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When and where is the event?

Wednesday, November 13th, 2019
9:00am to 3:00pm
Los Angeles County Grand Park, Olive Court
200 N. Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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How can I help with publicity?

Please encourage your colleagues and others interested to join you at GIS Day. You can direct people to the L.A. County GIS Day Page for more information: (http://gis.lacounty.gov/gisday).

This page will be a resource where you can access and download flyers and other promotional materials for distribution. Feel free to post about the event internally at your organization, blog about it, send the info to your local newspaper or find other ways to publicize the event. The international GIS Day website has a wealth of materials you can download. This is just a start, so please do what you can to help raise awareness of the event.

Our ad will appear on the back of an upcoming County Digest and the County Portal will post the flyer when the event date nears.


How do I sign up to participate (have a booth, bring a map and/or present)?

We will have an online registration process:

  • We have an online registration form for participants who want to staff a booth and/or bring maps for the Map Gallery – REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN.
  • We have an online registration form for participants who want to give a presentation – REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN.
  • If you are attending the event (no booth, map or public speaking); just attend – NO REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.

If you only plan on participating as an attendee you don’t need to register; just save the day on your calendar and join us on November 13th!


What will my booth set up be?

Each “booth” is actually a 3′ X 6′ table, with a tablecloth and skirt, two folding chairs and an easel, if you wish. We also provide electricity and wireless Internet.

Some exhibitors prefer to bring their own wireless hotspots to avoid any issues with Internet connectivity.

Some additional items you may want to bring as desired:

  • Laptop with power cord and extra batteries
  • Wi-Fi card (wireless hotspot) for Internet access
  • Projector and screen or large monitor,
  • Banner with your entity’s name and logo to pin to the front of table. If you have your own table skirt, feel free to bring it.
  • Posters or self-supporting pop-up displays to set up behind your table, if desired – if using a poster, please make sure to mount it or make it rigid enough to display on an easel
  • Brochures or map handouts
  • Paper, pens, business cards
  • Tape, binder clips, paper weights
  • Bowl of candy or other swag to hand out to visitors

Can I request a specific booth?

While we accept requests for specific booths, the final booth assignments are based upon demonstrated needs such as power, associated display items you are bringing (e.g. vehicles or other large or difficult to maneuver items), and various other space requirements.

Please contact the planning team if you have specific concerns or requests.   (((email link to be added)))


What’s the setting up situation?

We will have County staff on location as early as 7:30am the morning of the event to help you find your booth. Vehicles may be brought into the site to drop off and pick up your equipment but must be parked offsite during the event. All vehicles must be moved out immediately after unloading, no later than 8:30am. The event begins at 9:00am, so you’ll want to arrive well before then to set up and be ready.


What about the booth staffing?

This is a 6-hour event, so please consider having enough staff from your organization to provide coverage for your booth while allowing for breaks or shifts. Two people per shift works well, so each can wander around a bit without leaving the booth unstaffed.


Do we have to be there the entire time?

No, but we would appreciate knowing what your intentions are.  Also note, vehicles cannot access the site for tear down until after the end of the event. Please be sure to let us know right away if you will staff a booth only part of the day.


What about parking?

Parking is NOT provided – there is parking at the Cathedral across the street, or you can use an online search tool.

Click here to be directed to an online parking search


Who is participating?

We anticipate a similar turnout to last year, over 50 agencies representing L.A. County departments, cities, the federal government, colleges, professional organizations, NGS and geospatial vendors.

Each of these groups will represent themselves in one or more of the following ways: a booth, maps in the gallery, a GIS-equipped emergency response vehicle or a presentation in the Speakers’ Tent.


Who gets into the map gallery?

Anyone who has an interesting, innovative and informative GIS map to display may submit to the map gallery. We will have 3’ wide x 7′ tall panels available for map displays – typically each organization is limited to one panel (a second panel may be allocated if space allows) Please indicate your interest in displaying a map on the registration site…Map Gallery – REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN.

Who is in the Speakers’ Tent program?

The program varies each year. We will begin the morning with an invited keynote speaker followed by a series of short (30 minute) presentations by GIS professionals drawn from those submitted on the registration site… – REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN.

The program committee will select presentations from those submitted and develop the program thematically to fill slots throughout the day. You may submit a presentation on any topic you’d like, so long as there is a clear application of GIS or geospatial technologies. The ideal presentations will demonstrate applications that solve a problem, support a decision or answer a question, delivered at a level appropriate to a lay (non-GIS professional) audience.


What is this year’s GIS game?

The game is always a bit of a secret – we wouldn’t want to give you an unfair advantage! However, as in prior years, we anticipate, a game with prizes where contestants must correctly identify local landmarks from maps or images. Winners will be randomly drawn from those that answered correctly.

Drawing will be approximately every half hour. Winners will get to select from several small value prizes ($15 – $25 gift cards). Winners need not be present to win; they just have to give us sufficient contact information, so we can reach them.


Other questions?

Please contact Nick Franchino with other questions or issues. We look forward to your participation in this event.