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NAIP Imagery – Early Access available

Current Imagery

The National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) is releasing the 2016 imagery via ESRI REST services through an early access program.

USDA offers a great service until such time the tiffs are ready and distributed and made available for download, and new permanent services built. So far, Riverside, San Diego and […]

USGS Quad Map Grids

Pasadena Quad

These datasets contain the geographic extent of USGS 1:24,000 topographic maps (7.5- by 7.5-minute quadrangles).

Data Downloads

LA County: This dataset is optimized for LA County – some quad sheets are actually extended beyond the cord grid system to cover small areas of coastline.

Click here […]

Oil and Gas GIS Data

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) promotes energy independence, environmental protection and economic development through responsible, science-based management of offshore conventional and renewable energy and marine mineral resources.

BOEM handles the actual Oil and Gas Lease Sales, along with Marine Minerals negotiated agreements and official maps and […]

US Maritime Limits and Boundaries

Maritime Limits and boundaries are available as downloads from NOAA at this site: http://www.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov/csdl/mbound.htm (look for the Static Data Downloads below the map).

Maritime limits and boundaries for the United States are measured from the official U.S. baseline, recognized as […]

Coastal Oblique Imagery (February 2016)

NOAA has released a set of oblique imagery captured February 6-9, 2016. On the same site is baseline imagery under the 2015 tab of imagery collected in September 2015. NOAA is collecting this data in order to assess impacts to several NOS mission areas including navigation and coastal […]

Homeland Infrastructure Foundation Level Data (HIFLD) Open Data Portal

The HIFLD Subcommittee is pleased to announce the release of the HIFLD Open data portal .

LA County leverages a fair amount of this data to provide emergency response preparedness as well as including publicly available data in our Points of Interest file. There is a […]

US Census Summary File 1 (2010)

These Summary File 1 tables provide the most detailed counts available so far from the 2010 Census, including cross-tabulations of age, sex, households, families, relationship to householder, housing units, detailed race and Hispanic or Latino origin groups, and group quarters at the census tract level.

Census Bureau Releases New Local-Level Demographic Information from 2010 Census […]

Flood Zones


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) creates and provides authoritative data related to flood insurance. Using that data, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works has developed a public-facing web viewer for accessing flood zone information in the County of Los Angeles (Flood Zone Determination Website). Flood zones are […]

Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs)


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) creates and provides authoritative data related to flood insurance. Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) data, where available digitally, can be found on the official FEMA’s National Flood Hazard Layer.

Looking for more […]

NAIP (National Agriculture Imagery Program) Imagery

The National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) is a program to acquire peak growing season “leaf on” imagery, and deliver this imagery to USDA County Service Centers, in order to maintain the common land unit (CLU) boundaries and assist with farm programs.

This data is different from our LARIAC imagery because it contains a 4th […]

LA County Bathymetry Data

The USGS developed a number of valuable bathymetric datasets off the coast of Los Angeles County in 1996 that we have loaded into our repository, and are made available here. The datasets include:

Source backscatter data 50 foot contours Bathymetry data in DEM format Hillshade Bathymetric Relief

For more details please visit: September 17th, 2015 | Tags: , , , | Category: Elevation, Free, US Geological Survey | Leave a comment

USGS Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)

This dataset contains the locations for Los Angeles County as noted by the US Board of Geographic Names. It is called the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS), and is the official dataset of all locations and names as recognized by the federal government.

These are points that are shown on USGS Topographic Quad […]

Imagery of Southern California (Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino Counties) – 2014

USGS has now posted 2014 imagery for a portion of the southern California urban region. New imagery was collected in mid 2014 by USGS contractors for the built up areas around the Orange County and Riverside/San Bernardino urban areas. This region covers about 2,250 square miles. The images have a one foot resolution […]

USGS Faults

This dataset contains quaternary faults within 50 miles of Los Angeles County.

Click here to download the shapefile


The source of this data is the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program. The data was downloaded from the Faults and Folds Database website (click […]

NOAA Data Portals

I was recently made aware of a couple of sites where NOAA makes data available.

West Coast Ocean Data Portal, which hosts data related to the oceans on the west coast:







US Forest Service Enterprise Data

If you are looking for data from the US Forest Service, you can go to their Enterprise Data download location. I recently downloaded the boundaries of the new San Gabriel Mountains National Monument from there.

Click here to […]

Flood Hazard data from FEMA

If you are looking for flood zone data, you can access the information from FEMA through the FEMA GeoPlatform.

Here is a link to the home page: https://hazards.fema.gov/femaportal/wps/portal/NFHLWMS. At this site you can access the FEMA webmap to download data, and there are […]

Population and Poverty Estimates

County of Los Angeles had loaded numerous population and poverty estimates at either the Census Tract level or Census Tract-City split areas by age, gender, and/or race-ethnicity into the eGIS_Demographic database and the internal networked drive (members\Demography folder). These datasets are proprietary estimates acquired by Los Angeles County for internal analysis. County departments and agencies […]

LA County Street & Address File

Starting in September 2014, the data will be uploaded every week on Sunday with the newest revisions from the CAMS system.

Important note: This is the first output of the final data structure. In the next few weeks we will begin providing weekly updates as well as a number of related symbolization […]

NOAA merged Bathymetry & Topography DEM

NOAA’s Bathymetry website (http://ngdc.noaa.gov/mgg/bathymetry/relief.html) has an integrated DEM and Topgraphy dataset at 10 meter resolution for download.

