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2011 Redistricting Data

redistricting_imageAs part of the 2011 Supervisorial Redistricting process, Los Angeles County prepared a number of methods for citizens to propose their own plans and submit them to the Board for consideration.  Click here to go to the Redistricting Site.

Those methods included an online tool to do this, but we wanted to make this data available on this site, or more specifically, point users to the Redistricting Site where this information can be downloaded.


The core of the data geographically is the Redistricting Unit.  The Redistricting Unit (RDU) is a geographic building block for Supervisorial Districts. It was built upon a 2010 “Split Tract” – or a combination of Census Tracts and City boundaries. For the redistricting process, many different demographic, election, and related datasets were published using this same geographic base. Click here to go to the relevant redistricting page to access that data.  There are a number of other datasets that were used for redistricting on that site.

The RDU was the building block to “move” geographic areas (and their populations) from one district to another, or to create new districts and figure out the population, voting patterns, etc for those districts.

The eGIS Demographic database contains the REDISTRICTING_DEMOGRAPHIC_DATA – which includes a subset of the demographic data that was provided – more is available at the website above.  For information about the meaning of each of the fields, please see this table: REDISTRICTING_DEMOGRAPHIC_DATA_LOOKUP


Using GIS Data on this site

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GIS data available on this website is provided AS IS - please read the GIS Data Portal Terms of Use

Data Field Descriptions

See table above

GIS Source Information
Database Name: eGIS_Boundaries_Political
Feature Dataset Name (if applicable):
Reference Date: 2011
Accuracy: TIGER
Update Frequency: Unknown
Access Constraints:None

Contact Information
Steve Steinberg
Geographic Information Officer
County of Los Angeles
Internal Services Department
9150 E. Imperial Hwy, MS#3
33.916650, -118.132255
Downey, CA 90242
(562) 392-7126

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