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Chrome removes support for Silverlight – LA County GIS Viewers impacted

If you use Chrome to access some of the County’s GIS applications (the GIS Viewer and the Parcel Viewer, for example), and those applications are based on Silverlight, you won’t be able to access them without making a settings change.  Note – Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox will work just fine.

Why?  Chrome is disabling support for NPAPI – see this post here: http://blog.chromium.org/2014/11/the-final-countdown-for-npapi.html

You can re-enable NPAPI by doing the following:

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Go to: http://chrome://flags
  3. Enable NPAPI
  4. Force Exit Chrome (Ctrl+Shift+Q)
  5. Restart Chrome

However – Chrome will finish deprecation and remove ALL support in September of this year.  The County is moving to an HTML5 JAvascript platform over the next few months, but after that, to access the Silverlight applications you will need to use IE or Firefox

Open Source Workshop

Passing this along from SoCal URISA…

SoCal URISA, along with Palomar College, presents a Certified URISA workshop on Open Source GIS, with URISA instructor Sara Yurman.

Date: Saturday, April 25th, 2015

Time: 9:00am-5:00pm

Location: Palomar College’s GIS Lab, 1140 W Mission Rd, San Marcos, CA 92069 (about 2 hours south of Downtown L.A.)

Cost: The workshop is Free for SoCal URISA members, otherwise purchase or renew your membership. $30 Annual Fee or $10 Student Annual Fee.

Please visit SoCal URISA’s website, or click here for more details and registration.

2015 Undergraduate Geospatial Technology Skills Competition

Win a trip to the GIS-Pro & NWGIS 2015 Conference*!


The GeoTech Center and URISA are pleased to announce the 2015 Undergraduate Geospatial Technology Skills Competition, created to showcase the geospatial technology skills of U.S. undergraduate students. The competition website has been updated to include all competition rules, judging criteria, and the official entry form.

Projects will be judged on categories including project design, organization, analysis, and overall presentation quality. An official rubric has been made available. All materials must be submitted no later than midnight Eastern Time on Friday, June 12, 2015.

The initial round of the competition will be judged by a panel of experienced geospatial specialists, and the combined scores from all judges will determine the top five (5) student finalists. These finalists will receive an all-expense-paid* trip to the GIS-Pro & NWGIS 2015 international conference in Spokane, WA on October 18-22, 2015, where they will be required to present their project during the final round of the competition (judges will determine their final place ranking at this time).

To enter the competition, students must submit the following along with their entry form:

  • a 150-250 word abstract that describes their project, demonstrating their knowledge and proficiency of geospatial technology and
  • a no-longer-than 10 minute video (check out the competition website for video tips and requirements).


Students who are at least 18 years old and currently enrolled during Spring 2015 in a geospatial technology course (e.g., geographic information systems, remote sensing, GPS/GNSS, etc.) or geospatial technology program at an accredited 2-year or 4-year U.S. institution are eligible to enter. Applicant must reside in the U.S. Only one entry allowed per student and only individual student submissions allowed (no group projects). Questions regarding eligibility can be directed to either Tom Mueller at mueller@calu.edu or Scott Jeffrey at sjeffrey@ccbcmd.edu.

*Paid expenses include airfare, vehicle mileage, hotel, meals (set per-diem rate), travel to/from hotel and airport, and other travel-related items approved in advance by the GeoTech Center Director. Students must follow the Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC) travel regulations and use JCTC’s official travel agent. Advanced approval of travel, along with all required travel forms, must be received 30 days prior to the event. Complimentary conference registration will be provided by URISA.

Pictures from GIS Day 2014

Hello everyone,

Sorry this has taken so long, but I have finally uploaded pictures from GIS Day 2014.  If you have any more pictures you want to add, please let me know:


Positions at LA County Public Health

Passing these along:

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (DPH) and Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) are partnering to hire new staff to assist in the development of a Vision Zero Policy and Implementation Program, which will prioritize the reduction of all traffic fatalities on LA City streets. Staff will assist in the development of a Transportation and Health Database that will help to inform project identification, prioritization, and evaluation. We would greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word about these job opportunities by forwarding and/or posting the job descriptions below. We are hoping to fill these positions as soon as possible. Thank you for your help!


LADOT Transportation Database (Trans Base) Analyst:

The Trans Base Analyst will support and promote the development of Vision Zero policies, systems, programs and outreach to improve traffic safety and enhance active transportation in the City of Los Angeles. Housed in the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, the Trans Base Analyst will assist in the development of a Los Angeles database (modeled on the San Francisco Trans Base http://transbasesf.org/transbase/) tool which will facilitate a data-driven approach for assessing the City’s transportation system.

To apply, please visit: https://www.appone.com/MainInfoReq.asp?R_ID=1023645


LADOT Program Associate:

The Vision Zero Program Associate will support and promote the development of Vision Zero policies, systems, and programs and outreach to improve traffic safety and enhance active transportation in the City of Los Angeles. Residing in the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, the Program Associate will assist in managing a citywide taskforce, community outreach, and developing associated policies and programs.

