August 2018
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Address Management (CAMS)

The Los Angeles County Countywide Address Management System (CAMS) is a system designed to enhance the County’s efforts to maintain address information in the County.  CAMS was developed by several County departments to redesign and expand an earlier address management system to support:

  • Multi-user editing
  • Multiple jurisdictions
  • Maintain wider variety of location information, including address points and landmarks
  • Provide this information publicly.

Key links

CAMS Data Download

Download CAMS data (address points and street centerlines) from the LA County GIS Data Portal

Download datasets containing potential Street Centerline errors: CAMS Potential Errors (zipped file geodatabase and mxd file)

Address point file as text: address_points

CAMS Desktop Application

This is the desktop editing application for CAMS – and is sitting on an internal County server – therefore you must be on the County network to download and install.  You must be a member of the CAMS consortium to update the data, and have access to the County’s internal network by being a County staff member or through VPN access.

CAMS Online Work Order System (Click to Open)

This is the online work order system for CAMS (requires login).  This is for reporting address errors and starting the work flow to fix them.

CAMS Issue Reporting Form (Click to Open)

If you are a CAMS editor and have an issue you would like to report.  This is for the system(s), not for reporting address errors – you use the Work Order system for that.

CAMS Contacts (Click to go to page)

Get the key contact information for the CAMS project.

CAMS Technical Documents

More documents related to the system and functional requirements of CAMS can be found on the CAMS Documents website

CAMS Documents Website

username:  cams
password:  gis4address!