September 2014
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New Link in Z-NET Public

Z-NET Public ( has just been upgraded to give the public more parcel information. Now, instead of going directly to the Assessor’s Map Book Page (AMBP) when the APN link is clicked, the link now opens the Assessor’s Detailed Property Information Sheet for the selected parcel. Not only does this page display a selection of parcel data but it contains links to other pages, including the AMBP and Parcel Change Activity, as well.

Please click on the image below to see the new APN pop-up.

Click to enlarge graphicZ-NET Public is a GIS web mapping application developed by the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning’s GIS Section.  If you are looking for other GIS web mapping applications for Los Angeles County, please click here.

December eGIS Committee Meeting Agenda

Please find tomorrow’s agenda attached: December – 2012_1219.eGIS meeting notice and Agenda

For tomorrow’s meeting, I will be discussing the Countywide GIS Strategic Plan document: Enterprise GIS Strategic Plan – Final Draft – 2012_1219.  Please review and bring any questions you have.  We will approve it at our January meeting (hopefully).

As well,  will recap GIS Day, and be discussing the new Pictometry Online GIS Uploader tool for GIS Adminstrators.

And last but not least the eGIS team will provide information about the parcel update process as well as their roadmap for virtua

Google Maps back on iPhone!

I’ve been holding off upgrading to the newest version of iOS so that I wouldn’t get stuck with the Apple maps.  Now I can move forward!


City Boundary Updates

The LA County GIS program has completed the implementation of two October 2012 annexations (City of Santa Clarita and City of Palmdale) as well as some cartographic updates to the Port of Los Angeles (removing the city boundary checked linework from internal port/water boundaries).

This has been updated in all three map services (Street, Canvas, and Base) that reference the city boundary data.

The changes are seamless – samples are below

Pictometry introduces an iPhone/iPad app

For LAR-IAC members, this is a big deal!  See your pictures on your mobile device.



Pictometry® is proud to announce that a mobile iPad App version of Pictometry Connect™ is available at the iPad App store.

The Pictometry® Connect Mobile™ App provides visualization capability of Pictometry Imagery with a simple interface to navigate, pan and zoom.



Other features include:

  • Search with parcel match verification
  • Toggle to overlay US Parcels and Streets on imagery
  • Tap to identify US Parcel data
  • Export  .png  image to camera roll or email image
  • Where am I functionality (Show me my current location)


Pictometry Connect Mobile™ is available to our Pictometry Connect™ and Pictometry Online Customers. 

Pictometry® Connect Mobile™ is designed for the iPad only.

Note: If you are using a mobile device that is not an iPad (such as iPhones, or Android Tablet) we recommend using our web based version of Pictometry Connect Mobile™ at

If you have any additional questions please contact your Pictometry Representative at 888.771.9714


GIS Job – GIS Manager at Contra Costa County

Passing this along:

Link to the job posting

Contra Costa County is recruiting to fill one (1) Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Administrator position in the Department of Information Technology located in Martinez, CA. 

The incumbent will be responsible for management of GIS applications, data, services and maintenance with specific emphasis on the development, implementation and increasing usage of a broad-based geographic information system by multiple county departments. In addition, the incumbent will monitor system activity and usage and maintains a secure environment, oversee day to day operations, system analysis, procedures, loading and manipulating of data layers and support, assist with designing and coding new/revised GIS applications and coordinates integration with existing systems, develop and distribute documentation for software and develop standards for the utilization of GIS application. 

The employment list established as a result of this examination may remain in effect for twelve (12) months.

GIS Day Survey

I just sent out an email to all of the participants that we could identify, but if you did not receive that email we would appreciate your feedback!

The GIS Day Committee would like to thank you for attending the 5th annual GIS Day event, titled “GIS – The Power of Location”.  We hope that you found it an informative and fun day for GIS, and got some good swag!  In an effort to improve our event, we would ask that you fill out a quick survey to let us know what we did well, and what we could improve.  The survey will take around 3-4 minutes to complete, and has about 10 questions.

To fill out the survey, click on this link:


 Thank you, and we hope to see you again next year.


Fixing aerial imagery stretching in ArcMap 10.1 (or why does my imagery look so bad?)

ESRI has apparently made some unnecessary changes to the way it handles raster imagery in its newest version (10.1).  The County goes through great lengths in its imagery project (LARIAC – see website) to ensure that the imagery is color balanced and looks good natively.  When you added our data to ArcMap, it looked fine because the default setting was not to use statistics to stretch the imagery.

However, in 10.1 they have thrown this away, so now it looks HORRIBLE when loaded.  Thanks to some sleuthing by Todd Zagurski of Regional Planning, he has found a way to set the ArcMap defaults to not stretch the imagery.  Stretching uses the statistics of the image to enhance it  by changing its brightness, contrast, and gamma.

The instructions are fairly simple:

Customize menu > ArcMap Options > Raster layer > “Check the Enable Custom Rendering Defaults” and change Stretch Type to “None”

Weather related map services

I received some links for those of you who might want to embed weather related information into existing mapping sites.  The NEXRAD weather radar is a good one.  Thanks to Carol Ostergren from the USGS for passing along:
here are a few services

USGS Hazards Info dynamic Link
USGS Hazards & Warnings dynamic Link
NEXRAD Weather dynamic Link

NOAA Weather Watches and Warnings

NOAA’s Flood Outlook

I grabbed these from the geospatial platform. You can search for layers under the add tab.

Sandy, Before and after in pictures

Thanks to Chris Sellers of Beaches for passing this along:  Drag the vertical line on the right side of each picture to the left, to see before and after.