January 2018
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Pictometry for ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 – CONNECT New Release

For Desktop 10.1 users only:

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GIS Internship at Irvine Ranch Water District

irvine_ranchHere is a link to the application – scroll down to the bottom to see it:

Irvine Ranch Water District Internship

Duties typically performed by interns include the following:

  • Assist staff with use of GIS software and/or custom applications.
  • Conduct field studies as needed to gather and verify geographic data using personal computers and GPS equipment.
  • Use GIS software to generate maps, perform analysis of data, and perform GIS editor work to update the GIS database system.
  • Perform administrative duties including filing, copying, scanning and emailing.
  • Attend meetings as required.
  • Assist with the preparation of reports.
  • Student will work minimum of 10 hours per week during the school year and 40 hours per week during summer/winter/spring break.



Free Online GIS Course

course_moocA new free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is available; visit here for details: http://apb.directionsmag.com/entry/simon-fraser-professor-introduces-gis-mooc/397896

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LA County GIS Viewer Upgrade #3 – Faster Load

Christine and I realized recently that there was a call during the load of the GIS Viewer (and all Geocortex Viewers) that was dramatically slowing down load time unnecessarily.  This call added about 15 seconds to the load time – by directly loading what is needed, the load of the GIS Viewer and all related Geocortex Silverlight Viewers will be dramatically faster.

Check it out – you should see the GIS Viewer load within 5-10 seconds rather than 30 seconds.

So – today we have:

  1. Made the viewer load faster
  2. Made searches faster
  3. Added charting.

It’s been a good day!

Click here to load the viewer

LA County GIS Viewer Upgrade #2 – Charting!

Adding the Median Income Chart

Adding the Median Income Chart

I posted yesterday about a major speed enhancement just released with the upgrade of Geocortex Essentials that was completed last week – Googly Search.

Here is another big addition that we are leveraging – CHARTS!

A few years ago the ESRI flex viewer had some pretty cool chart widgets – I have been working with Latitude Geographics (click to go to their site) to add this major enhancement – which combines the power of maps with the data aggregation of charts.

I anticipate a LOT of use within County applications of this feature to provide visualizations of client populations, historical information, and trends.  Can’t wait to see it in action.

If you want to play with it, follow the instructions below:

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LA County GIS Viewer Upgrade #1 – Googly Search!

Googly Search

Googly Search

Have you ever wanted the searches in our GIS applications to be more “Googly” – where as you type you get suggestions on the rest of the entry?  I have dreamt about this.  With the recent upgrade of our GIS Viewers to the newest versions of Essentials from Latitude Geographics (click here to read that post) – we now have the same capabilities!

The new “Instant Search Capabilities” have been hooked into the GIS Viewer (click here to open).  Basically an index is built against a number of layers, and as you type, those indexes are searched, and respond in less than a second, rather than running full queries against the database.

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Slides from the State GIO Visit

GIO_UpdateWanted to pass along the slides from Scott Gregory’s presentation – thanks again to him for coming down, and the great presentation!

CA State GIO – Update April 2014 (pdf file)

Mapping Bike and Run paths

stravaThis is really cool, and definitely BIG Data:

Thanks to SoCalGIS for posting


CalGIS Recape #3 – live imagery is coming

MapBox did a pretty cool demonstration of something that is likely coming in the somewhat near future – Live mapping – in this case from a satellite company called SkyBox (click here for their site) – they have a shot from the Port of LA/Long Beach which is pretty amazing.

SoCalGIS did a post on this too.

Check out the moving vehicles and airplane in the video below.

CalGIS Recap #2 – Open Data is coming!

detroit_open_dataAs another in a recap from the CalGIS conference, one of my other takeaways was that toolsets for Open Data are coming thick and fast.  Michal Migurski from Code for America (click to see their website) gave a great talk about how this is changing governmental paradigms, and shared some great links.

I knew about:

Jack Dangermond, in the closing, mentioned that ESRI is also getting into the mix:


The momentum for open data is pretty impressive – I hope to share what the County ends up doing in the next few months!