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NAIP 2010 aerial imagery services

NAIP 2010 aerial imagery services (web mapping services) are now offered by the California Department of Fish and Game (DFG).  The services are public and can be used to easily view the statewide USDA NAIP 2010 1-meter resolution imagery that was flown last summer.

Visit this page for more information and to download ArcGIS layer (.lyr) files for quick access to the services (download the zip file, unzip it, and add the layer files to ArcGIS – ArcMap): http://www.dfg.ca.gov/biogeodata/gis/map_services.asp

DFG is offering 4 different services of the NAIP 2010 imagery:

  • Natural Color  –  use the layer file named “NAIP 2010 (Summer).lyr”
  • 4-Band  –  use the layer file named “NAIP 2010 (Summer) 4-Band.lyr”
  • Color IR / False Color  –  use the layer file named “NAIP 2010 (Summer) CIR.lyr”
  • NDVI (Normalized Differential Vegetation Index)  –  use the layer file named “NAIP 2010 (Summer) NDVI.lyr”

Various connection interfaces are supported, including OpenGIS WMS.  On the above page link, use the REST Services Directory connection to discover supported interfaces (including WMS) and parameters for the services.

DFG’s services can also be discovered and viewed at Esri’s ArcGIS Online: http://www.arcgis.com/home/search.html?q=naip%202010%20dfg&t=content

Index shapefiles indicating the particular dates of the NAIP 2010 imagery are available from Cal Atlas: http://atlas.ca.gov/casil/imageryBaseMapsLandCover/imagery/naip/naip_2010/Index/ca_shpfl_2010/

USDA also has an NAIP 2010 natural color service for California available via ArcCatalog – Add ArcGIS Server connection at ( http://gis.apfo.usda.gov/arcgis/services ) .  USDA’s service is delivered in Geographic (Decimal Degrees) NAD83 whereas DFG’s services are delivered in Web Mercator WGS84 – a projection and datum combination that aligns with other services from Esri’s ArcGIS Online, Bing Maps, and Google Maps.


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