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L.A. County GIS Day 2018 Announcement

You are invited to join us for Los Angeles County’s 11th Annual GIS Day!

GIS Day 2018 banner graphicWednesday, November 14th, 2018
9:00am to 3:00pm
Los Angeles County Grand Park, Olive Court
200 N. Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012

This year we are Visualizing L.A. County with Mapping Technology. Come learn:

•   how your government uses GIS to make better decisions
•   about opportunities for studying GIS at local universities and colleges
•   how GIS technology helps improve our daily lives

There are two ways to join in the fun – as an Attendee or Participant.

You do not need to register to attend this event; just come and enjoy.

Register to reserve a booth for your organization, make a presentation, or post maps in the Map Gallery. We are soliciting your abstracts for presentations and maps for the map gallery.

  • We have an online registration form for participants who want to staff a booth or bring maps for the Map Gallery – click here
  • We have an online registration form for those who would like to give a presentation – click here.



Plenty of information is posted online:

•   For general information:
•   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
•   Photos from past years event:

For questions about the day, don’t hesitate to contact Nick Franchino or Steve Steinberg.


GIS Day 2018 Promotional Flyer – click here

Fully Online GIS Programs at UCLA Extension

With location as a service, cloud computing, 3D modeling and other trends, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies are becoming more prevalent in everyday life. The GIS industry is growing and becoming more important than ever before.

Our GIS and Geospatial Technology Programs are created in partnership with the UCLA Department of Geography, recognized internationally as a leader in research and education.

Our programs are fully online, designed for entry-level to experienced professionals as well as students. They provide hands-on practical training involving real-world geospatial data and the most relevant, state-of-the-art tools and techniques in GIS. Our programs provide applicable experience in GIS, spatial analysis, GIS programming and more. Train on the latest versions of Esri’s ArcGIS, QGIS and others. Courses offered every quarter.

We offer the following programs –

  1. GIS Certificate: A 5 course certificate which can be completed in around a year
  2. Specialization – A 2 course program offered in Digital Cartography, Web Mapping, and Geospatial Imagery Analysis. It can be completed in around less than 6 months.
  3. Various other Courses

Registration and Additional Information

Join our Free Information Sessions

Rio Hondo College GIS Course Offerings Fall 2018

Rio Hondo College GIS courses start the week of August 18th. Registration is open for Fall GIS classes on campus and an Introductory course on location at the LA County Department of Public Works (900 S Fremont Ave, Alhambra).  Here is a list of classes offered including a new Programming class GIS281 (GIS / Python). Please contact for inquiries about waivers needed for prerequisites and corequisites.  Fees are $46/unit and some classes can be used to transfer to CSU and others.


Steps for applying for admission and registering for the classes can be found here and can be performed entirely online with no fees.  Applying for admission however should be done early to provide you the option to registering without delay as classes can fill quick.   For additional information, contact Prof. Warren Roberts

Test Your GeoVocabulary – The Key

Here is the answer key to a crossword puzzle from a previous post.

We hope this puzzle has expanded your geo-vocabulary, even if just a little bit. For your convenience, the PDF contains links to learn more about the answers.

GISCI Map Contest – 2018 Results

The GIS Certification Institute ( is proud to announce the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of this year’s annual map contest. The 2018 edition of the map contest sported a freestyle theme, and this year witnessed some very creative results!

Feel free to visit here to see who won, vote for the People’s Choice award, or view the contestants’ entries. (You might want to view the contestants’ maps for some great cartographic ideas!) Among other prizes, the winning maps will be displayed at the upcoming Esri User Conference Map Gallery in San Diego.

University Students Create Spatial Analysis Tools to Help Cities Do More with Data

The article (click here) discusses some interesting spatial analyses.

Graduate students from the University of Pennsylvania’s Master of Urban Spatial Analytics Practicum are working with city officials in Philadelphia, Providence, R.I., and Minneapolis to develop data science tools to improve safety, health and quality of life for residents.”


Test Your GeoVocabulary

Many of us like crossword puzzles. Many of us like the work we do. If finding a GIS themed crossword puzzle seemed near impossible, it made sense to create one, and this is what some of us came up with.

