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Land Use Policy (Comm/Area Plan)

Land Use Policy for the various Area / Community / Neighborhood / Coastal Plans throughout the unincorporated parts of Los Angeles County. Please note that these do not cover the entire unincorporated areas of the county, the remaining areas are covered by the General Plan 2035 layer. Please click here for […]

Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) layers

Airport Land Use Commissions (ALUC) have been established for all counties with public use airports within the state of California. ALUCs are formed with the specific intent of implementing state law (Public Utilities Code) regarding airports and surrounding land use compatibility. With limited exceptions, an Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) is required by California law […]

Green Zones Program – Environmental Justice Screening Method (EJSM)




The Environmental Justice Screening Method (EJSM) was developed for Los Angeles County by staff at USC PERE / Occidental College who are experts in the field of Environmental Justice, who were also instrumental in helping develop CalEnviroScreen (an industry standard Environmental Justice analysis for the State of CA). This […]

Zoning (Unincorporated Areas Only)

This is Zoning for the UNINCORPORATED areas of Los Angeles County.

For more complete information, see Title 22 (Planning and Zoning) of the Los Angeles County Code, or stop by the office of the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning, Room 1360 Hall of […]

Significant Ridgelines (within CSDs)

This layer delineates ridgelines within selected CSDs whereupon restrictions are established for grading and ridgeline development. For more information on specific CSDs where these ridgelines reside, click here. Last updated 2/4/19 for an annexation to the City of Santa Clarita.

Data can be downloaded here:

Download Shapefile (.zip)


Zoned Districts (ZD)

These districts were established when zoning was created for Los Angeles County many years ago. It was a way to break the county up into distinct areas, smaller units, for easier record keeping and organization. It is still in use to identify and keep track of those ordinances and for running queries […]

Land Use Policy – General Plan 2035

The General Plan 2035 was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on 10/6/15, and went into effect on 11/5/15. This reflects the land use policy as depicted in that plan. This plan rescinds the 1980 General Plan, however, the old GIS layer is available here for download. More information about the General Plan 2035 […]

Subdivision Activity (Unincorporated Areas Only)

Subdivision Activity

The subdivision activity layer represents those areas (within unincorporated areas) with cases that are either pending, approved or recorded (within the past few years) within the Los Angeles County subdivision process.

The latest version of this layer can be accessed here via the ESRI […]

Rural Outdoor Lighting District (Dark Skies)

This project is an amendment to Title 22 of the County Code, Planning and Zoning, to establish a Rural Outdoor Lighting District for areas of unincorporated Los Angeles County. The proposed Ordinance will establish the District with regulations that will conserve energy and resources and promote dark skies for the enjoyment and […]

Transit Oriented Districts (TOD)

This layer represents the proposed Transit Oriented Districts (TODs)Â as depicted in Figure 6.5 in the General Plan 2035. These are urban and suburban areas with access to major transit and commercial corridors that have the most potential for infill development, and are well-suited for higher density housing and mixed uses. With the exception […]

Specific Plans (Unincorporated Areas)

For UNINCORPORATED areas of Los Angeles County only. A Specific Plan implements the General Plan/Community Plan and is a more detailed version of the General Plan for a focused area. The Specific Plan articulates planning considerations and imposes regulations or controls.  More information can be found about Specific Plans on the Department of Regional […]

Dept of Regional Planning – Planning Areas

For planning purposes & reference within the General Plan Update.

Countywide layer which divides the County of Los Angeles into 11 Planning Areas. These area divisions were created for the L.A. County Dept. of Regional Planning by the GIS Section under direction from the General Plan Development Section. Reflects the most recent changes from the […]

Significant Ecological Areas (SEA) – Existing/Adopted

Significant Ecological Areas (SEA) Significant Ecological Area (SEA) means an area that is determined to possess an example of biotic resources that cumulatively represent biological diversity for the purposes of protecting biotic diversity, as part of the Los Angeles County general plan or the city’s general plan. Additional regulations shall be applied based onÂ

Woolsey Fire (Nov 2018) GIS Data & Applications

This post will provide links to GIS layers and online web mapping applications related to the Woolsey Fire Incident (November 2018; Los Angeles and Ventura counties).


Websites and Applications

For information about the Woolsey Fire, including information about L.A. County resources available – click here

A direct link to the online […]

Community Standards Districts (CSD)

The community standards districts are established as supplemental districts to provide a means of implementing special development standards contained in adopted neighborhood, community, area, specific and local coastal plans within the UNINCORPORATED areas of Los Angeles County, or to provide a means of addressing special problems which are unique to certain geographic […]

Scenic Highways

Description Adopted and Proposed Scenic Highways from Caltrans (click here for more information) Updated 4/20/17 for a newly adopted scenic highway.Â

Data can be downloaded here:

Download Shapefile (.zip)

Master Plan of Highways

Adopted Countywide Highway / Freeway Plan […]

Rural Preservation Areas

Rural Preservation Areas


Introduced in the Antelope Valley Area Plan, adopted by the Board of Supervisors on 6/16/15, the Rural Preservation Areas layer identifies several types of rural preserves such as “Rural Town Areas”, “Future Town Areas”, “Open Space”, etc. It lays out the framework of the Land Use Policy […]

Equestrian Districts (EQD)

Equestrian Districts

The equestrian district is established as a supplemental district in order to recognize particular areas where the keeping or maintaining of horses and other large domestic animals for the personal use of members of the family residing on the premises has become or is intended to become an […]

Economic Opportunity Areas

Economic Opportunity Areas (EOA)

