as supplemental districts to provide a means of implementing special development standards contained in adopted neighborhood, community, area, specific and local coastal plans within the UNINCORPORATED areas of Los Angeles County, or to provide a means of addressing special problems which are […]

Rural Outdoor Lighting District (Dark Skies)

Rural Outdoor Lighting District (Dark Skies)

This project is an amendment to Title 22 of the County Code, Planning and Zoning, to establish a Rural Outdoor Lighting District for areas of unincorporated Los Angeles County. The proposed Ordinance will establish the District with regulations that will conserve […]

Significant Ridgelines (within CSDs)

This layer delineates ridgelines within selected CSDs whereupon restrictions are established for grading and ridgeline development.  For more information on specific CSDs where these ridgelines reside, click here.  Last updated 10/29/14 for updated Significant Ridgelines in newly certified Santa Monica Mountains Coastal Plan.

Data can be downloaded here:

Significant Ecological Areas (SEA) – Proposed

Proposed Significant Ecological Areas

Proposed updates to the Significant Ecological Areas are based on aerial imagery and parcels.   Please note that proposed SEAs have not been officially adopted as part of the L.A. County General Plan.  For the Existing/Adopted SEAs click here.


Countywide Land Use Policy (not in Comm/Area Plan)

Land Use Policy (1980 General Plan)

Referred to as the “General Plan” and encompasses the unincorporated areas (sometimes referred to as ‘islands’) not covered by a community, neighborhood or area plan.  Adopted by the Board of Supervisors on November 25, 1980.  Last Updated 10/29/14 for a small […]

Zoning (Unincorporated Areas Only)

This is zoning for the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County.

For more complete information, see Title 22 (Planning and Zoning) of the Los Angeles County Code, or stop by the office of the Los Angeles County Department of […]

Land Use Policy (Comm/Area Plan)

This data depicts generalized land use classifications, each of which is intended to describe the dominant use characteristics within the area covered. Updated information regarding public parks, school sites, freeways, rail/transit lines, and other ownership-specific boundaries have been incorporated into this data. The actual use and intensity of […]

Los Angeles County Fire Department Jurisdictional Areas


The Fire Department’s jursidictional areas. Includes: Stations-170, Battalions-22, Divisions-9 and Regions-3. There are 199 individual polygons with 30 Stations having 2 or more discrete polygons.

Click here for Shapefiles


Orange County GIS Data

Orange County now has a data portal for downloading GIS data, including parcels, road lines, etc. This looks like a very nice capability.  You have to register to access the data, but it’s a great step forward: Click here to access


Countywide Building Outlines – 2014

LA County, through its LARIAC program, has updated its 2008 building outlines to incorporate changes since the buildings were initially captured in 2008 (click here to view and download that data).

This new data is NOT public – you must be a member of […]

The Works – Report A Problem

Los Angeles County, The Works

This award winning application for iOS and DROID enables residents of Los Angeles County to interact with the Departments of Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Public Health, and Regional Planning by

Requesting facility and trail maintenance at County parks, as well as reporting […]

Population and Poverty Estimates

Note: The files within the repository have changed (.dbf rather than .csv)

We have loaded numerous County of Los Angeles population and poverty estimates at either the Census Tract level OR Census Tract-City split areas by age, gender, and/or race-ethnicity into the eGIS_Demographic database and the internal networked drive (members\Demography folder).

Access Constraints

These datasets […]

Specific Plans (Five in Unincorporated Areas)

For UNINCORPORATED areas of Los Angeles County only.  A Specific Plan implements the General Plan/Community Plan and is a more detailed version of the General Plan for a focused area.  The Specific Plan articulates planning considerations and imposes regulations or controls.  Updated 9/3/14 to add Marina Del Rey and Santa Catalina Island.

The Land […]

Substructure Maps

Substructure Maps Grid

A limited number of Substructure maps in “pdf” format are available via GIS polygons representing grids containing URL links. Across various areas of Los Angeles County, paper maps were created by the Department of Public Works (DPW) and its predecessors to show underground utilities such […]

LA County Land Types

The Land Types dataset is a public domain dataset managed by the County of Los Angeles which  includes various types of land use that are critical for mapmaking and geographic analysis. The data has been created to match parcel boundaries where possible, and digitized from 4-inch aerial photography where more detail was needed.

