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The Los Angeles Region Imagery Acquisition Consortium (LARIAC) Program is a collaborative acquisition program for digital aerial imagery data which has included the participation of 30+ County departments, 40+ municipalities, and many other public agencies.

The Consortium is a model for regional cooperation that improves the quality, access, and cost-effectiveness of high resolution digital aerial imagery. Knowledge transfer is increased through Consortium program meetings, user groups, and various workshops that have been established in conjunction with the program. The imagery acquired will enable all participating jurisdictions to leverage this key geographic information asset for numerous decision support and business applications, thereby facilitating the effective and efficient delivery of services.

Imagery is captured roughly every 3 years (years are indicated below).  LAR-IAC5 is the most current & completed iteration of the program.  Imagery capture was from early 2017.  Also, a new project within this was created to get imagery within the 3 year cycle – this is called “Frequent Image Capture” – flights are scheduled for Spring 2019 and Fall 2019.  This 3″ ortho imagery will be included in the CONNECT platform for our users.

LARIAC 6 has commenced for 2020 imagery capture.



LARIAC5’s vendor (EagleView) and their subcontractors provide a number of items outside the scope of LARIAC, but which can be acquired through our existing contract, dramatically reducing acquisition times. EagleView has created a flyer that briefly discusses these items in case you are interested (optional products – listed above).


LAR-IAC Project Director

Steven J. Steinberg, Ph.D., GISP
Geographic Information Officer (GIO)
County of Los Angeles Internal Services Department
(562) 392-7126

LAR-IAC Project Manager

Christine Lam
Principal GIS Analyst
County of Los Angeles Internal Services Department
(562) 940-3844

LAR-IAC Outreach Manager

Nick Franchino, GISP
GIS Manager, Regional Planning Dept.
nfranchino@planning.lacounty.gov (213) 893-0881