To apply, please visit: https://www.appone.com/MainInfoReq.asp?R_ID=1024251


DPH Senior Analyst, Transportation & Health Database:

The Senior Analyst will work closely with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation and other partners to establish a transportation and health database that can be used to identify neighborhood needs and inform transportation planning in Los Angeles. Residing in the Department of Public Health, the Senior Analyst will lead development and implementation of mechanisms to incorporate health and public health data into the database, including identifying key questions to be answered, develop logic frameworks, and identifying appropriate health indicators to be included in the database.

To apply, please visit: https://www.appone.com/MainInfoReq.asp?R_ID=1023646

Pictometry for ArcGIS Desktop 10.1, 10.2 and 10.3 Add-In Released

Pictometry has released a new version of our popular Pictometry for ArcGIS Desktop tool for Pictometry Connect.

Unlike previous versions, this release has been built as an ESRI Add-In. Previous releases utilized the Extension technology for providing Pictometry functionality within ArcGIS Desktop.

What does this mean to users?

– This release now supports ArcGIS Desktop 10.3, as well as 10.2 and 10.1
– The Add-In technology will make updates easier than the Extension technology
– The Add-In technology is ESRI’s newer means of interfacing with ArcGIS Desktop

Installation is a snap, just follow the instructions in the User Guide, available at the download link below.

The Installer now has two parts – be sure to run both to completely install the Add-In. See the User Guide for instructions.

Note About UAC and Installation: If you are installing on a machine in which User Account Control (UAC) is turned off, the Configuration utility might run silently (whether launched from the Windows Start Menu or from the Pictometry Image Driver Installation Wizard). If the Add Image to Map feature does not work as expected, enable User Account Control and run the configuration utility from the Windows Start Menu so that you can be sure it ran successfully. (See “The Configuration utility” on page 3 of the Pictometry® for ArcGIS Desktop – CONNECT User Guide for more information.)

Use of this product requires an active Pictometry Connect user account. Please contact your Pictometry Connect Administrator to obtain one.

This Add-In does not support Local Pictometry image libraries.


– Open a Pictometry image that corresponds to a point you click in your ArcMap data frame.
– Pan the Pictometry image in an Image Viewer window to view other geographic locations.
– Synchronize the map in a variety of ways.
– Zoom in to view “Neighborhood” images (shot from a lower altitude) or zoom out to view “Community” images (shot from a higher altitude).
– Search for an image by street address or by lat/long coordinates.
– Analyze your Pictometry images with a variety of measurement tools
– View a location’s coordinates with the Location Tool.
– Extract a portion of your Pictometry image and export it to an image file.
– View and identify GIS data, elevation contour lines, street lines/names, and US parcels on Pictometry images.
– Add Images to ArcMap with the Add Image to Map feature.
– Submit feedback to Pictometry by clicking a toolbar button.
– Automatically update to new versions of the Connect Add-in if desired


– Due to how ArcMap handles toolbars, the Pictometry toolbar might not appear in ArcMap after the add-in is installed. If you don’t see the Pictometry toolbar after installation, you can enable it by selecting Customize Toolbars and then selecting the Connect Add-in.

– Contour lines are not displayed after closing and reopening ArcMap. They must be re-enabled in settings. (Select Display Contour Lines on the Options tab of the ArcGIS Desktop Settings dialog box.)


You can download the installation files and documentation at the following link:


Nice Graphic from the LA Times: How Litter Drains to the Ocean

Storm_drain_system_graphic_LATimesThis is a nice graphic from the LA Times that tells the story of how litter reaches the ocean through the County’s vast storm drain network.  Kudos to LA County Public Works for getting that project completed a couple of years ago and for providing to folks.

Here’s a link to the story:  http://www.latimes.com/visuals/graphics/la-me-g-snapshot-storm-drains-20150401-htmlstory.html

Story map of LA City Major Projects

lacity_major_projectsThis website is one of the nicest uses of the ESRI Story Map Template I’ve seen – showing major projects in the City of Los Angeles as put together by the LA City Department of Planning.

I like how the site plans are included, along with relevant documents like the Environmental Impact Statements, etc.

Click here to go to the site


CGIA Award Nominations due Friday!

awardsNominations for the 2015 California Geographic Information Association (CGIA) Awards are due this Friday, April 3rd. Five awards are available to bring recognition to a colleague, project, or program for outstanding achievements in various aspects of GIS:

– Chairman’s Award: Honor a person for his/her contributions in GIS technology
– Exemplary Systems Award: For outstanding application of GIS technology
– Advancement of Collaboration Award: For outstanding inter-organization collaborative efforts
– Outstanding Internet Application Award: For outstanding integration of GIS and web technologies
– Excellence in Education Award: For an educational institution’s commitment to GIS education

For full details, go to http://cgia.org/2015/01/2015-cgia-awards-nominations-open/

Please submit a nomination!

Geospatial LA visit to the LA County Public Library Map Collection

Geospatial LA  has arranged a tour of the LA County Public Library Map Collection with LAPL map librarian Glen Creason, with drinks and GIS shop talk to follow.

There are a few cool things to check out at the Map Collection (see this link), but I am excited to hear about the John Feathers Map Collection, which doubled the size of LAPL’s collection in one donation in 2012.

Check out CurbedLA’s article at this link: The Story of the Incredible Mt. Washington Map Trove

And check out this video:


Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

5:30 – 6:30


LA Central Library