Leo Carillo Beach State Park

Swimming, surfing, windsurfing, fishing, tide pools, overnight camping

California State Parks

Camp Centinela Valley

Ellis Apiary Campsite

Castaic Lake County Campground

Sawmill Campground

Campo De Cahuenga

Switzer Camp

Diamond Campground

Camp Rosenita

Sulpher Springs Campground

Idlehour Trail Camp

Manker Flat Campground

County Camp Scudder

Road Camp Number Seven

Camp Gilmore

Lower Switzer Campground

Blue Ridge Campground

Mount Gleason Campground

Peavine Campground

Dockweiler State Beach

Facilities: Recreational Vehicle Park, Dockweiler Youth Center (meeting and event room for rent), Fire Rings, Picnic Areas, Swimming, Surfing, Beach Bike Path, Volleyball, Restrooms, Showers, Hang Gliding
RV Park Reservations: Online Reservations
Beach Bike Path: Map Of Beach Bike Path (Marvin Braude Bike Trail)
Hang Gliding Area: Map of Hang Gliding Area
Parking Lot Maps:

Oakwilde Trail Camp

Italian Gardens Beach Camp

Artesian Spring Campground

Bouquet Campground Number Three

Spruce Grove Campground

Iron Fork Camp

Camp Hemohme

Camp Harmony Pines

Crystal Lake Campground

Blue Point Campground