City Of Long Beach Water Department

The Department provides sanitation services for the city of Long Beach.

San Jose Creek Water Reclamation Plant

Whittier Narrows Water Reclamation Plant

Weymouth Filtration Plant

Saugus Water Reclamation Plant

Pomona Water Reclamation Plant

Valencia Water Reclamation Plant

Lancaster Water Reclamation Plant

Stanford M Anderson Water Treatment Plant

Palmdale Water Reclamation Plant

Terminal Island Sewage Treatment Plant

Hyperion Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Bureau provides sanitation services for the City of Los Angeles.

Joint Water Pollution Control Plant

LA County DPW Waterworks – North Maintenance Office

The department provides building and safety, disaster services, flood control and public works for unincorporated Los Angeles County, the Los Angeles Flood Control District and for 16 cities which contract for services.

Long Beach Water Reclamation Plant

Sanitation Districts Of Los Angeles County

The Districts Provide Sanitation Services For Los Angeles County. The Agency Does Not Provide Refuse Collection Services; Refuse Collection Services Are Provided By Independent Private, For-Profit Contracting Agencies Only. People Inquiring About Their Local Refuse Collection Contractor Should Consult Their Phone Book Listings Under ‘Garbage Collection.’ The Service Area Includes 78 Of The 88 Cities In La County Except For LA City.

Los Coyotes Water Reclamation Plant

Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts

The Districts provide sanitation services for Los Angeles County.

La Canada Water Reclamation Plant