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Public Safety Answering Point Boundaries

psapThis dataset shows the geographic boundaries of public safety answering points, tied to correct/legal city boundaries. These geographic boundaries determine where an emergency call is routed, especially in the new e911 system. A Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) is a state-managed local center where all 911 calls are routed. They are typically located at a local or county level. There are 4,459 PSAPs in the U.S. At the PSAP, trained emergency personnel receive 911 calls and make decisions as to what emergency service to dispatch in order to best accommodate the situation (fire, ambulance, etc).

This file contains ESN numbers.  An Emergency Service Number (ESN) (XXX) is assigned to the subscriber’s telephone number in the tandem office translations The ESN represents a seven digit number by which the tandem office routes the call to the proper PSAP. PSAPs with ALI capabilities also receive a display of the ESN information which shows which police, fire and rescue agency serves the telephone number calling 911. An ESN is a unique combination of police, fire, and rescue service for purposes of routing the E911 call.

This dataset also include ORI numbers. An ORI (Originating Agency Identifier) is a nine character identifier assigned to an agency that has met the established qualifying criteria for a fingerprint based background check.


Download the data (zipped shapefile) – Current as of January 1, 2016



This dataset was created in order to correct errors that were caused by discrepancies between various city boundary files (which tend to match law enforcement station boundaries).  The highly accurate city boundary file from LA County Public works was augmented by various law enforcement jurisdiction boundaries (sheriff station as well as LAPD division boundaries).  Various data sources with the correct ESN and ORI numbers were then found and added to the file.

Data Sources:

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Data Field Descriptions

• CITY_TYPE – City or Unincorporated
• CITY_NAME – City Name
• STATION – The Law Enforcement Station with jurisdiction over this area
• ORI – the ORI Number (Originating Agency Identifier)
• Secondary – the backup Dispatch location
• EMS – the Emergency Medical Services Agency for this area
• Area – the Code for this area
• Map_ID – Map ID from the federal government
• StationTyp – Type of Law Enforcement Jurisdiction
• ESN_Land – Code for the ESN (Emergency Service Number) for Landlines
• ESN_Mobile - Code for the ESN (Emergency Service Number) for Mobile Calls

GIS Source Information
Database Name: eGIS_Boundaries_Admin
Feature Dataset Name (if applicable):
Reference Date: 2015
Accuracy: Parcel
Update Frequency: As Needed
Access Constraints:None

Contact Information

GIS Coordinator
County of Los Angeles
Los Angeles County Sheriff
4700 Ramona Blvd

Monterey Park, CA 91754

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