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GIS Systems Analyst – City of Santa Monica

This looks like a great job opening in the City of Santa Monica:

Link to the job opening

Some details below:

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Pictometry for ArcGIS Desktop – updates released

polHi there,

Pictometry has released is newest versions of “Connect” – which enable you to connect to Pictometry Online using your established username and passord.

Make sure you download the correct version.

Link to the Pictometry download page

Release Details below:

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341 million dots on a map

census_dotmapPretty cool – a dot for every person in the last united states and Canadian Census.

Check it out

GIS Internships at the City of Los Angeles

Passing this along:

The Los Angeles Department of City Planning is looking for intern and Student Professional Worker (SPW) candidates. Both the non-paid internship and paid SPW positions are available for Winter/Spring 2013 . Candidates are ideally available for 16 – 30 hours/week. Those selected will be working closely with professional planners on policy, research and community outreach efforts. The positions offer an enriching experience for new planners or students wishing to gain hands-on practice in urban planning.
The Department is working on a number of exciting and challenging projects. One SPW will work on the Mobility Element, the City’s long-range transportation plan, while the other will work on planning of Transit Oriented Districts along future fixed rail lines. The interns will be assigned a variety of projects including updates to several land use plans and updates to the General Plan including the Mobility and Housing Elements, drafting of a new Health Chapter, planning of Transit Oriented Districts, development of design overlay plans and specific plans, implementation of the Bicycle Plan and the review of new development projects. Tasks may include:

  • Issue-specific research, analysis, field surveys
  • Policy development, report and recommendation writing
  • Review of CEQA documents
  • Web site development/maintenance
  • Mapping and analysis using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Community meeting preparation, participation and outreach
  • Graphics preparation using SketchUp, Photoshop, or Illustrator
  • Preparation of presentations
  • Various general support duties

Link to the website:

FluView tracks the spread of flu

flumapThanks Doug for pointing me here – I like the time effect so you can see the spread of the flu this year, which is apparently pretty bad.

Get your flu shot!!!!

Master of Science in GIS – Cal State Long Beach

csulbI wanted to pass this along if you were interested in higher education opportunities in GIS:

Link to the program

LA County Solar Map impacts Feed in tariff


It has been a long time, but the work that was done for the LA County solar map provided the quantitative underpinning and justification for LADWP’s feed-in-tariff.  UCLA used our solar database to analyze the impacts and benefits of a feed-in-tariff property by property, which helped provide support for the LA Business Roundtable to support it.

Making our data available for use outside of the County has provided this massive benefit and shows how data freedom can support major policy changes that impact life in LA.

To see the site, go to

To learn about getting access to the data directly, see:


Press release below:


Weekend Events Announce Details of LADWP’s New Solar Feed-in Tariff Program


LOS ANGELES, January 18, 2013 — Los Angeles-based Open Neighborhoods has announced two public events this Sunday, January 20th, to present information about an ambitious new Los Angeles DWP solar purchase program for commercial rooftops and parking lots. The events will include opportunities for the public to learn about utility rebates, neighborhood programs, financing options and other incentives for rooftop solar installations.


Green Tent at the Mar Vista Farmers Market
 mgc   Sunday, Jan 20th from 9am-11am

Learn who qualifies and how you can receive maximum benefit during the first six months of LADWP’s new rooftop solar purchase program. View an instant satellite evaluation of solar energy potential on your property. Discover how you can benefit even if you don’t own a rooftop!  Read more.

Solar Open House & Backyard Celebration
 openouse   Sunday, Jan 20th from 1pm-4pm

Join local property owners and clean energy advocates for a backyard celebration and demonstration of a new solar energy system on a historic home in Country Club Park! Learn about sustainable homes in historic preservation overlay zones, California Energy Upgrade savings, utility solar rebates and neighborhood incentives.  Complimentary refreshments. RSVP.


FOR MORE INFORMATION or to RSVP to either event please contact Open Neighborhoods at 310-439-9746 or via email to


About Open Neighborhoods

A portfolio company of the LA Cleantech Incubator, Open Neighborhoods is a Certified B Corporation recognized for high standards of social and environmental performance.  The company serves as program administrator for GoSolar.LA, a regional initiative to streamline and accelerate solar deployment in greater Los Angeles. Open Neighborhoods was founded in 2008 to provide neighborhood-scale clean energy solutions.  More information at

eGIS Committee Meeting Agenda – January 15th 2013

Please find tomorrow’s eGIS Committee Meeting Agenda attached.

January – 2013_0115.eGIS meeting notice and Agenda (pdf file)

We will be discussing

We will also have a presentation from Javier Aguilar from SCAG about the GIS Services that SCAG provides for free, and how the County could leverage them.

Santa Monica GIS Classes for Spring 2013

Thanks Betsy for passing along!

You can find these classes under “Geographic Information Systems” at the SMC class list

Geographic Information Systems Classes as SMC

GIS 20, Introduction to Geographic Information Systems 3 units

Transfer: UC, CSU

• Prerequisite: None.

GIS are computer-based systems used to collect, store and analyze geographic information. This course will present the concepts and applications of GIS using ArcGIS software designed to operate on Personal Computer (PCs). Other related technologies, such as map reading, remote sensing and basic cartographic skills will also be explored.

GIS is the same course as Geography 20 and Computer Information Systems 20. Students may receive credit for one, but not both.

2194 Arrange-5 Hours ONLINE-E Drake V G

Above section 2194 is a Distance Education course conducted over the Internet. For additional information, go to (schedule of classes).

GIS 23, Intermediate Geographic Information Systems

3 units

Transfer: CSU

• Prerequisite: Geography 20 or GIS 20.

This course emphasizes GIS principles and methodology used in both the private and public sectors. Hands-on applications using both raster and vector data and technology will expose students to more advanced understanding of GIS. Students will learn various methods of data acquisition, including Global Positioning Systems (GPS) as well as the World Wide Web. The add-on modules extend the analytical capabilities of ArcView and allow input of map features and conversion of feature themes from raster to vector. This course will also provide an introduction to several of ArcView’s extension including Spatial Analyst and 3D Analyst. Students will complete a Model Builder to be used in siting new solar sites. Spatial Analysis will include slope and aspect maps, neighborhood and zone analysis. The course will present single and multi-layer statistical operations including classification, coordination, and modeling analysis.

GIS 23 is the same course as Geography 23. Students may receive credit for one, but not both.

4219 6:45p-9:50p T BUS 250 Wang Ji

How Monopoly and Maps rescued WW2 POWs

Escape Maps

Thanks to Michael Carson for passing along!!!

An interesting article.