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Planet Labs releases open California imagery datasets

planetlabsPlanet Labs captures imagery from micro-satellites – they have made imagery for California Open for use.

I didn’t have the opportunity to see exactly how to get the data into my apps and desktop, but here is the web page: https://www.planet.com/open-california.

From their page:

Frequently Asked Questions

What data is included in Open California?

High-quality data collected by the RapidEye satellites (from October 2013 onward) and Dove satellites (from August 2015 onward), is available. New data gathered by our satellites will be available under the CC-BY-SA license two weeks after acquisition. To access same-day datasets outside of California, or to use data under full commercial licensing, contact our Sales Team at sales@planet.com.

What formats are the data available in?

Data is available in ‘scenes’, or single images as taken by a satellite. Our Visual scenes have a color curve applied; they’re immediately usable, intended for visual analysis and display applications. Our Analytic scenes contain the full spectral information from the satellite, for deeper analysis. You’ll also get access to a set of mosaics: browsable, pixel-by-pixel composites of our highest-quality California data. Both scenes and mosaics are available as geotiffs through our GeoJSON REST API and as png or jpeg tiles through our tile server.

Are there any data limitations?

We currently limit the amount of data to 2GB per day for each user, mostly for bandwidth considerations. If you have a compelling use case that needs bulk access, please get in touch.

How recent is the Open California data?

You will have access to California imagery collected since October 2013, along with newer data we collect at a two-week delay. Same-day imagery will not be available.

Can I use the data to contribute to OpenStreetMap?

Yes. We are working to make sure there is appropriate license compatibility, but our intent is for this data to be useful for OSM.

What does “open data” mean to Planet Labs?

Planet’s Open data is part of our Open Regions initiative; and it is part of our commitment to using satellite imagery for positive impact, while encouraging broader platform adoption.

How long will Open California run for?

Planet Labs will evaluate Open California’s success annually. We believe that the Open California dataset will spur relevant, meaningful use-cases and applications and drive innovation in the geospatial marketplace.


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