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Los Angeles County Flood Control District Right-of-Way Parcels

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works is foLACFCD RW Thumbnailcused on creating an interactive environment that allows efficient access to flood control right-of-way information for our customers. This dataset contains the boundaries of the Los Angeles County Flood Control District (LACFCD) right-of-way parcels and distinguishes between fee, easement, quitclaim, and other.


Download: LACFCD Right of Way Parcels (Zipped Shapefile)


A look at this parcel data is also available through the following viewer: Flood Parcel Viewer

List of fields:

  • Facility – Facility names for channels, dams and reservoirs, debris basins, Bond Issue projects, Transfer Drains, etc.
  • Map_ No – Flood control right-of-way maps provide detailed information pertaining to flood control right-of-way. Each polygon in the dataset is shown on the right-of-way map identified in this field.
  • Parcel_ No – Parcel numbers are used to designate properties which the LACFCD seeks to acquire, has acquired, or has disposed of.
  • MapLink – This field contains a hyperlink to the right-of-way map listed in the Map Number Field.
  • Estate – This field identifies whether each parcel estate is fee, easement, quitclaimed (excess property that has been disposed of by the LACFCD to another party), or other.

This dataset is continually evolving and the Data Portal will be updated occasionally, so please be sure to obtain the most recent download.


The primary use of LACFCD right-of-way is for flood control and water conservation purposes. Under certain limited circumstances, the LACFCD’s right of way may be jointly used for other purposes. Other joint uses may include publicly funded projects intended for general public use or benefit such as recreation, open space, or water quality improvement facilities.

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Data Field Descriptions

GIS Source Information
Database Name: n/a
Feature Class Name:
Feature Dataset Name (if applicable):
Reference Date:
Accuracy: Parcel
Update Frequency: Monthly
Access Constraints:None

Contact Information
Glenn Troman
Senior Civil Engineer
Los Angeles County
Department of Public Works
900 S Fremont Ave

Alhambra, CA. 91803

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