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Countywide Statistical Areas (formerly called Board Approved Statistical Areas) – Final Draft

Countywide Statistical Area (formerly called Board Approved Statistical Areas) provide a common geographic boundary for reporting departmental statistics for unincorporated areas to the Board of Supervisors.  They are not designed to perfectly represent communities, nor jurisdictional boundaries such as the Angeles National Forest. References below might still be for BASA – but […]

Countywide Building Outlines – 2014 Update – Public Domain Release

November 1, 2016 – this data is now public

The Countywide building outline dataset contains building outlines (over 3,000,000) for all buildings in Los Angeles County, including building height, building area, and the parcel number (also known as building footprints). This data was captured from stereo imagery as part of the LARIAC2 Project (2008 acquisition) […]

Split 2010 Block Group/City – Community Statistical Area (formerly BASA)

This dataset contains 2010 Block Groups, updated to improve geographic accuracy, split by City boundaries for each year since 2010.  It is a foundation-level dataset that is used to create many other datasets and reporting within the County, including:

Legal City Boundaries Census Block Group and Tract Boundaries – which is used […]

Locations/Points of Interest (LMS Data) – January 2016

Current data date:Â January 2016

The major changes to this file include an update of all public school locations from the State Department of Education

Download the data

LMS_Data_Public_20160114_gdb – Zipped file geodatabase – full dataset LMS_Data_Public_20160114_shapefile - Due to the length of a number of the fields, a shapefile’s 255 […]

Solar Data Summarized to 2010 Parcels

With the release of the Local Roll to the public (see this data entry) we are now able to release the dataset that supports the LA County Solar Map (http://solarmap.lacounty.gov).

The Solar Map Database contains the results of the 2006 solar model (for details see this data […]

L.A. County Land Types

Current date of the data: August 2015

The Land Types dataset is a public domain dataset managed by the County of Los Angeles which  includes various types of land use that are critical for mapmaking and geographic analysis.  The data has been created to match parcel boundaries where possible, and digitized from 4-inch […]

L.A. County Street & Address File

Starting in September 2014, the data will be uploaded every week on Sunday with the newest revisions from CAMS (Countywide Address Management System).

Important note:Â This is the first output of the final data structure. Â In the next few weeks we will begin providing weekly updates as well as a number […]

LA County GIS Viewer Upgrade #2 – Charting!

Adding the Median Income Chart

I posted yesterday about a major speed enhancement just released with the upgrade of Geocortex Essentials that was completed last week - Googly Search.

Here is another big addition that we are leveraging – CHARTS!

A few years ago the ESRI flex viewer had […]

LA County GIS Viewer Upgrade #1 – Googly Search!

Googly Search

Have you ever wanted the searches in our GIS applications to be more “Googly” – where as you type you get suggestions on the rest of the entry?  I have dreamt about this.  With the recent upgrade of our GIS Viewers to the newest versions of Essentials […]

2011 4-inch and 1 foot Orthophoto Imagery Date Flown – LARIAC 3

This dataset contains the dates of the imagery compiled into the 2011 Los Angeles Regional Imagery Acquisition Consortium 4-inch and 1-foot color orthophotography. Â We are currently waiting for one final block to be added to this dataset (the National Forest north of Santa Clarita).

Each polygon contains a 8 digit number […]

Historic LA County Supervisorial Districts (1971 – 1991)

Supervisorial District Boundaries for LA County for 1971, 1981, and 1991.

 Samples (click to enlarge)




The data from 1991 was provided by the Registrar/Recorder.

The data from 1971 and 1981 was digitized from scanned and rectified County […]

Height raster dataset (2006)

Height data for the urban/suburban areas of the County of Los Angeles developed from information captured in 2006 by the LAR-IAC program.

This height data was  developed from the following two data sources:

The Digital Elevation Model (DEM) which modeled the ground surface at 5-foot intervals. Â

Hillshade (2006)

***NOTE***The data is held under license from InfoTech International, and cannot be publicly released.Â

A Hillshade is a  shaded relief raster from a raster. Simply, when used with maps, it provides a three-dimensional aspect to the map based upon the relief of the underlying area.  A more detailed definition of a hillshade […]

Solar Radiation Model (2006)

Solar Insolation (global radiation) for the County of Los Angeles developed from information captured in 2006 by the LAR-IAC program.

This data was created through the Area Solar Radiation function in ESRI’s ArcGIS Desktop.  For more details about this function, view the ESRI help file.  […]

County owned buildings (2D and 3D models)


May 10, 2013 – added the 2D building outlines

Models of County owned buildings in three formats (shape, multipatch, and KML). These buildings were created for the LA County Solar Map and were used for high resolution modeling of solar potential

Downtown […]

2006 Buildings (2-foot raster)


Buildings for the urban/suburban areas of the County of Los Angeles developed from information captured in 2006 by the LARIAC Program.

This dataset was developed by the County of Los Angeles Chief Information Office in support of the LA County Solar Map Application (http://solarmap.lacounty.gov). […]