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Zoning Index Map Grid

Zoning Index Map Grid

The grid that shows the zoning index maps that cover the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County.  These maps are a conglomorate of 25 zoning maps and have less detail on them.  This grid follows alignment and numbering system as the Department of Public Works House Number Index Maps.

Data can be downloaded here:

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Data Field Descriptions
  • Y_AXIS - ID number for 'y' axis
  • X_AXIS - ID number for 'x' axis
  • GRID - 'x' and 'y' axes concatenated
  • MAP_NUM - ID number for ZCIP maps

GIS Source Information
Feature Class Name: DRP_ZONING_MAP_INDEX
Feature Dataset Name (if applicable):
Reference Date:
Accuracy: Parcel
Update Frequency: As Needed
Access Constraints:None

Contact Information
Nick Franchino
GIS Manager
County of Los Angeles
Regional Planning Department
320 W. Temple St.
Mailstop Room 1383
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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