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London 360 Panaroma Megapixel

Geocortex User Group Meeting – March 6th

Hi everyone,

Next week is the Southern California Geocortex User Group Meeting.  This is a good opportunity for everyone who uses this technology or is interested to see what the County and other folks are doing with it!

Register here!



Wednesday March 6th, 2013


1:30pm – 4:00pm


Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
Alhambra Room
900 South Fremont Ave.
Alhambra, CA 91803


Geocortex Technology Update
Geocortex HTML5 & Mobile Strategy
User Presentations:
LA County Department of Public Works and
LA County Department of Regional Planning
Wrap-up, Q&A, closing remarks

Cheating boyfriend caught on Russian Map site

russian_mapThanks to Chris Sellers for passing along this tidbit.  I guess in Russia they don’t require the same privacy of faces that they do here ….

Interesting privacy issues though …

Pictometry Online – Parcels updated weekly!

pol_streamed_parcelsI have completed working with Pictometry to make an important change to the parcels shown Pictometry Online.  There is a new layer called Parcels (Streamed) which is coming directly from the County’s servers, and is updated weekly.

In the past, parcel data was uploaded to Pictometry and pre-rendered in a Web Mapping Service (WMS) – cached for speed.

The new parcel data is streamed from the County’s servers to POL through a Web Feature Service (WFS), and rendered locally.

You will most likely notice that the streamed layer is slower than the cached layer (especially upon initial load).  For now I will maintain both layers, but the cached layer hasn’t been updated in about 6 months, so I believe that currency is more important that speed at this point.

There are two parcel layers at this time – try each one and determine which one you think works better for you.

eGIS Steering Committee Meeting – Agenda for February 2013

Please find the agenda for today’s eGIS Steering Committee here: February – 2013_0219.eGIS meeting notice and Agenda

On today’s agenda:


USGS Topo maps Archive – Free to a good home!

This could be of great interest to educational institutions out there:

“The US Geological Survey Pacific Region would like to find a new home for a complete collection of USGS 7.5-minute topographic maps of California. The map collection was compiled by the (formerly named) CA Department of Fish and Game Biogeographic Data Branch and represents one of a rare handful of complete collections for the state. The collection is contained in 6-7 steel cabinets that allow maps to hang vertically and be easily removed for inspection, use, and reproduction. Ideally, the collection should be housed in a publically accessible place so that agency representatives, land mangers and stewards, earth scientists, students, geographers, geocachers, and interested public can readily utilize, such as a university library or publically accessible government office. Required square footage would be a good-sized room (12′ x 12′) or wide hallway, as each cabinet has a footprint of about 4′ x 4′ (to allow for drawer opening). The maps contained in the collection are also available digitally, through the USGS store ( map locater.”

I will consider assisting to pay for moving charges if a good home can be found.

For more information email Carol Ostergren of the USGS.

LA County 2012 – 2015 Enterprise GIS Strategic Plan

Strat_PlanThe Los Angeles County Enterprise GIS Steering Committee has completed an updated Strategic Plan that will guide the implementation and direction of GIS across the County for the next three years.  I would like to thank all of the efforts of the strategic planning committee in helping create this framework document.

We have kept this document focused on the strategies, goals and objectives, so it is not verbose, instead it is focused on supporting ongoing work in as minimal an amount of words as possible – therefore it is only about 15 pages.

Click the link below to view the .pdf file.

LA County Enterprise GIS Strategic Plan 2012 – 2015 – Adopted (January 2013)

LA County Enterprise GIS – a visual representation

LA County Enterprise GIS Map

LA County Enterprise GIS Map

The attached poster is a critical document for understanding my (and LA County’s strategy) for managing and deploying GIS across our enterprise.  As a  visual representation it is easier to understand than reams of paper and a strategic plan.

Click here to download the .pdf

Continue reading LA County Enterprise GIS – a visual representation

A Map Of NFL Team Allegiance


“We’ve posted visualizations from Facebook’s Data Science Team before, but I think it’s safe to say that their newest effort–a county-level map of NFL fandom across the U.S.–is their most admirable yet. Based on the team page Likes and locations of over 35 million account holders, it’s probably the most accurate, precise geography of sports fandom ever.”



Mapping creates jobs and drives global economic growth

Geo Services Infographic - finalGoogle has done some analysis on the value of mapping technologies – pretty amazing numbers …

“In summary, the global geo services industry is valued at up to $270 billion per year and pays out $90 billion in wages. In the U.S., it employs more than 500,000 people and is worth $73 billion. The infographic below illustrates some examples of the many benefits of maps, whether it’s improving agriculture irrigation systems or helping emergency response teams save lives.”

Read the full article at the Google LatLong Blog