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Video of the UAS from the Regional GIS Meeting

At our recent meeting with the State GIO, we had a demonstration of an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) – AKA drone – a hexicopter from Aerospace Corporation.  In high winds it was pretty stable.  Here’s a video below:

GIS Resources map released by CGIA

CGIA has released an online map showing GIS contacts, websites, collaborative, and networking information for Counties in the State of California. Click on a County for contact information, including a link to the County’s general and GIS websites, Assessor’s parcel viewer, GIS contacts, and GIS collaborative and networking information.

We hope that this information will be valuable for the GIS community, since it will bring together in one place the GIS managers at the County level.  CGIA is working with the State GIO to create a unified set of information about GIS resources in the state.

We encourage you to leverage this work and reference and embed this map in your sites, where you can.  CGIA will keep this information up to date, but we do want your input (see below).  As this map is updated your site will automatically be updated as well.  To embed the map into your own website, you will only need to add one line of code:

<iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”700″ frameborder=”0″></iframe> Click here to access the map embed coding.  We understand that not all of the information is up to date.  To update the information, you have a couple of options:

  • Open this Google Doc file (click here to open) and update the information.  We are working to automate the update to the map, but currently CGIA will update the information on this map quarterly.  
    • The Google doc file includes information about regional, state, federal, and any other agency that is doing GIS – we want to be comprehensive.
  • If you cannot access the Google Doc file, please use the linked form to update or correct information found herein.

City Map coming in the future.  We invite users to update information about city GIS information, since we will be looking to create a map with City GIS contact information in the future.

If you have questions, please contact:

eGIS Meeting agenda for June 17th

Please find the meeting agenda for tomorrow’s eGIS Committee meeting tomorrow attached.

We will have a couple of demonstrations from departments about what they are doing with GIS.

June 2014.eGIS meeting notice and Agenda


Videos showing the growth of Los Angeles

Thanks to SoCalGIS for passing these great videos along – as I clicked around a bit there was another cool video there too.

The second one could be improved it it showed actual buildings – it appears to be parcel creation dates ..



SoCal URISA GIS Map Contest

Displays of cartographic masterpieces are another great way to contribute to the GIS Profession and earn points towards your GISP certification, so I’ll pass along this announcement from SoCal URISA…


Got a map to share with the locals? A story map, web app or paper map? Then submit it already! The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) and SoCal URISA will be hosting a map competition, and you could win prizes sponsored by ESRI.

All you need to do to enter is email our coordinator, Harry Johnson, along with the following info:

Form of submission: (Poster, AGOL, Web App)

Entries must be San Diego Region themed. This includes the International Border and the Tijuana/Tecate area.

ESRI encourages posters submitted to the San Diego Geo-Showcase also be entered into the Map Gallery proper. Since we’re in our own area away from the Map Gallery proper, you will need to bring two (2) copies of your poster.

Judging will take place on Monday night at the start of the Map Gallery Reception, so if you have a web app to share, it is encouraged to show it off Monday evening. Three Judges will be picked by the SoCal URISA board closer to the Esri User Conference date. They will be GIS professionals from out of the area and each judge will be either from the Government Sector, Educational/Public Sector, or Private Sector.

The Awards Ceremony will take place on Tuesday evening at the San Diego Host Booth. Winners will be sent an email on Monday evening and are encouraged to accept their awards in person. If winners are not present, their prizes will be mailed to them. All are welcome to attend the ceremony.

Feel free to email Harry or Lan Nelson with any of your questions.

We are looking forward to seeing your maps!!


Pictures from GeoSpatial LA

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SoCal URISA Workshop

SoCal URISA is hosting an Open Source Workshop, introducing attendees to PostGIS, Geoserver, OpenLayers and QGIS. (Bring your laptop.)

Presenter: Jeff Johnson from Boundless
Location: Palomar College (about 30 minutes north of San Diego)
When: Saturday, June 28, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Cost: Free for SoCal URISA members, otherwise purchase or renew your membership. Annual chapter membership is $30 and only $10 for students.

For more information and online registration, visit

QGIS User Groups

The guys at GIS Cafe recently sent out this article about the inaugural QGIS U.S. User Group Meeting.

As QGIS gathers momentum in the United States, it only makes sense to see the beginning of user group meetings. QGIS user groups are much more common in Europe, where open source GIS use and investment is much more prevalent. The article is short, insightful, and to the point, but some of the links don’t work, and the online video only provides the first 20 minutes of a very good presentation.

For those who’d like to learn more about upcoming QGIS user meetings in the United States, I’d like to recommend looking up the U.S. QGIS User Group home page, or follow them on Twitter.

GeoSpatial LA meeting Wednesday, 5:30 at CalTech

If you can make this, it looks to be a great event!

  • Group: Geospatial LA
  • Subject: Geospatial LA is THIS WEDNESDAY, June 4th @ CalTech – 5:30pm (Note Meetup Social Hour Location Change)

Our friends at Imagin’ Labs & PIXIA Corporation are graciously hosting us this Wednesday in Pasadena for an evening focused on imagery, sensor data collection, processing and remote sensing.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Radar, Optical, and Crowd Remote Sensing for Rapid Disaster Response
Planet Labs – Small Sats and Commercial Applications
AeroVironment – Convergence of UAV’s and GIS
Pixia Corp. – UAV Imagery and Dissemination Technology
Imagin’ Labs – Corregistration of Satellite and Aerial Imagery for Change Detection
Teledyne Scientific Imaging – Digital Imaging Technologies for Multi-Modal Sensing and Exploitation

MEETUP DETAILS (hosted by Imagin’ Labs):
Date: Wednesday, June 4th
Time: 5:30pm
Where: Caltech, 1200 E California Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91125
In the Buwalda room, first floor of the Arms building, which is building #25 on the campus map: 

Free after 5pm in the campus structures, I suggest parking in structure #123 on the map, which is approximately at: 485 S Wilson ave, Pasadena, CA 91106

MEETUP SOCIAL (hosted by PIXIA Corporation):
When: Approximately 7:30pm – on
Where (New Location!): Lucky Baldwins Trappiste – 1770 East Colorado Blvd.

Best Reason to Use Our Own Basemap

We know nothing is perfect…and in this case, even Google, Bing and Esri.  The northwest corner of Los Angeles County had a detachment to Kern County in September 2000; and when it did, the boundaries for the two counties changed, and created what some affectionately refer to as “The Notch”.  We have our dynamic layers and our basemaps and everything was going along smoothly when someone noticed that The Notch is not shown on Google, Bing or in the Esri basemaps.  Google has a feature where you can type in a city our county and it will display the boundary on top of their basemap.  If you do that for our County you get the following (it has a notch; but not the correct one).



Here’s how it looks in Google Maps.


This is what it looks like in Bing Maps.



Here’s how it looks in the Esri basemap.

The funny thing is, it is correct in OpenStreetMap.  They must have downloaded the data from the LA County Enterprise GIS Data Portal.  You can download the County boundary – click here.  Anyway, we put in map error requests at Google and Esri; and sent an e-mail to the Bing folks.  Hopefully they’ll download and update the boundary.


Here’s how it is supposed to look; this is from OpenStreetMap.

Mark Greninger had the best line, “Best reason to use our own basemap.”