March 2012
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Slate article saves cartographer!

If you might recall, I posted a “must read” article about a great cartographic map.

Well – there is a nice back-story now (thanks Kayla Folkins from Pasadena for passing this along) about how all of the posting saved this person’s business!

Still lots of interest in maps, I guess!

Creating a network dataset in ArcMap from Free data

Link to the code

I wanted to pass this along and send a thank you to Kristen. I would love for someone to create a network dataset for all of LA County – it would be a valuable resource:

Hey Mark,

I did some researching and found a way where I could […]

We found the Sanborn Map collection!

I recently was able to see a map of my neighborhood and house (which was built in 1928) as it appeared in 1929! The maps were created during the middle of the development of my neighborhood, so about 2/3 of the current houses are missing. It’s interesting to see. If your city manager or department […]

Free Webinar: Getting Rolling with HTML5 and ESRI technology

I wanted to pass along this free webinar from Latitude Geographics – they are moving toward the HTML5 standard for web and mobile apps – which is great for us. I recommend folks to check this out:

Link to sign up

USGS most fascinating Topo Map

A bit of tongue in cheek humor – I wish all the maps we made could be like this 😉 (but then we wouldn’t have jobs).