November 2014
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LA County Enterprise GIS – a visual representation

LA County Enterprise GIS Map

LA County Enterprise GIS Map

The attached poster is a critical document for understanding my (and LA County’s strategy) for managing and deploying GIS across our enterprise.  As a  visual representation it is easier to understand than reams of paper and a strategic plan.

Click here to download the .pdf

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A Map Of NFL Team Allegiance


“We’ve posted visualizations from Facebook’s Data Science Team before, but I think it’s safe to say that their newest effort–a county-level map of NFL fandom across the U.S.–is their most admirable yet. Based on the team page Likes and locations of over 35 million account holders, it’s probably the most accurate, precise geography of sports fandom ever.”



Mapping creates jobs and drives global economic growth

Geo Services Infographic - finalGoogle has done some analysis on the value of mapping technologies – pretty amazing numbers …

“In summary, the global geo services industry is valued at up to $270 billion per year and pays out $90 billion in wages. In the U.S., it employs more than 500,000 people and is worth $73 billion. The infographic below illustrates some examples of the many benefits of maps, whether it’s improving agriculture irrigation systems or helping emergency response teams save lives.”

Read the full article at the Google LatLong Blog

GIS-NET3 Public – Released Today

GIS-NET3_Public_launch_page_screenshotThe Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning announces that GIS-NET3 Public GIS web mapping application is being released today.  This is the replacement for GIS-NET Public, which was originally turned on May 2006, revised in late-2008 and eventually disconnected in Nov 2012.

Here is the direct link:

Today it was made available from the Interactive GIS Web Mapping Apps page on the Department’s website – click here.

Some known issues:

  1. You need Flash – the program should prompt you for this plug-in, if you don’t have it.
  2. Most folks do not read the Help; so we added a Quick Start Guide and will have a note from our start page as well.  And with this, we encourage folks to read briefly through the Help too.
  3. Create Report widget is not showing maps (but we did not want to remove completely)

Please send questions about the application directly to us; send email.

Any feedback you provide will be welcomed.

GIS Systems Analyst – City of Santa Monica

This looks like a great job opening in the City of Santa Monica:

Link to the job opening

Some details below:

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Pictometry for ArcGIS Desktop – updates released

polHi there,

Pictometry has released is newest versions of “Connect” – which enable you to connect to Pictometry Online using your established username and passord.

Make sure you download the correct version.

Link to the Pictometry download page

Release Details below:

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341 million dots on a map

census_dotmapPretty cool – a dot for every person in the last united states and Canadian Census.

Check it out

GIS Internships at the City of Los Angeles

Passing this along:

The Los Angeles Department of City Planning is looking for intern and Student Professional Worker (SPW) candidates. Both the non-paid internship and paid SPW positions are available for Winter/Spring 2013 . Candidates are ideally available for 16 – 30 hours/week. Those selected will be working closely with professional planners on policy, research and community outreach efforts. The positions offer an enriching experience for new planners or students wishing to gain hands-on practice in urban planning.
The Department is working on a number of exciting and challenging projects. One SPW will work on the Mobility Element, the City’s long-range transportation plan, while the other will work on planning of Transit Oriented Districts along future fixed rail lines. The interns will be assigned a variety of projects including updates to several land use plans and updates to the General Plan including the Mobility and Housing Elements, drafting of a new Health Chapter, planning of Transit Oriented Districts, development of design overlay plans and specific plans, implementation of the Bicycle Plan and the review of new development projects. Tasks may include:

  • Issue-specific research, analysis, field surveys
  • Policy development, report and recommendation writing
  • Review of CEQA documents
  • Web site development/maintenance
  • Mapping and analysis using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Community meeting preparation, participation and outreach
  • Graphics preparation using SketchUp, Photoshop, or Illustrator
  • Preparation of presentations
  • Various general support duties

Link to the website:

FluView tracks the spread of flu

flumapThanks Doug for pointing me here – I like the time effect so you can see the spread of the flu this year, which is apparently pretty bad.

Get your flu shot!!!!

Master of Science in GIS – Cal State Long Beach

csulbI wanted to pass this along if you were interested in higher education opportunities in GIS:

Link to the program