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This dataset represents Disaster Management Areas within the Los Angeles County Operational Area.

Los Angeles County serves as the intermediate level of government that coordinates and communicates disaster response needs between the eighty-eight (88) cities within its geographic boundaries and the State of California. The County is divided into eight Disaster Management Areas (A, […]

Elementary, Middle, and High School Attendance Areas (2002)

Boundaries of high school attendance area covered by each public school in Los Angeles County. Â Attendance Areas are used to determine which school a student will go to.


Elementary School

Middle School

High School

This data was last […]

School District Boundaries (2002)

This dataset contains boundaries of school districts in LA County from 2002.

There are two different kinds of school districts:

Separated Districts – where the Elementary & Middle Schools are administered separately from the High School Districts (William Hart High School receives students form Castaic and Saugus Elementary Schools, for example). Union Districts – where […]