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In the battle for digital dominance, victory depends on being the first to map every last place on the globe. It’s as hard as it sounds.


In the battle for digital dominance, victory depends on being the first to map every last place on the globe. It’s as hard as it sounds.

Where are the Geospatial Education Programs in the Country?

gis_programsThe GeoTech Center, which built the Geospatial Technology Competence Model, which formed part of the basis of the County’s new GIS classifications, has a useful map showing the locations of GIS programs around the Country.

If you are an educational instituation, they also have the ability for you to update the information directly too at this link.


GeoTech Competency Model

GeoTech Competency Model

Fourth Annual Los Angeles Geospatial Summit – Call for Papers

Passing this information along: (Call for Papers and Posters)

Attention: Undergraduate and graduate students in GIS and related geospatial disciplines

The Fourth Annual LA Geospatial Summit is now accepting proposals to present 10-minute papers with five-minute Q & A or posters, an important career development opportunity.

The summit is a one-day event presented by the USC Spatial Sciences Institute in collaboration with other Southern California GIS programs, to explore emerging trends in geospatial science, technology, and applications. Students will have the opportunity to hear panels and presentations by industry leaders and network throughout the day, including at the new Industry Fair and closing reception.

To apply, submit your 200-word abstract to your academic program director by Monday, January 13, 2013. Download the proposal form. The USC Spatial Sciences Institute will notify selected students by January 31, 2014.

Please click here to register!
Students must be registered to present
Student Registration Fee: $40 (includes continental breakfast, lunch, and reception)
Attendance qualifies for GISP credit

Friday, February 21, 2014
8:30-5:45 p.m.
Japanese American National Museum
100 North Central Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Collaborating programs

California State University, Channel Islands • California State University, Long Beach • Cal Poly Pomona • Claremont Graduate University • County of Los Angeles • Loyola Marymount University • Rio Hondo Community College University of California, Los Angeles • University of Redlands

Cal State Pomona officers GIS Certificate

Passing this along from CSU Pomona

I wanted to let you know that we are offering the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate this coming winter 2014.  The courses are offered on campus for 4 Saturdays from 9am to 5pm.  Corporate and group discounts available, please visit Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate ( ) for program information.

Below is the schedule of classes.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.







Coming up in winter 2014 – REGISTER NOW!

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Best Regards,



Edith Barahona-Castro
Program Development Assistant
College of the Extended University
Cal Poly Pomona University
3801 W. Temple Ave., Pomona, CA   91768
Fax 909-869-5077

New Professional Concentration Program at UC Davis Extension

For those GIS professionals interested in continuing education, UC Davis has some new courses (the Python Programming would be good).

Here is the email I received, and here is a document with details.:  New GIS program at UC Davis Extension

As a GIS professional, you know the benefits and enrichment that come from staying connected to others in your field, and also recognize the importance of continuing education, particularly in such an evolving discipline. I’m writing to let you know that UC Davis Extension now offers a Professional Concentration in Geographic Information Systems. The program is designed to enhance the skills of experienced professionals and GIS beginners.

Additional information is available on our website along with a list of upcoming courses, including a new Python Programming for GIS course – which may be of interest to other GIS professionals and students in Los Angeles County. I’m hoping you will share the information with colleagues, students and/or on your website.

I also have attached more in-depth information about the program. Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information.

LA County Hall of Administration in 3D

HOA_3DI wanted to share this 3D model that ESRI created based upon as-built drawing submitted by the County.  Each floor can be turned on and off, with interior walls all there!

I am happy to make the County a guinea pig for the next major change to GIS technologies – moving indoors and into three dimensions.  The interactive nature of this model is very impressive, and I can see a lot of value for a number of things, including:

  • Space management (finding open offices)
  • Asset management (imagine locating where all of the printers are)
  • Personnel management (where to people sit)?
  • Emergency response – this could help direct 911 calls to the correct location and give directions.
  • Evacuation routing.
  • Helping the public find the place to go in the Hall to answer questions:

I’m interested to see what other folks would use this for.

It’s a big file, and you’ll need a pretty good video card, but check it out:

Pictometry Connect for ArcGIS Desktop 10.2

picto_arcmapPictometry has released its extension for ArcGIS Deskop 10.2, which allows users to access oblique imagery from Pictometry Online inside of their desktop software.

I have uploaded the software installation package, release notes, and instructions on the GIS Data Portal LARIAC section

LARIAC4 approved by the Board


This Tuesday, December 3rd, the LA County Board of Supervisors approved the contract with Pictometry International Corp to acquire digital aerial imagery and QAQC services – collectively known as LARIAC4.

As the project director, I am excited that we have passed this important milestone.  We anticipate aircraft beginning to fly within a month, with rolling delivery of oblique imagery, and complete delivery of data by fall 2014.   This marks the 4th time that we will be flying the County in a collaborative fashion, and LARIAC is recognized as a great benefit to local governments and agencies (read an article in the Daily Breeze about the benefits).

If you are part of the LARIAC consortium, please plan on making your initial payments as soon as you can.

If you are interested in finding out more about the program, you can contact me, or the LARIAC outreach manager, Nick Franchino (cc’d here).  We would be happy to come out and demonstrate the benefits and the methods for accessing the data.  As a collaborative arrangement, the more participants we have, the lower the cost for everyone!

For more information, please visit the LARIAC website!

Thank you!

How to install ArcView 3.x on Windows 7

arcview3onwindowsWhy ArcView 3?  Well, for shapefiles it just works better, and as I just passed along, some of the functions for table editing (especially with the XTools extension) are just fantastic.  Here are some more reasons.

As well, when was the last time that your GIS program started in less than 3 seconds?  seriously!!!

I thought that as we moved to 64-bit machines I would had lost my favorite GIS program.  Fortunately,  after a recent conversation, I was shown otherwise, and it worked!  Fortunately, I had all of the necessary installation information, with an old machine still running ArcView 3.

In order for this never to get lost, I’ve also converted the page to .pdf

How to Install ArcView 3 on Windows 7 (pdf version)

Parsing strings in Arcmap

fieldcalc5Thanks to Mike for posting about this – I need to do this a lot during processing, and this is really helpful – I sometimes go back to ArcView 3 in order to use my favorite function: the .AsTokens() function.

Here’s how to do this in the real world?