Metropolitan West Asset Management Distributors Limited Liability Company

Sage Partners Securities Limited Liability Company

Quincy Cass Associates Incorporated

Clark Securities Incorporated

The Angeloff Company

Interlink Securities Corporation

South Lake Avenue Securities Corporation

Maxwell Noll Investment Advisors Incorporated

Coldwater Securities Incorporated

Comstock Partners Limited Liability Company

Fubon Securities Usa Limited Liability Company

The Spartan Group

London And Pacific Capital Advisors Llc

Financial Network Investment Corporation

Griffin Capital

Ascher/Decision Services Incorporated

The Growth Group

National Planning Corporation

Holliday Fenoglio Fowler Securities Limited Partnership

Libra Securities Limited Liability Company

Syndicated Capital Incorporated

Ucb Investment Services Incorporated

Investment Security Corporation

Stonnington Group Limited Liability Company

Europlay Capital Advisors Securities Limited Liability Company

First Wilshire Securities Management Incorporated

Doherty And Company Limited Liability Company

Maia Securities Incorporated

Greenbrier Diversified Incorporated

Newcap Partners Incorporated