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2014 CGIA Awards – Nominations open

Nominations for the 2014 CGIA Awards are open:

Awards are open to any person in the State of California, and will be announced at the California GIS Conference (CalGIS), April 14-16th in Monterey California:

Bring recognition to a colleague, project, or program. The visibility that goes with winning an award can be an important component to building credibility, gaining exposure, promoting a program, or garnering funding. Each year the California Geographic Information Association recognizes outstanding achievements in various aspects of GIS within California through its awards program. CGIA seeks nominations for outstanding individuals and organizations in the following categories:

  • Chairman’s Award: Granted to honor a person who has made outstanding contributions in the promotion, innovation, and/or use of GIS technology.
  • Exemplary Systems Award: Granted for outstanding application of GIS technology representing innovative, elegant, or creative techniques.
  • Advancement of Collaboration Award: Granted for outstanding inter-organization collaborative efforts in GIS.
  • Outstanding Internet Presentation Award: Granted to the outstanding integration of GIS and web technologies demonstrating excellence in aesthetic presentation, functionality, ease of use, and overall user experience.
  • Excellence in Education Award: Granted to the educational institution that displays extraordinary approach, contribution, development or commitment to GIS education in California.

An award is a pat on the back for the project team. It’s always an amazing thing when a project is completed, and an award is a good way of acknowledging everyone’s efforts from top to bottom. Nominate a colleague, project, or program for a CGIA award by going to the CGIA Nomination Page.

Nomination deadline is March 21st, 2014.

Improving ArcGIS Performance with PerfQAnalyzer

Passing the information about this valuable tool along – it appears to have a number of enhancements.

In the Spring of 2012 [Esri] released the PerfQAnalyzer tool, which assists users in capturing render and edit times within ArcGIS for Desktop.  This tool is a free, unsupported, downloadable tool offered to the Esri user community which can be run from within ArcMap (as an add-in) or as a stand-alone ArcGIS Engine application.  Most users will find the ArcMap add-in the most useful. We have received great feedback regarding this tool and have since released a new version of the tool which is now available for download.
The following enhancements have been made to assist users in calibrating ArcGIS for Desktop performance:

– See more at:

  • – DBMS Tab: Additional messaging has been added to notify users of the required permissions within the DBMS to enable an Oracle DBMS trace. If a user attempts to enable a trace and the user does not have the required permissions (ALTER SESSION), the user will be notified.
  • – Fetch Tab: Annotation feature classes are now displayed on the Fetch tab.
  • – New Script Command: A new command was added to the existing scripting capability available in the PerfQAnalyzer tool. The new Identify command logs information similar to what is displayed within the Identify window in ArcMap. Please refer to the Help tab within the PerfQAnalyzer tool for the necessary arguments.
  • – ArcMap Add-In: Previous PerfQAnalyzer releases included command line arguments for executing the PerfQAnalyzer stand-alone application for test automation. Command line arguments can now be passed to the PerfQAnalyzer ArcMap add-in. Please refer to the Help tab within the PerfQAnalyzer tool for the available arguments.
  • – Broken Layers: When a layer’s data source cannot be found, these broken layers are now noted with a warning in the logged output. The map will still render if at least one layer is not broken.
  • – Help Tab: The help content has been reformatted and enhanced. Additionally, the Help tab is now available in all implementations of the tool. The displayed text is specific to the implementation (ArcMap add-in, Stand-alone, Stand-alone No Map).
  • – Program Setup: The setup program no longer uses the add-in registration tool (ESRIRegAddIn.exe) to install the ArcMap add-in. Instead, the following registry value is created:
    • – HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ESRI\Desktop10.2\Settings\AddInFolders   “C:\PerfQAnalyzer\bin”
    • – This enhancement allows the PerfQAnalyzer tool to be available for all users.