Current date: July […]

Locations/Points of Interest (LMS Data) – July 2014 update

Current data date: July 2014

Download the data

LMS_Data_20140707  – Zipped file geodatabase. Due to the length of a number of the fields, a shapefile with its 255 character limit is unable to store all of the information regarding description, hours, phone numbers, etc. This data was extracted July 7th, 2014. This is the […]

Stormwater Catchment Areas

Abstract: This GIS layer was created to delineate catchment areas for Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) outfalls under the Los Angeles County Flood Control District (LACFCD) jurisdiction pursuant to a 2012 National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit.


Description: The data is a compilation of storm drain hydrology studies completed by the […]

Link to State SRA

We have decided that we should not post the County of Los Angeles Fire Department’s version of SRA. We do some tweaking that makes it incompatable with the state. So here is a link to the State of California’s version which is the legal one. http://frap.fire.ca.gov/projects/sra_mapping/index.php

CalEnviroScreen 2.0

How polluted is your neighborhood?

The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA), on behalf of the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA), provides CalEnviroScreen 2.0, a screening methodology that can be used to help identify communities that are disproportionately burdened by multiple sources of pollution.

To access these […]

City Boundaries

City Boundary Polygons and Lines

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works provides the most current shapefiles representing city boundaries within Los Angeles County, and the shapefiles available in this download includes polygons and lines.

Download Data

Relevant Sites:

LA County Street & Address File

Starting in September 2014, the data will be uploaded every week on Sunday with the newest revisions from the CAMS system.

Important note: This is the first output of the final data structure. In the next few weeks we will begin providing weekly updates as well as a number […]

Proposed SEA Connectivity and Constriction (1st Draft)

This layer is the first draft of the linework depicting ‘Connectivity and Constriction’ within an SEA–as shown on the “SEA Connectivity and Constriction Map”. The SEA Connectivity and Constriction Areas Map is an implementing tool for the SEA Ordinance intended to assist in to preserving SEA sustainability. Certain development standards are imposed on new […]

LA County GIS Viewer Upgrade #2 – Charting!

Adding the Median Income Chart

I posted yesterday about a major speed enhancement just released with the upgrade of Geocortex Essentials that was completed last week – Googly Search.

Here is another big addition that we are leveraging – CHARTS!

A few years ago […]

LA County GIS Viewer Upgrade #1 – Googly Search!

Googly Search

Have you ever wanted the searches in our GIS applications to be more “Googly” – where as you type you get suggestions on the rest of the entry? I have dreamt about this. With the recent upgrade of our GIS Viewers to the newest versions of Essentials from […]

Fire Perimeters 1965-2013

fires1965-2013Updated Fire Perimeters 1965-2013


Our Mapping Unit collects all the perimeter data from field personnel during a major fire.

Instructional Videos

We have a pair of instructional videos for the LA County GIS Data Portal that will help you make better use of the data available on this site. The first video shows you how to find and download GIS data from our site, while the second shows you how […]

Traffic Counts for California State Highways

An example from Orange County

While this isn’t GIS data directly, the data available at the Traffic Data Branch website can be spatially enabled to show traffic counts at the various intersections of the State Highway System.

Data […]

Business Locations

Data Licensed from US Data Depot showing the location, type, size, and other attributes for over 720,000 businesses in Los Angeles County. This data is for internal County use only and cannot be provided to external agencies. Pricing for this data is […]

Methane Producing Landfills

This data was created on April 30, 2012 to represent known disposal sites in Los Angeles County that may produce and emanate methane gas. The shapefile contains disposal sites within Los Angeles County that once accepted degradable refuse material. Information used to create this data was extracted from a […]

Land Records Information

Sample Tract, Parcel Maps and Records of Survey

To make land records more easily available to the general public, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works began scanning and posting thousands of documents online, free of charge.

