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The Los Angeles County GIS Data Portal is maintained by  the County’s Enterprise GIS (eGIS) Steering Committee to serve as a central location for the discovery of high quality GIS data resources created, maintained, licensed, and stored by the County.

Before proceeding, please review the GIS Data Disclaimer.

The site also provides a forum for feedback, questions, and discussion about these data.  Los Angeles County will make as many of these GIS data resources as feasible available for public use (i.e. FREE).  In some cases, licensing restrictions, privacy concerns, or outside ownership, prevent us from doing so. However, we will provide information about any of our data holdings, since there may be ways to access the data if you partner with the County.

Have fun, and think geospatially!

Steven J. Steinberg, Ph.D., GISP
Geographic Information Officer
County of Los Angeles

Please visit our eGIS website for additional information and resources.