MacArthur Park

South Seas House Park

Watts Cultural Crescent

North Hollywood Park

Lashbrook Park

Lashbrook park is a 1.8 acre park which extends approximately 1,100 feet from Rosemead Blvd. along the south bank of the Rio Hondo river to the corner of Lashbrook and Brockway Avenue. The Park includes multi-purpose trails, native plants and trees, picnic areas and more.

Anchorage 47

In-the-water boat slips are available for rent next to Burton Chace Park. Slip sizes range from 12′ to over 50′.

Marina Manager: 424-526-7890

Aubrey E. Austin Park

Aubrey E. Austin Jr. Park has a paved walkway out to the ocean end of the north jetty that is a favorite of joggers and fishermen. Beachgoers can walk along the jetty to reach the Marina peninsula.  There is also a quiet spot overlooking the Marina lagoon. Both the jetty walkway and the overlook for the Marina lagoon are stroller and wheelchair-accessible.

Burton Chace Park

Burton W. Chace Park offers a multi-purpose room (available for public rental, call 424-526-7910), picnic tables, barbecues, pergolas, picnic shelters, outdoor programs, and great harbor viewing areas. The park is open to the public and admission is free.

Recreation programs include a walking club, a book club, and birdwatching programs.

There are always a number of events going on in the Park throughout the year, including the Discover Marina del Rey Day the first Sunday of each October.

The Marina del Rey water bus offers rides around the marina for $1.00 (summer only).

Guest Boat docks are available for 4-hour or overnight stays. The park is located near the trailerable boat launch ramp. Call 424-526-7910 for information.

A fishing pier is located on the north side of the park’s perimeter, which is equipped with a fish cleaning station. Anyone over the age of 16 must have a valid CA Fishing License to fish from our dock.

The park is wheelchair and stroller accessible.

The park is near the Beach Bike Path.

Harold L. Edgington Park

This park is a memorial for Harold L. Edgington, a dedicated County Harbor Patrol officer who gave his life in the line of duty on September 30, 1979.

Sunland Park & Recreation Center

The department provides recreational programs through operation and maintenance of Los Angeles City parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, golf courses and recreation centers.

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

Tierra Bonita Park

Rawley Duntley Park

North Oaks Park

Alvarado Terrace Park

Paradise Park

Recreation Park

Beach Boys Historic Landmark

Carl E. Nielsen Youth Park

Holmby Park

Whitnall Highway Park

Encino Park

Tellefson Park

Busch Gardens

Highlands Park

Progress Park

Olive Park

Sierra Madre Park

Sierra Vista Park

Prospect Park