February 2016
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Looking for More LARIAC Participants!


FREE EVENT, BUT PLEASE REGISTER ONLINE SO WE CAN PLAN FOR BREAKFAST! –> http://alturl.com/cfpo6The Los Angeles Region Imagery Acquisition Consortium (LARIAC) is looking for cities and public agencies that operate in Los Angeles County to attend a FREE meeting discussing the latest project, LARIAC4!  You’re invited if you want to learn more about how this GREAT DATA can help you or your organization.

DATE:  Thursday 11/14/13
TIME:  9:30 am to 11:30 am
LOCATION:  The Carson Center, 801 East Carson St., Carson, CA 90745

Click here for full event details.


Tons of information regarding LARIAC can be found here:  http://egis3.lacounty.gov/dataportal/lariac/lar-iac4/

LARIAC4 Data Products (to be delivered mid 2014):

  1. 4″ Color Ortho Aerial Imagery,
  2. 4″ Color Oblique Aerial Imagery (including online viewing application called Pictometry Online),
  3. Building Representations (outlines); for all buildings greater than 400 sq feet,
  4. Digital terrain datasets (2 foot spaced LiDAR data, and 1′ elevation contours).

If you have any questions about the meeting please contact Nick Franchino via e-mail or call 213-893-0881.  If you have questions about the LARIAC4 Project please contact Nick Franchino or Mark Greninger at 213-253-5624.

Map of the most famous books by state

StateBooksThanks to Isaac Martinez for passing this along:


LA County’s Unified House Numbering System

la county unified house numberingAfter 11 years in the County, and many years dealing with addresses, I just learned about our Unified House Numbering System guidelines, which points to all of the relevant source information that we use to assign house numbers in the Unincorporated portion of the county.  Many cities were incorporated after this was adopted in the 1920’s the history here is great!

Here is the document – great job DPW!!!:  House Numbering and Street Naming Material – 2013

I especially liked the definitions of the various street name prefixes and suffixes, and classifications by widths, where streets 100 feet wide and up are either Boulevards, Highways, and Parkways!



GIS Web Developer/Programmer

Passing this along: http://jobs.geosearch.com/JobSeeker/JobDetail.aspx?abbr=GEOSEARCH&jn=1046550&stats=y

Continue reading GIS Web Developer/Programmer

Federal Government Shutdown Map

This interactive Federal Government Shutdown Map created by ESRI explores the cities which could be most affected by the shutdown.  

Washington, D.C (not surprisingly) tops the list. Bakersfield, CA rounds out the top ten.

Utilizing data from Trulia.com and the U.S. Census Bureau, the map depicts the top 10 metropolitan areas in the US that have the highest percentage of local wages going to federal workers. Also included for further analysis are the median household income and the unemployment rate compared to national statistics which gives a better understanding of the local impact to each these areas.

Federal Government Shutdown Update – as of 10/17: Congress passed a measure to fund the government until January 15th and raise the debt ceiling until February 7th.

Click here to launch the map.


eGIS Committee Meeting – October 15th

I know this is last minute, but here is the agenda for today’s eGIS Committee Meeting:

October 2013_1015.eGIS meeting notice and Agenda

Geospatial LA (October 17th) – Developer focused

geospatial_laPassing this along:


This month we’re joining forces with ESRI who has graciously offered to show us their new offices in Santa Monica for a Dev-GIS focused evening.
ESRI is making it especially fun by providing food & drinks, and a raffle for a 12-month EDN subscription or registration to the next Dev Summit to boot!

RSVP here or go to the ESRI meetup site: http://www.meetup.com/DevMeetUpCalifornia/

**If you’d like to give a lightening talk please email Tia ASAP: tia_morita@yahoo.com**

When: Thursday, October 17th
Time: 5:30pm – 8pm

604 Arizona Ave

Santa Monica, CA 90401

Mobile GIS Viewer Upgrade

The eGIS group has upgraded the LA County Mobile GIS Viewer for HTML5 (demo version) and added new functions! Users are now able to:

  • Upload a file or photo as an attachment to a feature class
  • View an attachment
  • Download an attachment from a feature class

You can essentially take a photo with your mobile device and upload it to the feature class!

If you would like to test this functionality, here are the simple steps to attach a photo to an altered ‘Vacant Parcels’ layer in the County’s Mobile GIS Viewer (use Chrome or Firefox):

  1. Zoom to the visible scale of the ‘Vacant Parcels’ layer
  2. Go to the orange “I want to” menu > select Identify by point > and click on a vacant parcel
  3. In the Results pane, click on the Vacant Parcel result (example below)
  4. Select ‘Attach a file or photo’

If the Vacant Parcel has an attachment and you would like to view the attachment, follow steps 1-3 above >scroll all the way down of the results pane to the ‘Attachments’ section > and click on the attachment:



You can then right-click on the file or photo and save it to your computer.

Click here to open the Mobile GIS Viewer


The current release of the Mobile GIS Viewer is:

  • Essentials 3.15.1 (upgraded from 3.14.0)
  • HTML5 1.3.1 (upgraded from 1.2)

LA County GIS Viewer Upgrade

The eGIS group has upgraded the GIS Viewer and also added a new batch geocoding function!


Here is a sample format of your Excel file to upload to the Batch Geocode function:


Click here to open the GIS Viewer

The following tools come with the new release and can be taken advantage at any moment:

  • Uploading files or photos as attachments to features
  • Downloading attachments from features
  • Resymbolizing existing markup


The current release of the GIS Viewer is:

  • Essentials 3.15.1 (upgraded from 3.14.0)
  • Silverlight Viewer 1.10 (upgraded from 1.9.1)


September Regional GIS Forum Meeting

If you were unable to make the Regional GIS Forum Meeting, SCAG was able to videotape it and put it online:  http://scag.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?clip_id=504

Thanks Javier for organizing and hosting.

For more information about the Regional Forum click here: http://egis3.lacounty.gov/eGIS/la-regional-gis-forum/