July 2015
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What is Open Street Map?

About a decade ago, a group of cyclists in the U.K. were frustrated with the lack of freely available street map data. Cyclists need to know how to get from here to there without freeways. This is what led to the founding of OpenStreetMap, or OSM, one of the world’s best known crowd-sourced projects. If we are not familiar with the OSM site, many of us may already be familiar with OSM base maps used in other places like ArcGIS Online, MapBox, CartoDB, and several others. What sets OSM apart from familiar commercial online map services is its copyright that allows free use and redistribution of its data. Note that OSM’s data is free for everyone to use, but its tile servers are not.

In the United States, the OSM Foundation recently held its annual conference, the State of the Map US in New York City. Video recordings of the many talks, panels, and workshops are available on the conference Program page.

A great way to learn more about OSM is to meet up at one of the various Mapathons. Senior mappers talk about OSM to new users, and new and old users alike socialize and update a very useful map.

LA County Enterprise GIS Services Catalog

services_catalogThe eGIS Services Catalog is the overarching document of the services offered by the Los Angeles County Enterprise GIS Group.  It describes in increasing detail (from overview to detailed technical aspects) the six services that are offered as part of the LA County Enterprise Program:

  1. Data Services
  2. Online Mapping Services
  3. Countywide Applications
  4. License Management Services
  5. Training and Support Services
  6. GIS Solutions

The document attached above does not include the detailed technical appendixes since those contain internal addresses and web service addresses, but it describes in detail the services that support the County’s GIS initiatives.  Internal County staff have access to the full set of attachments.

Referenced in the document is the eGIS Service Level Agreement (June 2015), which outlines the services levels and terms and conditions governing the use of the GIS resources.

The story of ETAK’s amazing car navigation system from 1984

William Montgomery passed this article along – when I started in the County, we had just licensed the Thomas Brothers dataset, but ETAK was another dataset that was commonly used in a number of departments (now we are all using Open Source data).

But the reason behind the creation of the data is an amazing one – I remember Peter Fonda-Bonardi talking about this amazing car navigation system.

Makes you realize that concepts can be around for a long time, but it can take other technologies (GPS, smart phones) to really make them succeed!

Read the article here

Senior GIS Analyst Position at San Diego County

The County of San Diego is currently accepting applications for a Senior GIS Analyst to fill one immediate vacancy in the Office of Emergency Services.

The Senior GIS Analyst is a lead or supervisory level job class responsible for providing technical guidance and leadership to professional staff; and may supervise GIS staff within a department.

Qualified Applicants Must Possess:

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited U.S. college or university, or a certified foreign studies equivalency, in geography, earth sciences, civil engineering, urban planning, information technology, biology with an emphasis in GIS, computer science, or closely related field, OR, successful completion of a college level GIS certificate program; AND,

  1. Three (3) years of full-time experience as a GIS Analyst with the County of San Diego administering and operating a GIS system using ArcGIS Desktop or Server or similar type software to develop GIS data, digital maps, or other digital displays for spatial analysis; OR
  2. Four (4) years of full-time experience administering and operating a GIS system using ArcGIS Desktop or Server or similar type software to develop GIS data, digital maps, or other digital displays used for spatial analysis.

Visit the job announcement for more information and to apply.

2015 CGIA Awards

Tom Weisenberger (ISD), Max Regis (ACWM), and Christine Lam (ISD) won CGIA’s Outstanding Internet Application Award for the County’s Pest Detection Viewer. Congratulations!

Christine Lam accepts CGIA award

Christine Lam accepts CGIA award

The award is sponsored by California Geographic Information Association (CGIA) and was presented at the CalGIS Conference in Sacramento.

For full listing and descriptions of CGIA Award winners and their projects, click here.

eGIS Committee Meeting Agenda for June 2015

Please find the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting (6/16/15) attached here: eGIS meeting notice and Agenda – June 2015. We will have presentations by CEO OEM, RRCC, and CSS.

GIS Job – Senior Database and Research Manager at UCLA

Passing this along – click here for the full position description.

The California Center for Sustainable Communities is hiring a Senior Database and Research Manager to oversee the expansion of the LA Energy Atlas project to all of Southern California.

The position will start as soon as it is filled. The position is fulltime and in addition to a competitive salary is eligible for all UCLA benefits. The position is based at the UCLA campus.

Job Description
The Database and Research Manager will take the lead on expanding the LA Energy Atlas to all of Southern California. The job responsibilities include:
• Database Development and Management
• Project Management
• Data Security Oversight
• Data Analysis
• Systems Administration
• Grant Writing and Proposal Development
• Academic Article Writing

He/she will manage a team including a GIS analyst and undergraduate students to ensure that all deadlines are met on time and with excellence. This includes, creating and implementing a plan to expand the energy database from approximately 500M records to 1.5T records, running statistical analysis, writing reports on findings, developing and documenting all methods, over seeing data security policies and procedures and preparing weekly progress reports for the PI. In addition, the Database and Research Manager will assist in writing funding proposals to state and national agencies and private foundations and will co-author academic journal articles.

Applicants should send a CV/resume and cover letter to Zoe Elizabeth, zelizabeth@ioes.ucla.edu. Candidates will be considered on a rolling basis as applications are received.

Interactive Snowpack Map

Thanks to Mike Carson for passing this along:


eGIS Committee Meeting Agenda for May 2015

Please find the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting attached here: eGIS meeting notice and Agenda – May 2015

See you tomorrow!

Forum – LARIAC Data for a Resilient LA Region

larc_flyerLoyola Marymount is hosting a forum for the Los Angeles Regional Collaborative for Climate Action and Sustainability – this one is focused on the use of LARIAC data for resiliency and sustainability.  The event is free and open to the public.

Click here to view the flyer: LARC 3rd Month Forum at LMU CURes

Click here to RSVP