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LA County Department of Mental Health Providers

The Provider Directory dataset contains information on the locations of publicly funded Outpatient Mental Health Services and 24 Hour Acute Psychiatric Inpatient Care facilities served by the County of Los Angeles, Department of Mental Health (LACDMH).  It does not include information on individual names of clinicians.


LACDMH provides mental health services in the County through directly operated and contracted providers.  These providers are located throughout the eight Service Planning Areas (SPAs) of the County. Data on providers include Service Location, Phone Number, Specialty Mental Health Services and services available for specific cultures and languages.

This information is updated quarterly by the LACDMH – Quality Improvement Division under Program Support Bureau.  Provider information is updated only after verification of completion of the PFAR process.

Hard copies of the Provider Directory are available at the following weblink


Provider information can be searched online at: http://maps.lacounty.gov/dmhSL/

Download the data

Mental Health Providers (zipped shapefile): EGIS_LMS_DMH (zipped shapefile)

Other QI Data Resources:

Example of the use of this data


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Data Field Descriptions

post_id: ID from the LMS system. Not unique - a single location may have multiple services and therefore the ID show up more than once under different categories
Name: Name of the location
descriptio: Descrption of the location, where available. This is actually a free-form text field. The shapefile might truncate the original data
cat1: Initial (Primary) Category
cat2: Second (Secondary) Category
cat3: Third (Tertiary) Category
addrln1: First address line
addrln2: Second Address Line
city: City
hours: hours of availability
phones: One or more phone numbers with a description if necessary
url: web link for this location
Email: email contact
info1: This field is used to store information related to the location that doesn't fit into the categories above - for example, cell towers might have the height of the tower.
info2: More information
link: This is the URL for the site in the LMS system. It will open the page in the LMS for this location, where owners can edit the location, and users can provide feedback on errors.
org_name: Legal owner of the location ("Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning" for example)
source: The source of the data (211, HSIP, Current Services Locator)
ext_id: The unique external ID of the location if the data came from another data source. This will be used to process updates from these sources.
use_type:Whether the data is public or private
"publish" - means the location is public information
"private" - means the location is "For Official Use Only" and can only be distributed to government entities.
latitude: The Latitude of the Location
longitude: The longitude of the location
date_updat: Date this location was last updated.

GIS Source Information
Database Name: eGIS_Infrastructure
Feature Class Name: EGIS_LMS_DMH
Feature Dataset Name (if applicable):
Reference Date: 2015
Accuracy: Other
Update Frequency: Weekly
Access Constraints:None

Contact Information
Vandana Joshi
Program Head
Quality Improvement Division - Data/GIS Unit
Department of Mental Health
695 S. Vermont Ave, Suite 500

Los Angeles, CA 90005

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