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Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Community Partners

The Community Partners Program is a collaborative effort between the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS) and private, community-based providers (Partners) who are committed to providing quality health services in a culturally and linguistically appropriate environment to low income and uninsured communities. This program is part of a Medicaid Demonstration Project designed to provide DHS with federal fiscal relief to preserve vital community clinic capacity, to increase access to primary, dental, and specialty care services, and to develop Community Partners for the provision of these services. The mission of the Community Partners Program is to provide medical and dental services to the medically indigent in a way that is complementary to the DHS safety net system of care as that safety net currently exists and as it evolves in the future. The guiding principles are fairness in the system, quality of care, and efficiency. Through this innovative relationship between DHS and its partners, health care coverage is provided at almost 190 privately-operated primary care sites.

This list provides the locations of the Community Partners facilities that provide health services for Los Angeles County population as of June 2014.

How the data was created

The DHS Community Partner List is updated every year by the Office of Planning and Data Analytics based on a list created by DHS Office of Managed Care Services.  The file contains the addresses and types of services provided by Community Partners.

Download the data

DHS Community Partners List (zipped shapefile):  DHS Community Partners June 2014 PDF map is showing Service Planning Areas  and Department of Health Services Community Partners Locations:  DHS Community Partners

Using GIS Data on this site

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Data Field Descriptions
  • MAPID:  These  numbers are used to identify the clinics on the map.
  • CLINIC_NAM:  Clinic Name
  • SITE_DESC: Full Clinic Name
  • ADDRESS1: Clinic Address
  • ADDRESS2: Clinic suite number
  • CITY: Name of the city where the clinic is located.
  • STATE: State
  • ZIP_CODE: Zip Code
  • PHONE: Clinic phone number
  • FAX: Clinic phone number
  • SITE_HRS_O: Clinic hours of operation
  • SITE_LANG: Languages spoken at the clinic
  • SPA: Service Planning Area where the clinic is located
  • SUPERDIST: Supervisorial District where the clinic is located
  • SERVTYPE_P: If value=Yes, the clinic provides Primary Care services.
  • SERVTYPE_S: If value=Yes, the clinic provides Specialty services.
  • LONGITUDE: X coordinate value of the clinic location.
  • LATITUDE: Y coordinate value of the clinic location.
  • GEORESULT: Point located at a street address position. This is the level of accuracy of the clinic address after it was geocoded using Map Marker.

GIS Source Information
Database Name: eGIS_Services
Feature Class Name: DHS_Community_Partners
Feature Dataset Name (if applicable):
Reference Date: FY 13/14
Accuracy: Other
Update Frequency: Annually
Access Constraints:None

Contact Information
Alma Vazquez
Information System Analyst
Los Angeles County
Department of Health Services
313 N. Figueroa St., Room 704

Los Angeles, CA, 91205

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