November 2014
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Pictometry merges with EagleView

I have heard from Pictometry about this, and they noted that EagleView has been one of their customers for a few years.  I hope that the strong relationship that the County has developed with Pictometry will continue, since they have continued to make good advances with their technologies …

Link to the press release

Did lead in gasoline cause crime?

Lead_NEWOrleans_630Doug Morales and Elizabeth Friedman passed along this interesting article.  For those of who who read Freakonomics the recent drop in crime has led to a lot of analysis on factors (from abortion and now to lead) that might have caused the changes …

It’s a well written article – there are a couple of maps at the end which is how it gets here :)

Link to the article

California’s Lone Gray Wolf moves around a lot!

GrayWolf_TravelsHeard this on the radio this morning, and since it mentioned a map I had to follow up.  About a year ago a gray wolf entered California from Oregon, and since then has been travelling hundreds of miles by itself.  This is the first gray wolf in California in 90 years, so I went to the website and found the map made based upon the GPS coordinates of the tracking device on the wolf.

Hopefully it finds what it is looking for!

Click here for the full as a pdf.

Click here to go to the website.

A map of LA’s urban core?

LA's Core

LA’s Core

Mike Jenkins passed this interesting article about LA’s urban core along Wilshire and Santa Monica.  It’s an interesting hypothesis, and is similar to the “Walk Score” concept of mapping amenities near each other.  I think there are some issues (as are mentioned in the article) about it missing other cores such as Pasadena, etc – what do you think?

Link to the article

N.Y. news site stirs outrage after publishing gun owners’ names

Map of Gun Ownership

Map of Gun Ownership

Interesting issue – if this is public information, should it be displayed?

Link to the article

Mount Everest in stunning two billion pixel image detail

Mount Everest in stunning two billion pixel image detail

Who Coined the Phrase Geographic Information Systems?

Who Coined the Phrase Geographic Information Systems?

Pictometry ArcMap Extension for 10.1

For LAR-IAC members, Pictomery has released its ArcMap extensions that will enable you to access the oblique imagery using ArcMap.  With the County moving away from locally hosted data (Network Image Warehouse – NIW) toward Pictometry Online, this is a critical enhancement to the suite of tools used to access oblique imagery.

Note – you will need your LAR-IAC organization or sub-organization username and login to access POL.

Installation files (with setup instructions): ArcMAP 10.1 – (4 Mb)

City Boundary Update

For your information and use, we have attached a shapefile of the annexation area annexed and the vicinity map (pdf).

Annexed To: City of Santa Clarita

Annexation Name: Annexation No. 2011-22 (North Copperhill)

Detached From: Unincorporated County Area

Effective Date: 11/28/2012

The updated city boundary layer can be downloaded from the Los Angeles County GIS Data Portal or Los Angeles County’s DPW Spatial Library. For questions, please contact Thierno Diallo, PE, 626-458-6920, or Marianne Jeffers, PLS, 626-458-7113.

Attached: City Boundaries (zipped shapefile)

New Link in Z-NET Public

Z-NET Public ( has just been upgraded to give the public more parcel information. Now, instead of going directly to the Assessor’s Map Book Page (AMBP) when the APN link is clicked, the link now opens the Assessor’s Detailed Property Information Sheet for the selected parcel. Not only does this page display a selection of parcel data but it contains links to other pages, including the AMBP and Parcel Change Activity, as well.

Please click on the image below to see the new APN pop-up.

Click to enlarge graphicZ-NET Public is a GIS web mapping application developed by the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning’s GIS Section.  If you are looking for other GIS web mapping applications for Los Angeles County, please click here.