Thank you for your feedback regarding the PerfQAnalyzer tool. We will continue to enhance the tool and hope users appreciate the tool as much as our Performance Engineering group.



eGIS Committee Agenda for February 2014

Please find the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting here:February 2014.eGIS meeting notice and Agenda

It’s pretty packed, but here are some highlights:

See everyone there!

LA Geospatial Summitt one week away

The Fourth annual Los Angeles Geospatial Summitt is one week away.  I attend this yearly event as it is a great place to focus on broad geospatial trends in the Los Angeles area, meet colleagues and students, and take a day to breath in all the geospatial wonder!

Here’s a link:

Here is some late details:

Engage with leaders in geospatial science and technology during plenary and panel sessions and the closing networking reception and industry fair.  Students can gain experience in presenting a paper or poster and learn what other students are doing at other GIS-related programs.

Plenary speakers:

  • David DiBiase, Team Lead – Education Industry, Esri, on “Geospatial Leadership”
  • Clark Easter, geospatial entrepreneur, on “Future Geospatial Opportunities and Challenges”


  • “How to Build a Geospatial Career” with Mark Greninger, Geographic Information Officer, County of Los Angeles, DeKevon Ashley, thrdPlace; David S. King, Jacobs; and Payal Kamdar, VSolvit
  • “LA’s Open Data Initiatives Scene” with Yohei Nakajima, Code for LA; Kyle Hall, LA Controller’s Office; Justin Mank, City of Santa Monica; and Christine Outram, City Innovation Group


Location: Japanese American National Museum, 100 North Central Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90012, adjacent to the Little Tokyo Gold Line Station.

Register now! The $40 student and $60 general registration fee includes a continental breakfast, lunch, and reception.

Please click here for program information. For further information, contact Melissa Salido at

Eliminating pixelation in imagery (LARIAC imagery)

Thanks to Francis Calasanz for passing this along.  This is good information for anyone using imagery, and also for our LARIAC participants.

“FYI…. We had a problem earlier with the LARIAC 3 image pixelating (top photo of Brackett Airport) at small scale (say 1:4000). I was about to forward the problem to you until I found a solution. Apparently, our default setting for PROPERTIES/DISPLAY was “Nearest neighbor”. Changing it to “Cubic Convolution” solved the problem (bottom photo).”

LA County launches update to the Works Mobile App

theworksCongratulations to the County’s Public Works department –

The County’s citizen reporting application has recently been updated with new reporting capabilities as well as Droid compatibility: The Works Press Release (January 27, 2014)

From the release:

Residents can now interact with the Departments of Parks and Recreation, Public Health, and Regional Planning by:

  • Requesting facility and trail maintenance at County parks, as well as reporting potential health and safety concerns
  • Reporting potential public health violations at hotels, motels and apartments — such as unclear or cloudy pool water, broken pool gates or fences, and missing pool lights or drain covers
  • Reporting possible property violations, including excessive vegetation, junk or trash; illegal parking; inoperable vehicles; occupied RVs; and improper signs or banners

Users can submit a detailed description of an issue and attach related site photos. While not required, users may provide contact information for additional follow-up. They are also able to see status updates to their request in real time when they subsequently access the app.


Public Radio Map


Thanks to Mike Carson and SocalGIS for passing along.

Pretty cool map:

I like how the information changes as you move around on the map.

GIS Managers Workshop

ManagersWorkshop_PasadenaThis looks very interesting for folks managing GIS groups.

View the flyer


LA City GIS Specialist opening

Thanks to Christine Thome for passing along:

Link to the full job posting:

Closing Date/Time: Thu. 02/06/14 11:59 PM Pacific Time
Salary: $60,447.00 – $75,084.00 Annually
Special Salary: In some positions, higher salaries may be paid for night work.
Location: CITY OF LOS ANGELES, California



eGIS Committee Meeting Agenda

Hope everyone is having a good holiday.  I am passing along the Meeting Agenda for tomorrow’s meeting.  We’ll discuss some new capabilities and updates to various programs.

January 2014.eGIS meeting notice and Agenda

See you tomorrow!