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Code Enforcement Goes High-Tech

cityscan-signsThanks to Michael Carson of Burbank and SocalGIS.org (I highly recommend signing up) for this great article about using LIDAR to spot code violations:


The article mentions pilot projects in Los Angeles – I wonder what they might be …


New “Select and Buffer a Parcel” Tool on the LA County GIS Viewer

There is a new tool on the LA County GIS Viewer that allows you to input a buffer distance and select one parcel, and the GIS Viewer will create a buffer polygon. You may then click on the ID in the results window and the parcel attributes will pop up. It’s a simple but helpful tool for users of the GIS Viewer.

The tool is called “Select and Buffer a Parcel” and is located under the “I want to” menu.



eGIS Committee Meeting Agenda – March 19th 2013


The meeting agenda for tomorrow’s meeting is attached here: March – 2013_0319.eGIS meeting notice and Agenda

Looks like a very informative meeting, which will include:

  • Some updates on new functionality available as part of the newest Geocortex Releases, including;
    • Batch Geocoding
    • Dynamic Symbolization
  • A discussion of the value of acquiring business and residential location data from vendors
  • A discussion based upon the last meeting of the GIS Data Committe that focused on GIS Data Management and how we ensure that we maintain the following things:
    • A current list of data in our repository,
    • Knowledge that it is up to date, authoritative, and accuracy,
    • Simple ways  to access that information,
    • Notifications to a broad audience when things change,
  • A Discussion of Preferred Technologies for GIS: CIO Preferred Technologies for Geographic Information Systems – 201303
    • Based upon the current IT Standards for the County: Enterprise IT Standards 2012
    • The re-launch of the Mobile GIS committee under this model (Carrie Wiley from DPW will be our leader)
  • And last, but certainly not least, a demonstration of a new type of Geographic Data – GIS-integrated Street View Data (there are a number of vendors that provide this so this is an introduction to this type of information only).

See you tomorrow!



Open Source GIS 101, Part 1: Defining Open

Not all open source licenses are alike.

Whether using Firefox to browse the web or using LibreOffice to type a research paper, we enjoy an ever increasing pool of powerful, free software applications. Far fewer of us are familiar with the licensing that allows us to freely use and share open source software.

To help clarify concepts of open data, open standards, and open source software, ESRI published an article in last summer’s addition of ArcNews, Defining Open.

Some open source licenses allow their code to be distributed with proprietary software, while others do not. One example is Mac OS X, containing portions derived from FreeBSD. Elements of Linux, licensed under the GPL, will not be found on your Mac.

Far from having an “us versus them” mentality towards open source, ESRI is an active member of the Open Source Community. To keep abreast of their efforts, visit esri.com/opensource.



GIS Job Openings @ City of Pasadena and Los Angeles, CA

Here is a link to a GIS job opening at the City of Pasadena, CA:



And another GIS job at URS Corp. in Los Angeles, CA:



Digital Map Products hiring Solutions Consultants

Digital Map Products is a local company that supports GIS integration across a number of platforms:

Continue reading Digital Map Products hiring Solutions Consultants

Looking for a New Wide-Format Printer?

Large-Format-PrinterThis is a good article from Earth Imaging Journal Magazine regarding some things to think about when shopping for a wide-format printer.

Click here or put http://eijournal.com/2013/exploring-wide-format-options-for-geospatial-output in your browser window.

LA City Emergency Management Intern

The City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department (EMD) is currently taking applications for the Spring 2013 Emergency Management Internship program.


$18.59 per hour or course credit per higher education institution

15 – 20 hours per week for ten (10) consecutive weeks


EMD’s highly competitive internship program, in the nation’s 2nd largest city, is open to graduate students interested in emergency management information technology and pursuing a degree in computer science or business, computer information systems, database technology, or a related field. Interns will receive hands-on experience, as they will be fully integrated into the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and will be assigned projects related to implementing and maintaining technology in support of emergency operations, including hardware, software and automated systems and emergency management technology. Interns will have the opportunity to work with representatives from various City of Los Angeles departments, business partners, and non-profit organizations. All participants in this program will be assigned a mentor who is an experienced information technology professional.

Click here to download the Flyer

Women In India Use Smartphones To Map Perverts In Real Time

Women In India Use Smartphones To Map Perverts In Real Time

GeoSpatial LA Meeting After Geocortex User Group

Hi Everyone,farbar

Next Wednesday, After the Geocortex User Group meeting – Click here for information the GeoSpatial LA group will be getting together for a more social GIS interaction.

Here’s the information:

When: Wednesday, March 6th

Time: 5:30 – 8pm


Far Bar (Little Tokyo)  (http://farbarla.com)

347 E 1st St
Los Angeles, CA 90012