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Planning Areas

For planning purposes & reference within the General Plan Update.

Countywide layer which divides the County of Los Angeles into 11 Planning Areas. These area divisions were created for the LA County Dept. of Regional Planning by the GIS Section under direction from the General Plan Development Section. Reflects the most recent changes from the […]

NOAA Data Portals

I was recently made aware of a couple of sites where NOAA makes data available.

West Coast Ocean Data Portal, which hosts data related to the oceans on the west coast:







US Forest Service Enterprise Data

If you are looking for data from the US Forest Service, you can go to their Enterprise Data download location. I recently downloaded the boundaries of the new San Gabriel Mountains National Monument from there.

Click here to […]

Zoned Districts (ZD)

These districts were established when zoning was created for Los Angeles County many years ago. It was a way to break the county up into distinct areas, smaller units, for easier record keeping and organization. It is still in use to identify and keep track of those ordinances and for running queries […]

Land Use Policy (Comm/Area Plan)

This data depicts generalized land use classifications, each of which is intended to describe the dominant use characteristics within the area covered. Updated information regarding public parks, school sites, freeways, rail/transit lines, and other ownership-specific boundaries have been incorporated into this data. The actual use and intensity of development that may be […]

Specific Plans (Seven in Unincorporated Areas)

For UNINCORPORATED areas of Los Angeles County only.  A Specific Plan implements the General Plan/Community Plan and is a more detailed version of the General Plan for a focused area.  The Specific Plan articulates planning considerations and imposes regulations or controls.  Updated 9/3/14 to add Marina Del Rey and Santa Catalina Island.

The Land […]

Zoning (Unincorporated Areas Only)

This is zoning for the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County.

For more complete information, see Title 22 (Planning and Zoning) of the Los Angeles County Code, or stop by the office of the Los Angeles County Department of […]

Town Council Areas

A town council is a democratically elected form of government for small municipalities or civil parishes. A council may serve as both the representative and executive branch. Click here for more information regarding Town Councils within the unincorporated communities of Los Angeles County. Source: individual town councils and the […]

Agricultural Opportunity Areas


This identifies areas that are presently or historically used for agricultural purposes. This information was digitized from the 1986 Antelope Valley Hazards and Resources map, and the 1980 General Plan Special Management Areas map. Source: Antelope Valley Area Plan (1986), General Plan Special Management Areas (1980).

Data can be downloaded here:

Community Standards Districts (CSD)

The community standards districts are established as supplemental districts to provide a means of implementing special development standards contained in adopted neighborhood, community, area, specific and local coastal plans within the UNINCORPORATED areas of Los Angeles County, or to provide a means of addressing special problems which are unique to certain geographic […]

Rural Outdoor Lighting District (Dark Skies)

Rural Outdoor Lighting District (Dark Skies)

This project is an amendment to Title 22 of the County Code, Planning and Zoning, to establish a Rural Outdoor Lighting District for areas of unincorporated Los Angeles County. The proposed Ordinance will establish the District with regulations that will conserve energy and resources and […]

Significant Ridgelines (within CSDs)

This layer delineates ridgelines within selected CSDs whereupon restrictions are established for grading and ridgeline development.  For more information on specific CSDs where these ridgelines reside, click here.  Last updated 10/29/14 for updated Significant Ridgelines in newly certified Santa Monica Mountains Coastal Plan.

Data can be downloaded here:

Download Shapefile (.zip)


Countywide Land Use Policy (not in Comm/Area Plan)

Land Use Policy (1980 General Plan)

Referred to as the “General Plan” and encompasses the unincorporated areas (sometimes referred to as ‘islands’) not covered by a community, neighborhood or area plan.  Adopted by the Board of Supervisors on November 25, 1980.  Last Updated 10/29/14 for a small annexation to the city […]

Los Angeles County Fire Department Jurisdictional Areas


The Fire Department’s jursidictional areas. Includes: Stations-170, Battalions-22, Divisions-9 and Regions-3. There are 199 individual polygons with 30 Stations having 2 or more discrete polygons.

Click here for Shapefiles


Orange County GIS Data

Orange County now has a data portal for downloading GIS data, including parcels, road lines, etc. This looks like a very nice capability.  You have to register to access the data, but it’s a great step forward: Click here to access


Regional Centers (2014)

Regional Center boundaries for LA County have been created. These centers serve individuals with development disabilities and their families (see http://www.dds.ca.gov/RC/RCList.cfm for more information).

