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The mysterious “Sandy Island” – an island that never was ….

Thanks to Kenneth Bennett for passing along – always interesting how maps make errors:–abc-news-topstories.html

GIS Job – GIS Manager for Orange County Parks

This looks like a good opportunity for GIS professionals with a fair amount of experience.  It is located in Irvine, CA

Pay is between $53,000 and $105,000 annually (quite a range!)

GIS Day 2012 Pictures

Thanks to everyone who came, and especially to the volunteers and GIS Day Committee who made this day such a success!!!  See if you can find yourself!  And thanks to Diandra for taking these great pictures

If you have any pictures that you would like me to add, please send them to me!!!

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GIS Post Doctoral Fellowship at Loyola Marymount

This was passed along to me: Post Doc GIS_Center for Urban Resilience.revised_061812 (word file)

Position Title:  Post Doctoral Fellowship

Position Summary

Under general supervision of the Director of Center for Urban Resilience and Ecological Solutions this position will examine urban greening as a key form of urban land use and land cover change in the greater metro region of Los Angeles.  Will research, investigate and analyze the data in relation to animal population fluctuations. This position will include some teaching activities.

Position Specific Responsibilities/Accountabilities


1.  Will conduct spatial analysis on the current state of green infrastructure and associated ecological research questions in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area. These projects are associated with the NSF Urban Long Term Ecological Research Area initiatives in Boston and Los Angeles.

2.  Oversee the design, communication, implementation and monitoring of research including some or all of the following; current and historical patterns of land use and land cover, animal population structure and invasive species, analysis of river networks and water quality, public health issues, future scenarios for the Los Angeles Metropolitan area.

3.  May teach in urban ecology program.

4. Supporting core science projects in which C.U.R.E.S. is involved

5. Development research agenda within the project scope.

6.  Provide support and guidance for undergraduate research and appropriate community engagement.

7.  Represent the Center within the LMU community and at professional organizations or associations, serve on committees as required.

GIS Day kickoff!

William Fujioka kicks off GIS Day


Thank you to our GIS Day Sponsors

The sponsors below are providing coffee, gift cards, the GIS Day Cake, and helping us make GIS Day the best event it can be.

See everyone tomorrow morning!

GIS Day 2012 – Final Documents

Schedule at a glance

GIS Day is tomorrow!  Looking forward to another great event.  The weather has cleared up, which allows us to keep everything outdoors (we did have a back-up plan), but we are looking forward to another special event!  We anticipate over 500 attendees, and cannot wait to share “The Power of Location” with everyone.

Important Documents

Background documents

Mixer information

GIS Day 2012 – Final schedule

GIS Day 2012 is fast approaching!  I’m looking forward to another great event this year.

Here are important documents for everyone planning on attending.

Important Documents and links

Prepare for your GIS Job Interview: 20 challenging GIS Interview Questions

Thanks to Fred Dominguez for passing this along.



How are you preparing for your big interview for your first (or fifth) GIS job?  What hard questions should you expect? Directions Magazine shares 20 probing questions to use for practice.

In 2004, Directions Magazine published an article called the Top 15 Interview Questions. They were generic questions any hiring manager might ask. Eight years later we want to update those with questions that are more specific to the field and go beyond button-pushing. Editor in Chief Joe Francica, Executive Editor Adena Schutzberg and principal of, Atanas Entchev, compiled the questions they might ask of candidates. We’ve not separated them out for more or less technical positions or entry level or advanced ones; we feel most are applicable to the full range of positions.

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GIS Day 2012 training track full

As of this morning we have 48 people registered for our GIS Day training track, so we have shut down training track sign-up page.

Most of our classes will be packed, with 2 people per computer.  For County staff, the eGIS Program will be providing additional training opportunities over the next few months.

The training schedule is below.




Open Sessions

10:00 – 10:50 AM Jonathan Corbridge


Making Maps that Work!

Learn concepts to improve your cartography.

11:00 – 11:50 AM Frank Somarriba & Harry Moore


Making & Sharing Intelligent web-maps with ArcGIS Online

Learn how to get your maps out into the world

12 – 12:50 PM eGIS Team

LA County ISD

Introduction to the LA County GIS Viewer (session 1)

Free On-line GIS tools put the power of geography in your hands.

Sessions for County staff

1:00 – 1:50 PM eGIS Team

LA County ISD

Desktop GIS Training

Learn how to access and take advantage of the

County’s Enterprise GIS Repository.

2:00 – 2:50 PM eGIS Team

LA County ISD

Introduction to the LA County GIS Viewer (session 2)

Free On-line GIS tools put the power of geography in your hands.