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Santa Monica Mountains Local Coastal Plan – GIS layers

These are the main layers that were used in the mapping and analysis for the Santa Monica Mountains Local Coastal Plan, which was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on August 26, 2014, and certified by the California Coastal Commission on October 10, 2014.  Below are some links to important documents and web mapping applications, as well as a link to the actual GIS data:

  • Plan Website has links to the actual plan, maps, and a link to our online web mapping application known as SMMLCP-NET.  Click here for website.
  • Online Web Mapping Application – this is the online web mapping application that shows all the layers associated with the plan.  These are the same layers that are available for download below.  Click here for the web map.
  • GIS Layers – this is a link to the GIS layers in the form of an ArcGIS Map Package, click here for ArcGIS Map Package (version 10.3).  NOTE:  if you do not have ArcGIS software, or have a version of ArcGIS earlier than 10.3, please contact the DRP GIS Section.

Below is a list of the GIS Layers within the Map Package:

  • Recreation
    • Coastal Zone Campground
    • Trails (2012 National Park Service)
    • Backbone Trail
    • Class III Bike Route – Existing
    • Class III Bike Route – Proposed
  • Scenic Resources
    • Significant Ridgeline
    • State-Designated Scenic Highway
    • State-Designated Scenic Highway 200-foot buffer
    • Scenic Route
    • Scenic Route 200-foot buffer
    • Scenic Element
  • Biological Resources
    • National Hydrography Dataset – Streams
    • H2 Habitat (High Scrutiny)
    • H1 Habitat
    • H1 Habitat 100-foot buffer
    • H1 Habitat Quiet Zone
    • H2 Habitat
    • H3 Habitat
  • Hazards
    • FEMA Flood Zone (100-year flood plain)
    • Liquefaction Zone (Earthquake-Induced Liquefaction Potential)
    • Landslide Area (Earthquake-Induced Landslide Potential)
    • Fire Hazard and Responsibility Area
  • Zoning and Land Use
    • Malibu LCP – LUP (1986)
    • Malibu LCP – Zoning (1986)
    • Land Use Policy
    • Zoning
  • Other Layers
    • Coastal Commission Appeal Jurisdiction
    • Community Names
    • Santa Monica Mountains (SMM) Coastal Zone Boundary
    • Pepperdine University Long Rand Development Plan (LRDP)
    • Rural Village
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