May 2013
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Open Source GIS 101, Part 5: OpenJUMP

Part 5: Open JUMP (Open Java Unified Mapping Platform)

In 2002, JUMP was created by Vivid Solutions as part of a Canadian environmental project for conflating road and river GIS features.

The software turned out to be versatile, and a user group quickly formed around it. When the environmental project came to an end, representatives from various elements of this user group banded together to prevent the source code from fragmenting. The software was unified using the “OpenJUMP” name, licensed under the GPL.

Today, the software continues to be developed by volunteers and varous companies around the globe, including Landon Blake, who is a regular speaker at CalGIS and other GIS conferences in California.

Amongst the open source GIS community, the software is best known for its well-developed drawing tools and user-friendliness. It is also known for its support for conflation, and I find the home page to be extremely helpful for beginners who would like to learn more.

This free software still has some shortcomings. Per the home page, the software does not work well with very large files, and its support for cartographic projections is limited. However, if your project needs a great drawing tool, and you are able to keep project components bite-sized, this software is a great addition to your GIS toolkit.

In two weeks, Part 6, QGIS…

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