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Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) layers

Airport Land Use Commissions (ALUC) have been established for all counties with public use airports within the state of California. ALUCs are formed with the specific intent of implementing state law (Public Utilities Code) regarding airports and surrounding land use compatibility.  With limited exceptions, an Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) is required by California law in every county with airports in their jurisdiction. Each ALUC must develop a plan for promoting and ensuring compatibility between each airport in the county and surrounding land uses. In Los Angeles County, the Regional Planning Commission also acts as the ALUC.  For more information about the ALUC, please visit the ALUC section of the Department of Regional Planning’s website:  http://planning.lacounty.gov/aluc/.  Last Updated 12/23/19 to import latest Noise Contours for LAX and Van Nuys airports.

ALUC layers

ALUC layers

These GIS layers represent the information presented in these Airport Land Use Plans.  All layers have basic metadata that describes what they show.  There is also a web mapping application called ‘A-NET’ that shows these layers as well.

ALUC Influence Areas – Download shapefile / lyr file (.zip)

ALUC Noise Contours – Download shapefile / lyr file (.zip)

ALUC_Runway Protection Zones – Download shapefile / lyr file (.zip)

ALUC_Supplemental Areas – Download shapefile / lyr file (.zip)

ALUC_Supplemental Areas (lines) – Download shapefile / lyr file (.zip)




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Dan Hoffman
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