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New City of Pomona Reorganization No. 2015-14 (Detachment from Diamond Bar and Annexation to Pomona)

Reorganization No. 2015-14 to the City of Pomona ( Detachment from City of Diamond Bar) became effective April 13, 2017. To download the shapefile of the detachment/annexation boundary, click on the link below. The overlapping polygons indicate territories that transferred between cities.

Reorganization No. 2015-14 to City of Pomona ( Detachment from City of Diamond Bar)

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Data Field Descriptions

CITY ANNEXATIONS - principal attributes include:

NO: corresponds with numbers on the tables displayed on City Annexation Maps.

ANNEX_No: is a text version of the "NO" field listed above. Because this field is only used for the Long Beach and Los Angeles Annexation Maps, this value is null for all other cities.

NAME: is the official name under which the annexation was filed.

TYPE: is used to indicate which legal action occurred.

  • A - represents an Annexation to that city.
  • D - represents a Detachment from that city.
  • V - is used to indicate the annexation was rendered Void or withdrawn before an effective date could be declared.
  • 33 - Some older city annexation maps indicate a city boundary declared 'as of February 8, 1933'.

ANNEX_AREA: is the land area annexed or detached, in square miles, per the recorded legal description.

TOTAL_AREA: is the cumulative total land area for each city, arranged chronologically.

SHADE: is used by some of our cartographers to store the color used on printed maps.

INDEXNO: is a matching field used for retriving documents from our department's document management system.

STATE (Secretary of State): Date filed with the Secretary of State.  These are not available for earlier annexations and are Null.

COUNTY (County Recorder): Date filed with the County Recorder.  These are not available for earlier annexations and are Null.

EFFECTIVE (Effective Date): The effective date of the annexation or detachment.

CITY: The city to which the annexation or detachment took place.

URL: This text field contains hyperlinks for viewing city annexation documents. See the ArcGIS Help for using the Hyperlink Tool.

FEAT_TYPE: contains the type of feature each polygon represents:

  • Land - Use this value for your definition query if you want to see only land features on your map.
  • Pier - This value is used for polygons representing piers along the coastline. One example is the Santa Monica Pier.
  • Breakwater - This value is used for polygons representing man-made barriers that protect the harbors.
  • Water - This value is used for polygons representing navigable waters inside the harbors and marinas.
  • 3NM Buffer - Per the Submerged Lands Act, the seaward boundaries of coastal cities and unincorporated county areas are three nautical miles from the coastline. (A nautical mile is 1,852 meters, or about 6,076 feet.)


CITY BOUNDARY POLYGONS - principal attributes include CITY_NAME and POPULATION, along with FEAT_TYPE as in the City Annexations feature class.

CITY BOUNDARY LINES - the principal attribute is BDRY_TYPE. Values include 'Coast', 'Land City', 'Land County', 'Pier', 'Breakwater', 'Water', and 'Ocean'.


GIS Source Information
Database Name: eGIS_Boundaries_Political
Feature Dataset Name (if applicable):
Reference Date:
Accuracy: Parcel
Update Frequency: As Needed
Access Constraints:None

Contact Information
Michael Maung
Geographic Information Systems Technician II
Los Angeles County
Department of Public Works
900 S Fremont Ave

Alhambra, CA 91803

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