Data can be downloaded here:

Regional-Centers-2014.lyr (ArcMap 10 layer file) Regional-Centers-2014.zip (zipped shapefile)

If you have any questions, please […]

Library Service Areas

This dataset contains the boundaries of the various library systems in the County of Los Angeles.

This data is used to support the library’s assignment of billing and other codes on this website: http://gis.lacounty.gov/districtlocator

Download the data

Library_Service_Areas (zipped shapefile)


Los Angeles County Boundary

We’ve moved!

The Los Angeles County boundary, along with the city boundary lines and polygons, were consolidated into the City Annexations post on this portal.


DCFS Office Service Areas by ZIP Codes

The file is used to generate maps and statistical reports for planning purposes. It is also used as a basemap for GIS web applications showing the Service Areas of each DCFS Regional Offices by ZIP Codes. […]

Subdivision Activity (Unincorporated Areas Only)

Subdivision Activity

The subdivision activity layer represents those areas (within unincorporated areas) with cases that are either pending, approved or recorded (within the past few years) within the Los Angeles County subdivision process.  Updated 4/30/13 for an annexation in Santa Clarita (recorded 4/16/13).


 Data can be downloaded here:


National Forest

Depicts lands owned or managed by the U.S. Forest Service and designated by U.S. Government as a National Forest.  The Los Padres and Angeles National Forests lie within the boundaries of Los Angeles County.

More info on the Angeles National Forest can be found by

Regional Planning Dept. Map Catalog


Various maps are available for free as downloads (PDF files) or as hard copy prints for a fee.  Available maps include Supervisorial Districts (updated 1/12/2015), Community Standards Districts (CSD), Zoning, Community and Area Plans, etc.

Note, this is not a link to GIS data layers, just Adobe Acrobat PDF files. […]

Santa Monica GIS Data

For folks who are looking for GIS data in the City of Santa Monica, they have a page where they make this data available for download:

Click here to go to the Santa Monica GIS Data Page

LA City Planning GIS Data Portal

LA City Planning GIS Data Portal

The City of Los Angeles Planning department has launched a GIS Data Portal for downloading various GIS data files pertaining to City Planning information.

You can access the data by going to http://planning.lacity.org, selecting the Maps and Stats button on the left, then selecting the LADCP GIS […]

Service Planning Areas (SPA) – 2012

Service Planning Areas (SPAs) are used by a number of County departments (Public Health, Health Services and Mental Health) to plan and manage service delivery across the County.  SPAs are aggregated from Census Tracts in order to connect them to demographic information.

The SPAs in this dataset are based upon 2010 […]

Health Districts (HD) – 2012

Health Districts (HDs) are used primarily by the Department of  Public Health to plan and manage health service delivery across the County.  HDs are aggregated from Census Tracts in order to connect them to demographic information.

Created in 2012, the HDs in this dataset are based upon 2010 Census Tracts and […]

School District Boundaries (2011)

This dataset contains boundaries of school districts in LA County from 2011. This has been updated to reflect changes from the earlier 2002 dataset, but still contains some information (phone numbers, etc) from 2002 that have not been validated.

There are two different kinds of school districts:

Separated Districts – where the Elementary & Middle […]

Elementary, Middle, and High School Attendance Areas (2002)

Boundaries of high school attendance area covered by each public school in Los Angeles County. Attendance Areas are used to determine which school a student will go to.


Elementary School

Middle School

High School

This data was last updated […]

California Spatial Information Library (CaSIL)

The Cal-Atlas site facilitates the coordinated and sustainable development, maintenance, licensing and sharing of geospatial data and web map services by California government agencies, partners and stakeholders. California government agencies work with the California GIS Council, regional GIS collaboratives and the broader California GIS community to define the data architecture, systems, standards, agreements and processes […]

School District Boundaries (2002)

This dataset contains boundaries of school districts in LA County from 2002.

There are two different kinds of school districts:

Separated Districts – where the Elementary & Middle Schools are administered separately from the High School Districts (William Hart High School receives students form Castaic and Saugus Elementary Schools, for example). Union Districts – where […]

California Coastal Commission Zone Boundaries

The coastal zone, which was specifically mapped by the Legislature, covers an area larger than the State of Rhode Island. On land the coastal zone varies in width from several hundred feet in highly urbanized areas up to five miles in certain rural areas, and offshore the coastal zone includes a three-mile-wide band of ocean.



