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School District Boundaries (2011)

This dataset contains boundaries of school districts in LA County from 2011.  This has been updated to reflect changes from the earlier 2002 dataset, but still contains some information (phone numbers, etc) from 2002 that have not been validated.

There are two different kinds of school districts:

  1. Separated Districts – where the Elementary & Middle Schools are administered separately from the High School Districts (William Hart High School receives students form Castaic and Saugus Elementary Schools, for example).
  2. Union Districts – where Elementary, Middle, and High School Districts have a single administrator (Los Angeles Unified, for example).

The source of this data is the 2011 Registrar/Recorder Voting Precinct File.  RRCC maintains these boundaries since they need to support elections within these districts.  The RRCC file contains three columns with district information – these columns were merged together to create this single file.


Data Access

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Data Field Descriptions
  • DISTRICT - District Name (combined)
  • UNIFIED - Unified District Name (only filled out if this is a unified school district)
  • HIGH - High School District Name (only filled out where administration of high and elementary school is different)
  • ELEMENTARY - High School District Name (only filled out where administration of high and elementary school is different)
  • PH - Phone Number (for split districts this is the elementary school district)
  • ADDR - Address of the district location (for split districts this is the elementary school district)
  • PH2 - Second Phone Number
  • Ph3 - Third Phone Number
  • TBM - Thomas Brothers page/grid
  • STU - Number of students
  • HI_ADDR - High School district Address
  • HI_PH - High School District Phone Number
  • HI-STU - Number of High School Students
  • LABEL - LAbel field

GIS Source Information
Feature Dataset Name (if applicable):
Reference Date: 2011
Accuracy: Parcel
Update Frequency: Annually
Access Constraints:None

Contact Information
Steve Steinberg
Geographic Information Officer
County of Los Angeles
Internal Services Department
9150 E. Imperial Hwy, MS#3
33.916650, -118.132255
Downey, CA 90242
(562) 392-7126

2 comments to School District Boundaries (2011)

  • Hi Ron,

    You’ll need a mapping/GIS software like ArcExplorer to view this data since it is GIS file. Google Earth Pro has tools that convert it, or you can look for “shapefile to kml” conversion tools to view in Google Earth.

    Let me know if you have other questions – I’m here to help.

  • mayhewr

    I’m having new user issues with opening school district boundaries maps… I downloaded and unzipped the files, but the types of datafiles cannot be opened…. help!
    Ron Mayhew

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