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Election Precincts

Election precincts (consolidations) for the March 3, 2020 Presidential Primary Election.

Download the data here: Election Precincts


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Data Field Descriptions

Precinct - Name of the precinct
VoteByMail - A value of 0 indicates it is a Vote at Polls precinct and a value of 1 indicates it is a Vote By Mail precinct
BallotGrou - The ballot group the precinct belongs to
SerialNumb - The serial number of the precinct
VBMVoters - The permanent Vote By mail voters for this precinct
PollVoters - The Vote At Poll voters for this precinct

The values for VBMVoters and PollVoters are the registration counts at the time the election precincts were finalized. These numbers may change up to the close of registration.

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