It’s a little geeky for the Times, but it will likely challenge and entertain regular visitors to this site. We’ll post the key with a few online resources in about a week.

New Maps Plus

With so many JC’s and Uni’s all over SoCal teaching traditional desktop GIS, some might say there has been a flood of graduates in recent years. Good. Our profession needs really good people. Why not look into something a little bit different? The University of Kentucky is offering New Maps Plus, an online digital mapping program centered around programming and web development. BTW, all their tools are open source.

Even if you don’t have the funds to meet their tuition and you have no plans to take these courses right away, you will likely find this promotional video very entertaining.

Summer and Fall 2018 GIS Class Offerings at Santa Monica College

Santa Monica College 



Transfer: CSU  Prerequisite: None.

This course provides a general introduction to Cartography, broadly defined as the art, science, and ethics of map making and map use. The emphases include map scale, map projection, reference and thematic map reading, symbolization and map design. A variety of modern geospatial technologies and tools are covered, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS), Remote Sensing, and web mapping. The course includes both lecture and hands-on application.

Geography 25 is the same course as GIS 25. Students may earn credit for one, but not both.

Course Number: 4038 Time: 5:45 p.m.-8:55 p.m. TTh Location: BUS 250 Instructor: Liu J

Above section 4038 meets for 8 weeks, Jun 19 to Aug 09.

FALL 2018


Transfer: UC, CSU  Prerequisite: None.

GIS are computer-based systems used to collect, store and analyze geographic information. This course will present the concepts of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) science and its applications to spatial data management. Topics include: Identification and acquisition of GIS data; Assessment of vector and raster data, scale, resolution, map projection, coordinate systems, georeferencing and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Spatial analysis and modeling with GIS will also be presented.

GIS 20 is the same course as Geography 20. Students may receive credit for one, but not both.

Course Number: 4226 Time: 5:30 p.m.-8:35 p.m. TTh Location: BUS 250 Instructor: Liu J

Above section 4226 meets for 8 weeks, Aug 28 to Oct 18.


Transfer: CSU  Prerequisite: Geography 20 or GIS 20.

Formerly same course as CIS 23.

This course emphasizes GIS principles and methodology used in both the private and public sectors. Hands-on applications using both raster and vector data and technology will expose students to more advanced understanding of GIS. Students will learn various methods of data acquisition, including Global Positioning Systems (GPS) as well as the World Wide Web. The add-on modules extend the analytical capabilities of ArcMap and allow input of map features and conversion of feature themes from raster to vector. This course will also provide an introduction to several of ArcMap’s extension including Spatial Analyst and 3D Analyst. Students will complete a Model Builder to be used in siting new solar sites. Spatial Analysis will include slope and aspect maps, neighborhood and zone analysis. The course will present single and multi-layer statistical operations including classification, coordination, and modeling analysis.

GIS 23 is the same course as Geography 23. Students may receive credit for one, but not both.

Course Number: 4227 Time: 5:30 p.m.-8:35 p.m. TTh Location: BUS 250 Instructor: Liu J

Above section 4227 meets for 8 weeks, Oct 23 to Dec 13.


Transfer: CSU  Prerequisite: None.

This course introduces students to the basic concepts of remote sensing, characteristics of remote sensors, and remote sensing applications in academic disciplines and professional industries. Emphases are placed on remote sensing data acquisition; digital image processing and interpretation. The course is designed for students interested in the Earth Observing System, environmental monitoring techniques, and image analysis.

GIS 26 is the same course as Geography 26. Students may earn credit for one, but not both.

Course Number: 2523 Time: 2 p.m.-5:05 p.m. T Location: BUS 250 Instructor: Staff

Summer and Fall 2018 GIS class offerings at Rio Hondo College

Summer and Fall GIS class offerings at Rio Hondo College include Introduction, field data collection, GIS & Python, Crime Mapping, GIS Applications, Cartography and Environmental GIS.  For a full list of class offerings and descriptions you can visit Rio Hondo College GIS page.

Summer classes (8 weeks) start June 18th and Fall starts August 20th.