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Open Source GIS 101, Part 3: gvSIG

gvSIG (Generalitat Valenciana, Sistema d’Informació Geogràfica)

In 2004, one of Spain’s regional government agencies, seeing the benefits of community-driven support and development, began a migration to free and open source software to suit their operational needs.

With local and EU government funding, gvSIG saw a lot of professional development from 2004-2008. Since 2009, development has declined.

I admit having a bias for using Quantum GIS (it will be covered later), gvSIG is said to have some innovative qualities worth investigating.

Though I’ll admit having a bias for using Quantum GIS (to be covered later), being aware of a wide variety of software projects is an important part of expanding one’s software toolkit.  gvSIG is said to have some innovative qualities worth investigating.



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  • markgreninger

    Thanks John,

    The life of gvSIG highlights both the strengths and weaknesses of open source software – the fact that the development required government funding, which (knowing Spain right now) is not as forthcoming, which then caused the entire project to falter.

    If we as a County depended upon gvSIG, then we may have needed to add development dollars to this in order to get what we want – and then this product is no longer free. Or we would have really been in trouble. Sometimes you get what you pay for, sometimes it is a lot better than this.

    The discussion about the fact that a lot of the development work was managed in a Spanish language context is also interesting – along with the problems that caused – and now it appears there may be an English language version too.

    With gvSIG I would stick with ESRI – we can’t build an enterprise system on software that “might” get updated 🙂

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