The best method of accessing these records is via the […]

NOAA merged Bathymetry & Topography DEM

NOAA’s Bathymetry website (http://ngdc.noaa.gov/mgg/bathymetry/relief.html) has an integrated DEM and Topgraphy dataset at 10 meter resolution for download.

The Santa Monica quad (found via the NGDC bathymetry website) covers all the waters of LA County and […]

LARIAC4 approved by the Board of Supervisors


This Tuesday, December 3rd, the LA County Board of Supervisors approved the contract with Pictometry International Corp to acquire digital aerial imagery and QAQC services – collectively known as LARIAC4.

Link to the Board Agenda (LARIAC4 is item 15) […]

Township Range Section, Rancho Boundaries

This dataset contains the boundaries of the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) – Township Range Section boundaries, as well as the boundaries of the Ranchos and Landgrants that pre-dated the PLSS. In general these match the

Library Service Areas

This dataset contains the boundaries of the various library systems in the County of Los Angeles.

This data is used to support the library’s assignment of billing and other codes on this website: http://gis.lacounty.gov/districtlocator

Download the data

Library_Service_Areas (zipped shapefile)


Los Angeles County Sanitary Sewers

The Consolidated Sewer Maintenance District (CSMD) of Los Angeles County is administered by the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works (DPW).

For the list of cities served, operational maps, or for more information about the CSMD, please visit the 

Los Angeles County Boundary

In 2012, the Los Angeles County Seamless Cadastral Landbase became online and is now jointly maintained by the Assessor and the Department of Public Works.

This layer was created from county boundary line elements in the Los Angeles County Cadastral Landbase. The coastline was digitized per LARIAC imagery.



The file is used to generate maps for planning purposes. It is also used as a basemap for GIS web applications showing the each DCFS Regional Offices and satellite sites location. The file is geocoded based on the address locations of each DCFS Regional Offices and Site location. […]

DCFS Regional Offices

The file is used to generate maps for planning purposes. […]

DCFS Office Service Areas by ZIP Codes

The file is used to generate maps and statistical reports for planning purposes. It is also used as a basemap for GIS web applications showing the Service Areas of each DCFS Regional Offices by ZIP Codes. […]

Early Historic Surveys

This layer was created for retrieving the earliest recorded surveys of original Spanish and Mexican land grants (Ranchos), along with original plats of the United States Public Lands Survey System (PLSS). The URL field points to documents (PDF) on the

LA County’s Unified House Numbering System

After 11 years in the County, and many years dealing with addresses, I just learned about our Unified House Numbering System guidelines, which points to all of the relevant source information that we use to assign house numbers in the Unincorporated portion of the county. Many cities were incorporated after this was adopted in […]

LARIAC4 Kick-off meeting

Established in 2005, the Los Angeles Region Imagery Acquisition Consortium (LAR-IAC) has delivered highly accurate digital aerial imagery and elevation datasets to participants at substantial cost savings. To ensure the currency of the aerial imagery, we are working with consortia members to plan and initiate the next round of LAR-IAC – LAR-IAC4.

This attached letter […]

Significant Ecological Areas (SEA) – Existing/Adopted

Significant Ecological Areas (SEA)


Significant Ecological Areas (SEA) Significant Ecological Area (SEA) means an area that is determined to possess an example of biotic resources that cumulatively represent biological diversity for the purposes of protecting biotic diversity, as part of the Los Angeles County general plan or […]

Zoning Map Grid

The grid that shows the zoning maps that cover the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County.  This grid follows alignment and numbering system as the Department of Public Works House Numbering Maps.  This was developed as part of the Zoning Map Conversion and Integration Project (ZCIP) – 2002 […]

Los Angeles County Storm Drain System

Sample Channels, Gravity Mains, Catch Basins, etc.

The Los Angeles County Storm Drain System is a geometric network model representing the storm drain infrastructure within Los Angeles County. The long term goal of this […]

Southern California Railroad Mileposts with Sheriff Reporting Districts

RD Map


Railroad mileposts used to report incidents and issues along railroad lines to public safety (law enforcement and fire). It includes LA County Sheriff Reporting District Numbers for each milepost.


This dataset was developed in 2006 to be added to Reporting District Maps for the LA County Sheriff, […]