November 2014
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LA County GIS Viewer- Elevation Profile tool now available

profile_results_smallAn elevation profile shows the change in elevation over distance, and can be a powerful way to learn about how steep a hillside is, how difficult a terrain is to traverse, show expected water run-off, and helps visualize elevation information for many business needs.


In partnership with Latitude Geographics, LA County is happy to release an elevation profile tool as part of the LA County GIS Viewer that uses the highest resolution data available, the 2006 LARIAC 5-foot Digital Elevation Model (click here for details about that dataset).


How to access the elevation profile tool

In the GIS Viewer, the elevation profile tool is located on the right side in the Measurement Tools Tab (see picture below)







Follow the instructions provided and the elevation profile will be calculated on the fly.  You can mouse over the profile and see the corresponding location on the map.

LA County GIS Viewer adds 2014 LARIAC Imagery

Starting January 2014, the Los Angeles Regional Imagery Acquisition Consortium (LARIAC) – click here for more details – funded the acquisition of updated 4-inch resolution orthogonal imagery.  A preliminary dataset has been delivered to the County, and it is now available in the LA County GIS Viewer.

Note – 2014 was a VERY dry winter, so the imagery will naturally appear brown compared to earlier imagery.

Important – this is a preliminary delivery, so you will see seamlines, wavy features, and other issues.  During the processing of this imagery, some tiles at some levels failed to draw and show as blue rectangles in the image.

GIS Service Offerings from the State of California

For cities and agencies that want to use GIS, but don’t want to spend huge amounts of money, the State GIO, Scott Gregory, is putting the state’s GIS resources at your fingertips.

The state will support geocoding, map service hosting, and GIS application hosting, each for $1,200/month.  No software to buy or license.

Click on the link to view the full document: California Department of Technology – GIS ServicesDescription and Pricing

Training materials for QGIS and LA County Data

As part of GIS Day 2014 (see, John Hickock from our Public Works Department developed a brief training for our 2014 GIS Day event, which will give you an introduction to QGIS and some data resources to get started.

He has made the links and resources available, so we are publishing that information.  Click here to go to the page.


GIS Day 2014 a success!

LA County GIS Day 2014 was a great success!

We will be posting pictures of the event in the next week or so.  If you have any pictures that you would like to share, please email them to me at

We also would like to thank our sponsors for making the day a success!

 GISDay2014_County_Sponsors_ThankYou_small  GISDay2014_Vendor_Sponsors_ThankYou_small

Keynote – Jack Dangermond draws a crowd

Great talk about the power of GIS!


GIS Day 2014 is here!

Happy GIS day! Looking forward to the start of the event in an hour or so.



Parking for GIS Day

Parking is not provided for GIS Day, so I wanted to provide a link to a parking lot finder for those who plan on attending:

Click here to find parking near GIS Day

GIS Day Documents – final versions

GIS Day Booth GuideGIS Day is tomorrow!

We’ve had a couple of last minute changes to the booth setup, so we are providing that one final time.

See everyone tomorrow!

Important Documents and links (documents updated November 18th, 2014)

Be A GeoMentor

In preparing for GIS Day 2014 the idea of the GeoMentor came back in my purview.  I think these are some good links and resources related to Esri’s ConnectED initiative and the GeoMentor program.  For those of us that know teachers – we need to get this information to them.
Here are the links/resources:
Our call as GIS Professionals (from June; from Esri…):
We invite GIS professionals like you to become GeoMentors and help students and teachers in your community get started with ArcGIS Online. We’ve organized a collection of resources that can help you launch a GIS program at a local school or engage with high schools on specific projects.
That’s what I wanted to share…seems like there’s GIS Day next week, but then there’s a whole lot more after that.
-Nick Franchino