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LA City Communities and Planning Areas

A number of LA City boundaries are available, including:

LA City Community Boundaries LA City Neighborhood Council Boundaries LA City Community Plan Areas

Some of these datasets were downloaded from the LA City Planning GIS Data Download Page – and others from the LA City Open Data Portal.


Port of Los Angeles Berths, Docks, Slips

The Port of Los Angeles manages GIS information about its Berths, Marinas, docks, and slips. They have provided a set of feature classes, including:

Berth Lines Dock Lines Marina Boundaries Slips Dock Structures

You can see the organization of the data in the image on the right.

Download the Data

POLA_Data – […]

Historic Maps of Los Angeles City (1849, 1908)

Two georeferenced images of historic maps of Los Angeles were downloaded from Earthworks, as posted by SoCalGIS. Since they were georeferenced I thought they might be of interest.

Many thanks to Harvard University Library for scanning and georeferencing these maps.

Click below to download

Map of Los Angeles (1849) […]

LA City Council Districts (2012)


Updated December 2013.

LA City Council Districts as adopted by Final Ordinance 2012 No. 182168. This data was provided by the City of Los Angeles.

These boundaries are legally accurate as specified by the Los Angeles City Bureau of Engineering.


Download the shapefile (includes sample layer file): LA […]

LA City Planning GIS Data Portal

LA City Planning GIS Data Portal

The City of Los Angeles Planning department has launched a GIS Data Portal for downloading various GIS data files pertaining to City Planning information.

You can access the data by going to http://planning.lacity.org, selecting the Maps and Stats button on the left, […]

City of Los Angeles – Maps and Apps

Here are links to some good resources for the City of Los Angeles. This is not data – but we put on this site because we get a lot of requests for this information.

City of Los Angeles

Map Gallery and Link to GIS Web Mapping Applications (not data; but great information).

Map […]

LA City Council Districts (2002)

Boundaries of LA City Council Districts, with District Number. The source of this data is the City of Los Angeles.

Data Download

LA_City_Council_Districts.zip (shipped shapefile) ArcGIS 10 Layer File (for County use only)