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California Street Name Lookup

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Download: streetz.zip 

Brief How-To: california_street_name_lookup

Misspelled street names are a major cause of geocoding errors. This simple tool provides a current list of street names from all over California that you can look up by street name, ZIP Code, or postal city. This download includes a SQLite database (streets.db) and a Python script (streetzip.py) for accessing this database. Python must be installed (included with most GIS desktop installations) for using this script.

Data sources: OpenSreetMap/Geofabrik for streets and Esri for ZIP Codes

The SQLite database was created by spatially joining statewide Zip Code polygons with OpenStreetMap roads features. Locations of ZIP Codes and streets used to create this data are at best approximate. Original special characters were removed during geoprocessing.

Download Contents:

  • streetz.db: SQLite database containing an indexed street name table
  • streetzip.py: Python script for looking up street names
  • extract_data.py: Python script used to extract the SQLite data into a file streetz.csv
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Data Field Descriptions

GIS Source Information
Database Name:
Feature Class Name:
Feature Dataset Name (if applicable):
Reference Date:
Accuracy: TIGER
Update Frequency: Monthly
Access Constraints:None

Contact Information
John Hickok
Principle GIS Analyst
Los Angeles County
Department of Children and Family Services


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