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Business Locations

businessesData Licensed from US Data Depot showing the location, type, size, and other attributes for over 720,000 businesses in Los Angeles County.  This data is for internal County use only and cannot be provided to external agencies.  Pricing for this data is available at the US Data Depot Website.  After analysis with other comparable databases, this database was selected for its price and accuracy.

Processing information

This dataset came as a comma-delimited dataset, processed to an access database by the Community Development Commission.  Two processes were run:

  1. The addresses were geocoded against local and national geocoding files to assign coordinates to the location, and generate the GIS files.
  2. 2 and 4 digit SIC (click here for a description of what an SIC code is) codes were extracted and translated into the relevant Code Tables
    • The 2-digit codes are the first two digits of the 6-digit provided SIC code, the 2-digit code is the first 4 digits of the same.  The data already has the 6-digit code description.
    • The source of the SIC Code Translation is This Excel Spreadsheet downloaded from this website
  3. Note – SIC codes are being replaced by newer NAICS codes, but this wasn’t filled out that often, so I processed the SIC codes.


This data is accessible only to County staff for internal analysis purposes only – it cannot be displayed on websites, nor can it be distributed in any way.  Please read the Terms and Conditions before using.

County staff can access the data directly from the Enterprise GIS Repository through the layer file below.


Using GIS Data on this site

GIS Data downloaded from this site generally requires GIS software to view. Click here for a list of GIS Data Viewers

GIS data available on this website is provided AS IS - please read the GIS Data Portal Terms of Use

Data Field Descriptions
  • Status - Whether or not the geocoder was able to find the address (U = Unmatched, T = Tie, M = Match)
  • Score - on a scale of 1-100, how confident the match was.
  • Match_addr - the matched address
  • X - the X coordinate of the business location
  • Y - the Y coordinate of the business location
  • Name - The Name of the Business
  • Contact_First1 - Primary contact First Name
  • Contact_Last1 - Primary contact Last Name
  • Contact_Gender1 - Contact Gender
  • Contact_Title1 - Contact Title
  • Phone - Contact phone number
  • Area_Code - Contact phone number area code
  • Fax - Contact fax number
  • Fax_Area_Code - contact fax area code
  • Location_Address - Business Location Address
  • Location_City - Business Location City
  • County - Business Location County
  • Location_State - Business Location State
  • Location_ZIP - Business Location ZIPCode (including 4-digit Zip4)
  • Location_ZIP4 - ZIP4
  • Location_ZIP5 - Business Location 5-digit ZIP code
  • Location_Type - Location Type
  • Location_Carrier_Route - Post office carrier route
  • Location_CSZ
  • Landmark_CSZ
  • Mailing_Address - Business Mailing Address
  • Mailing_City - Mailing City
  • Mailing_State - Mailing State
  • Mailing_ZIP - Mailing ZIPCode
  • Mailing_ZIP4 - Mailing Zip +4 Code
  • Mailing_ZIP5 - Mailing Zip 5 code
  • Mailing_CSZ
  • Mailing_Carrier_Route
  • SIC_Code1 - Business 6-digit SIC Code
  • SIC1_Industry - Text description of the 6-digit SIC Code
  • SIC_Code2 - Secondary SIC code (not all businesses have multiple SIC Codes)
  • NAICS_Code - NAICS code (NAICS is a new replacement for SIC, but this isn't consistently filled out).
  • NAICS_Description - the text description of the NAICS code
  • Firm_Individual - flag if this is a firm or an individual
  • Number_Employees - categories of employee counts
  • CreditDesc - Credit Description
  • Sales_description - Sales volume (these are categorized into ranges)
  • square_footage - square footage of the location (generally blank)
  • Web_Address - the URL of the firm
  • Email - the email address of the firm or primary contact
  • Number_of_PCs_Used - Number of PCs used by the business
  • Public_Private_Company - Flag if this is a public or private company
  • ID - internal ID number
  • SIC_Code1_2digit - 2 digit SIC code (first 2 digits of the 6-digit SIC code)
  • SIC_Code1_4digit - 4 digit SIC code (first 4 digits of the 6-digit SIC code)
  • SIC_Code_2digit_desc - Text description of the 2 digit SIC Code
  • SIC_Code_4digit_desc - Text description of the 4 digit SIC Code

GIS Source Information
Database Name: eGIS_Services
Feature Class Name: USDATA_BUSINESSES_2014
Feature Dataset Name (if applicable):
Reference Date: 2014
Accuracy: Other
Update Frequency: Annually
Access Constraints:Licensed

Contact Information
Michael Chong
Programmer Analyst
County of Los Angeles
Community Development Commission
2 Coral Circle

Monterey Park, CA 91755

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