June 2015
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Why should High School students take a GIS class?

Clark Magnet High School in La Crescenta teach GIS – we have seen them in our GIS Day event and love having the students there.  One of them, for a final project, created a nice video discussing the benefits of GIS.  Nick Franchino from our Regional Planning GIS group, and I, were interviewed, so while my hair day could have been better, it’s fun to see yourself on “TV”



Student Internship Program Guide

For folks who might be interested in creating a student internship program, the attached document is a comprehensive guide to sponsoring and supervising a student intern. It is written for California state government but can be useful for other organizations as well.

This was passed along to CGIA from Jane Schafer-Kramer from the State – thank you!

Student Internship Program Guide (pdf file)

Seven Sweet Maps of Health Data

This issue of Phenomena: Only Human (March 21, 2013) on the National Geographic website features maps of health data.      

1855 Cholera Outbreak in London's Soho neighborhood.

1855 Cholera Outbreak in London’s Soho neighborhood.

Parasite Rate

Found this quote intruiging:  “Most health research has yet to take full advantage of the latest developments in geospatial data collection, analysis, and modeling.” 

 See link: http://phenomena.nationalgeographic.com/2013/03/21/slideshow-seven-sweet-maps-of-health-data/

Open Source GIS 101, Part 5: OpenJUMP

Part 5: Open JUMP (Open Java Unified Mapping Platform)

In 2002, JUMP was created by Vivid Solutions as part of a Canadian environmental project for conflating road and river GIS features.

The software turned out to be versatile, and a user group quickly formed around it. When the environmental project came to an end, representatives from various elements of this user group banded together to prevent the source code from fragmenting. The software was unified using the “OpenJUMP” name, licensed under the GPL.

Today, the software continues to be developed by volunteers and varous companies around the globe, including Landon Blake, who is a regular speaker at CalGIS and other GIS conferences in California.

Amongst the open source GIS community, the software is best known for its well-developed drawing tools and user-friendliness. It is also known for its support for conflation, and I find the home page to be extremely helpful for beginners who would like to learn more.

This free software still has some shortcomings. Per the home page, the software does not work well with very large files, and its support for cartographic projections is limited. However, if your project needs a great drawing tool, and you are able to keep project components bite-sized, this software is a great addition to your GIS toolkit.

In two weeks, Part 6, QGIS…

New Google Maps and related training

google_newYou may know this already, but Google is launching a new Google Maps.  They also have online training to get the most out of it.  I believe the technology behind the maps is changing – from tiled and cached images of the data, to tiled and cached data itself – this could help rendering, and allow data to be accessed remotely – could be pretty powerful.

Information about the new Google Maps

Full information page

The quest to build the perfect map will never be over, but we’re excited about the steps we’re taking towards building the next generation of maps. Please visit this page to request an invite and we hope you have fun with the new Google Maps.


Go to the page

Mapping with Google is a self-paced, online course developed to help you better navigate the world around you by improving your use of the new Google Maps, Maps Engine Lite, and Google Earth. All registrants will receive an invitation to preview the new Google Maps.

Through a combination of video and text lessons, activities, and projects, you’ll learn to do much more than look up directions or find your house from outer space. Tell a story of your favorite locations with rich 3D imagery, or plot sights to see on your upcoming trip and share with your travel buddies. During the course, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from Google experts and collaborate with a worldwide community of participants, via Google+ Hangouts and a course forum.

Data.gov releases new data catalog using CKAN

geo3The US central data portal is now switching over to cKAN, an open source data catalog.

See the release here: http://www.data.gov/new-features


eGIS Notice: RESOLVED – Incident# IM2036185

eGIS System Status (as of 5/23/2013 – 6:00PM): RESOLVED

All the eGIS Servers are back online.



The ISD eCloud service experienced a major service disruption beginning on Tuesday evening, May 21st, which continued into Wednesday and Thursday this week. This problem impacted server performance across-the-board and caused some downtime.

The eCloud environment is now stable and all servers are now back online.  We will continue to closely monitor the situation tonight and over the Memorial Day weekend.


Thank you for your patience.


County of Los Angeles, ISD Enterprise GIS

9150 Imperial Highway, Downey CA 90242

GeoSpatial LA gathering – May 30th

GeoSpatial LA is an informal networking group that gets together occasionally to talk “geo” in LA – it’s open to everyone!  Find us on LinkedIn

Next Geospatial LA & Tour of the Red Cross EOC ~ Thursday, May 30th @ 5:30pm in West LA

Link to a map of the entrances

The American Red Cross will provide a tour of their Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at their headquarters in West Los Angeles. We’ll discuss the technologies used when building the room and offer a peek into the role the Red Cross plays in emergency response. A short demo will be provided to walk you through how the Red Cross sets up an evacuation shelter and how GIS can be used to streamline that process.

Following the tour and demo, we’ll head to Mom’s Bar ( http://www.momsbar.com ) just a mile away.

**This event is open to all members, all members friends, family & colleagues!! Please encourage others to join our group so they can get all this info.**

Here’s an agenda for this event:
5:30 – Brief Intros
5:45 – Tour of Red Cross EOC
6:00 – Demo
6:30 – Q/A & depart off to Mom’s Bar @ 12238 Santa Monica Blvd

A cucumber map of Europe

cucumber mapThis is a fun read: http://bigthink.com/strange-maps/606-a-cucumber-map-of-europe

Long live the Greater Cucumber Co-Prosperity Sphere!

EGIS Committee Meeting Agenda – May 14th 2013

This month’s eGIS Committee is one week earlier than normal due to scheduling conflicts at DPW.

Agenda is attached here: May 2013_0514.eGIS meeting notice and Agenda



  • Updates from the GIS Data Committee
  • Updates from the Mobile Committee
  • CAMS Data Update
  • GIS Positions update

The eGIS Group will provide information about the virtualization of the eGIS Repository as well as the future migration to ArcGIS 10.1, and Douglas Morales will showcase some work he did with Data Driven Pages and Python Scripting.