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Mile Markers

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Location of mile marker post with attached attributes of : TYPE is MM for Mile Marker, ST_NAME is street name, CONDITION, SURVEYOR is person who located the position, SOURCE is GNSS for Trimble R8 receiver or GEOXH for the GeoXH 6000 receiver, POINTID is data collection point number if used, NORTHING and EASTING are NAD83 (NSRS2007) Epoch 2007.0, California Zone 5, MILE is mile marker post number, BOTH is yes or no for a mile marker on both sides of street.


Field data collection of attributes and positions by survey section, Saticoy and Longden yards. Data post-processed to base receiver GSM1 (AZGPS netowork station) using Trimble R8 or Trimble GeoXH 6000 rover. Malibu area captured from the road culvert and guard rail project 2012-13 fiscal year.


Field data collection: A. Martinez, C. Baruch, C. Hubbell, D. Bozarth, G. Steele, H. Saldana, R. Dominguez, and R. Macias. Office processing: C. Hubbell, C. Peer, A. Silva, and E. Terrazas.

Use limitations

Mile markers are generally located along the road side edge where a culvert passes under the road. The Malibu area, Road Maintenance District 336 and 339, the mile marker positions were located at the inlet and outlet of the drainage asset, so they may not be right along the road’s edge. Remaining mile marker positions throughout the County were located by a vehicle mounted receiver/antenna stopping near the mile marker within less than 5 feet of the marker post. Expected accuracy of all positions is less than one meter, but data position is not exactly at the marker post. With few exeception in Districts 336 and 339, most positions are within 10 to 20 feet of the actual marker post and along the road side edge.




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