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LARIAC3 Archive

LARIAC3 is complete; we have updated digital aerial imagery. For this round, only the 4″ resolution natural color ortho imagery and oblique aerial digital imagery was acquired (also at 4″ resolution); just like what was done for the LARIAC2 Project.

For documents and product specifications, click here to access the download page


  • LARIAC1 refers to the Consortium and the first iteration of the project (2006 imagery capture).
  • LARIAC2 refers to the second iteration of the project (2008 imagery capture).
  • LARIAC3 refers to the third iteration of the project (2011 imagery capture).

LARIAC GIS Data Webinar video – taped from event held on March 22, 2012 – Click here

LARIAC3 Product List

  • Natural Color Orthogonal Imagery
    4” resolution (urban areas) and 1’ resolution (national forests)
  • Color Oblique Aerial Digital Imagery  (from Pictometry)
    4″ resolution neighborhood shots and 12″ resolution community shots. Including EFS viewer application, Change Analysis, ActiveX, and ArcGIS extensions.
  • Digital Terrain Datasets – Spot Updates (DTM and DEM)
    Spot updates for those areas with significant elevation changes (grading, for example) since LARIAC.
  • Building Outlines – every building over 400 sq feet, simple building outline, 2D polygon with an elevation attribute.
  • Independent QA/QC – For accurate quality control reports for all imagery and data products.

Check the Briefing / Meeting Schedule page for information about project meetings.