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Native Tree Restoration Priority Planning Areas

Los Angeles County Native Tree Restoration Mitigation and Priority Planting Plan
Los Angeles County Contract (with RCDSMM) #SPF03-03

These layers are for use in determining where to plant native trees in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (SMMNRA) for restoration or mitigation purposes, given the fact that the climate is changing and many native trees may not continue to survive or reproduce in their current locations. Native trees are a limited yet key part of the SMMNRA landscape, providing habitat and linkages for many species as well as a diversity of ecosystem services. Project layers include: Study Area; Existing Locations for each species, derived from NPS 2007 Vegetation Mapping data or California Consortium of Herbaria data; and Suitable Habitat RCP 8.5 for each species (future climate projections of suitable habitat for each species). THE SUITABLE HABITAT RCP 8.5 LAYERS HAVE NOT BEEN FIELD-CHECKED; THEREFORE, THESE LAYERS SHOULD BE USED AS GUIDELINES FOR POTENTIAL PLANTING AREAS ONLY. Any potential planting locations should be visited in the field, and proper permitting should be secured. In addition, these layers, and the app, should be used in conjunction with the Los Angeles County Native Tree Priority Planting Plan, available at: https://www.rcdsmm.org/resources/reports-and-publications/


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Web App – (interactive application)

CLICK HERE for an application to use in identifying priority planting areas.


Project Contact Information:

Rosi Dagit
Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains
540 South Topanga Blvd
Topanga, CA 90290

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Contact Information
Rosi Dagit

Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains

540 South Topanga Blvd

Topanga, CA 90290

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  • This can be very complex and correlated with many other things, for example, longleaf pine cannot reproduce unless fires keep the understory vegetation thin enough for its seedlings to get enough sunlight to survive and grow.

    Stephen from Beacon HCS

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