The Santa Monica quad (found via the NGDC bathymetry website) covers all the waters of LA County and is available in two […]

USGS Map Services

The USGS supports a number of map services:

These allow you to view nationwide data from The National Map in your GIS software. To use these in ArcGIS – select Add Data button then choose GIS Server from the list, then “add ArcGIS Server”


To add the tiled map cache (these are […]

Coastal LIDAR data from NOAA

The California Ocean Protection Council, in partnership with USGS and NOAA Coastal Services Center, funded a LiDAR data collection effort along the California coast and San Francisco Bay, between 2009-2011. The data were made available last year through the June 4th, 2013 | Tags: , , , | Category: Elevation, Free, NOAA | Leave a comment

2011 LAR-IAC Imagery – Public Domain (1 foot) – FREE

USGS Earth Explorer

This dataset represents natural color, leaf-off, 1 foot high-accuracy orthorectified aerial imagery, acquired by the Los Angeles Regional Imagery Consortium (LAR-IAC) in winter 2010/2011, and made public with the partnership of the US Geological Survey (USGS). The DEM represents bare earth, whereas a related product […]

US Geological Survey (USGS) Topographic Maps


The US Geological Survey has made its standard topo maps available for download through The National Map Viewer. NOTE – through research I have found that the USGS topo Store is a better place to go to download the maps. June 8th, 2012 | Tags: , , , | Category: Basemaps and Grids, Free, US Geological Survey | 4 comments

USGS site for LIDAR and Elevation Data

This site is a valuable resource for downloading LIDAR and Elevation data, including recent hi-resolution LIDAR along the coastlines of the United States.

Click to go to the National Map Viewer and Download location

Weather related GIS data

NOAA provides a wealth of GIS data, including updates of its weather predictions.

Here are some useful links:

The NWS GIS Data Portal, where you can download kml and shapefiles. From there, you can go to: The

Census Data and Boundaries (Historic)


The National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS) website recently is an incredibly valuable tool for historic demographics information. You just need to register.

From their site:

The National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS) provides, free of charge, aggregate census […]

Census Blocks (2010)

Census Geography Background

The Census Bureau (http://www.census.gov/) maintains geographic boundaries for the analysis and mapping of demographic information across the United States. Every 10 years the Census Bureau counts the population of the United States as mandated by Constitution. The Census Bureau releases the results of this […]

Census Tracts (2010)


IMPORTANT! It has been updated to the 2012 Census Geography Update, which merged Tracts 1370.00 and 9304.01 into the combined tract 1370.00. So the CT10 field actually reflects the 2012 Census update, which is used for all population products.

Census Geography Background

The Census Bureau (July 19th, 2011 | Tags: , , , | Category: GIS Data by Theme, GIS Data by Source, Census, Demographic, Free | One comment

FCC Licensing Database Extracts

The FCC makes a number of datasets available that cover the various communications data out there.

Their primary GIS data download page is here: http://wireless.fcc.gov/geographic/index.htm?job=licensing_database_extracts

To download LA County Data

The LA County extract of this data is part of the Locations/Points of Interest dataset that is available […]

DMSP Live Satellite Imagery

Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP), low, earth-orbiting satellites have provided the military with important environmental information.

Some cool things you can find:

Nighttime lights of the world – – here’s a KMZ file I downloaded: DMSP_Nighttime_Lights.kmz Visible and Infrared imagery

Link to their sensors: http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/dmsp/sensors.html

The […]

Watershed Boundaries

This dataset contains watershed boundaries for watersheds covering Los Angeles County.

This dataset was downloaded, extracted and prepared from the National Hydrography Dataset. The NHD is a comprehensive effort by the US Geological Survey to manage and maintain a comprehensive, high quality, nationwide dataset for GIS mapping […]

Hydrologic Points

This dataset contains hydologic points (gaging stations, gates, rock features, springs, water intakes, wells, waterfalls, reservoir points) in LA County.

This dataset was downloaded, extracted and prepared from the National Hydrography Dataset. The NHD is a comprehensive effort by the US Geological Survey to manage and maintain […]

Lakes & Reservoirs

This dataset contains lakes & reservoirs in LA County.

This dataset was downloaded, extracted and prepared from the National Hydrography Dataset. The NHD is a comprehensive effort by the US Geological Survey to manage and maintain a comprehensive, high quality, nationwide dataset for GIS mapping and analysis […]

Rivers, Streams, Water Conveyance (pipelines, aqueducts)

This dataset contains rivers, streams, and water conveyance mechanisms (pipelines, aqueducts).

This dataset was downloaded, extracted and prepared from the National Hydrography Dataset. The NHD is a comprehensive effort by the US Geological Survey to manage and maintain a comprehensive, high quality, nationwide dataset for GIS mapping […]

2010 TIGER Roads

The TIGER road file is a street centerline network used by the US Census Bureau to help locate and find citizens during its decennial census.

Historically this file has had a number of identified issues with its geographic accuracy, but the 2010 file has been tested by LA County and found to be highly accurate […]

Alternative Fuel Stations

I downloaded and created a data layer of alternative fuel stations from NREL – I look forward to adding to our service locator and various maps.

Here is a link to a download from NREL for alternative fuel stations: http://www.afdc.energy.gov/afdc/data_download/

Data links:

Alternative Fuel Stations (United […]