SCAG is the Southern California Association of Governments.  SCAG is the nation’s largest metropolitan planning organization, representing six counties, 190 cities and more than 19 million residents. SCAG undertakes a variety of planning and policy initiatives to encourage a more sustainable Southern California now and in the future.


Mapping & GIS at SCAG

Their […]

Flood Maintenance District Boundary

Abstract: Areas maintained by the Los Angeles County Flood Maintenance District. Purpose: General mapping use The Los Angeles County Flood Control District is managed by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works. Download Data

Information on the Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County Road Maintenance District Boundary

Abstract: Areas maintained by Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, Road Maintenance Division. Purpose: General mapping and field operations.

Los Angeles County Road Maintenance District Service Areas

Download Data


Garbage Disposal District Boundary

Abstract: This layer contains Garbage Collection boundaries within the contract cities serviced by L.A. County DPW. Disposal districts maintained by other agencies, like City of LA or LA County Sanitation District, are not shown here. Purpose: General mapping use

Download Data


County Lighting Maintenance District

Abstract: County Lighting Maintenance District shows the boundaries where Los Angeles County Traffic & Lighting Division maintains the street lights.


Traffic and Lighting is a Division of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works.

Download Data


Water Purveyor Service Areas


This layer is a representation of the Water Purveyor Service Areas within Los Angeles County.

Purpose: General mapping, long term water supply planning, and to aid in emergency management during drought.

Download Data

A list of Water Companies is attached in this Excel File: Water […]

Watershed Management Area

Abstract: Watershed Management Area. Based on sub-watershed boundaries, which were digitized by Public Works from USGS quads. Purpose: To determine subareas within NPDES Municipal Stormwater Permit Download Data […]

ZIPCode Boundaries

Parcel Specific Zip Codes Sample

There are two zip code boundary shapefiles – one that follows parcels and one that follows street based data better.  There is also a line version of the ZIPCodes and ZIPCode centroids included here as well.  One lines up with parcel lines and the other is […]

Building and Safety District Boundaries

Abstract: Polygon layer showing areas serviced by the different building and safety district offices within unincorporated county areas.

Purpose: Polygons used to show which Building and Safety office to obtain Permits.

Building and Safety is a Division of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works.



Law Enforcement Station Boundaries

Station Boundaries

This file contains Law Enforcement Station Boundaries (Sherifff & Police Departments) for the County of Los Angeles, including LAPD Division Boundaries as of January 2010.

This file was last updated in February 2013 to reflect the Santa Clarita annexation.

These Boundaries were dissolved from the Reporting Districts file – the […]

Law Enforcement Reporting Districts

Reporting Districts

This dataset contains Reporting Districts (RDs) for all Law Enforcement Jurisdictions in the County of Los Angeles, including Police and Sheriff. Reporting Districts form the basis of crime reporting, organizing crimes into specific areas. This file was originally created by Don Campbell at the LA County Emergency Operations Center over […]

Health Districts (HD) – 2002

Health Districts (HDs) are used primarily by the Department of Public Health to plan and manage health service delivery across the County.  HDs are aggregated from Census Tracts in order to connect them to demographic information.

Created in 2002, the HDs in this dataset are based upon 2000 Census Tracts and subdivision of […]

Equestrian Districts (EQD)

Equestrian Districts

The equestrian district is established as a supplemental district in order to recognize particular areas where the keeping or maintaining of horses and other large domestic animals for the personal use of members of the family residing on the premises has become or is intended to become an integral […]

Transit Oriented Districts (TOD)

Transit oriented districts are established as supplemental districts in order to promote transit-oriented and pedestrian-oriented development, to increase transit use, to manage traffic congestion, and to improve air quality. For detailed TOD development standards, please refer to County Code 22.44.420 ~ 22.44.450.

Data can be […]

DCFS Office Service Areas

DCFS Office Service Area

Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS)


The DCFS Office Service Areas shape file (as of July 1, 2009) was derived from the LA County ZIP Codes from the County Registrar’s Office. The service areas data are used by the […]

County Library Service Area Boundaries

Library Service Area Boundaries […]

Service Planning Areas (SPA) – 2002

Service Planning Areas from 2002 […]