Introduced by the Antelope Valley Area Plan that was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on 6/16/15, the Economic Opportunity Area layer identifies areas that have significant opportunities for growth and economic development. For more information about this, please see the Antelope Valley Area Plan, chapter 2 […]

Santa Monica Mountains Local Coastal Plan – GIS layers

These are the main layers that were used in the mapping and analysis for the Santa Monica Mountains Local Coastal Plan, which was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on August 26, 2014, and certified by the California Coastal Commission on October 10, 2014. Below are some links to important documents and web mapping applications, […]

ZIP Code Boundaries

Parcel Specific Zip Codes Sample

There are two ZIP Code boundary shapefiles – one that follows parcels and one that follows street based data better. There is also a line version of the ZIP Codes and ZIP Code centroids included here as well. One lines up with parcel lines and […]

General Plan Buildout

This layer is a combination of the Buildout for the General Plan 2035 and the Antelope Valley Area Plan, that was generated for the EIRs for both plans. The Board of Supervisors adopted both the Antelope Valley Area Plan and General Plan 2035 on 6/16/15 and 10/6/15, respectively. The Antelope Valley Area Plan contained the […]

Scenic Drives

Scenic Drives

Introduced by the Antelope Valley Area Plan, adopted by the Board of Supervisors on 6/16/15, the Scenic Drives layer identifies major roads that have scenic signifigance. Also establishes development guidelines to help preserve their scenic qualities. For more information, please see Chapter 4 of the Antelope Valley Area Plan […]

Employment Protection Districts

This layer represents the employment protection districts as depicted in Figure 14.1 in the General Plan 2035. Employment Protection Districts are economically-viable industrial and employment-rich lands, with policies to prevent the conversion of industrial land to non-industrial land.

Download Shapefile (.zip)

Agricultural Resource Areas

Agricultural Resource Areas

Agricultural Resource Areas were introduced with the Antelope Valley Area Plan that was adopted on 6/16/15 by the Board of Supervisors. They are meant to preserve Agricultural activities in the Antelope Valley and encourage low-density development. For more information, please reference the Antelope Valley Area Plan, Chapter 4 […]

Sensitive Environmental Resource Areas (SERA)

These are the Sensitive Environmental Resource Areas (SERAs) identified in the Santa Monica Mountains Local Coastal Program (SMMLCP), which was certified by the California Coastal Commission on October 10, 2014 (a link to the resolution is here). Also known as Biological Resources in the SMMLCP. Detailed descriptions of each of the habitat […]

Historic Resources

This dataset contains a polygon layer of historic resources in Los Angeles County.

Data Download Link

Historic_Resources – Zipped ESRI shapefile



Specific Plans – Proposed

Specific Plan – Proposed

These are Proposed Specific Plans for the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. The adoption of the Antelope Valley Area Plan by the Board of Supervisors (6/16/15) introduced a new Specific Plan Boundary on the Land Use Policy maps for the Centennial project and other adjacent parcels. […]

Airports (Countywide)

Shows all airports in Los Angeles County. For a link to the Department of Regional Planning’s Airport Land Use Commission page, click here. UPDATED on 4/27/15 to reflect the name change from El Monte Airport to the San Gabriel Valley Airport

Download Shapefile (.zip)

View in the new LA County Open Data Portal […]

Zoning Map Grid

The grid that shows the zoning maps that cover the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. This grid follows alignment and numbering system as the Department of Public Works House Numbering Maps. This was developed as part of the Zoning Map Conversion and Integration Project (ZCIP) – 2002 to 2006.

Updated 4/27/15 […]

L.A. County Land Types

Current date of the data: August 2015

The Land Types dataset is a public domain dataset managed by the County of Los Angeles which  includes various types of land use that are critical for mapmaking and geographic analysis.  The data has been created to match parcel boundaries where possible, and digitized from 4-inch […]

L.A. County Street & Address File

Starting in September 2014, the data will be uploaded every week on Sunday with the newest revisions from CAMS (Countywide Address Management System).

Important note:Â This is the first output of the final data structure. Â In the next few weeks we will begin providing weekly updates as well as a number […]

Township Range Section, Rancho Boundaries

This dataset contains the boundaries of the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) – Township Range Section boundaries, as well as the boundaries of the Ranchos  and Landgrants that pre-dated the PLSS.  In general these match the USGS topographic Quad Sheets from the US Geological Survey.

Note – […]

Township, Range and Section

The grid that shows the township, range and section information for Los Angeles County taken from the PLSS.

The Public Land Survey System (PLSS) typically divides land into 6-mile-square townships, which is the level of information included in the National Atlas. Townships are subdivided into 36 one-mile- square sections. A section is an area normally […]

National Forest

Depicts lands owned or managed by the U.S. Forest Service and designated by U.S. Government as a National Forest. The Los Padres and Angeles National Forests lie within the boundaries of Los Angeles County.

More info on the Angeles National Forest can be found by clicking here. More info on […]

Dept. of Regional Planning – Map Catalog


Various maps are available for free as downloads (PDF files) or as hard copy prints for a fee. Available maps include Supervisorial Districts (updated 1/12/2015), Community Standards Districts (CSD), Zoning, Community and Area Plans, etc.

Note, this is not a link to GIS data layers, just Adobe Acrobat PDF files. […]

L.A. County Address Points

Address Points

Current data date: August 2014 -Â Data is automatically updating information weekly. For more information please visit the Countywide Address Management System page.

This dataset contains address points from the Countywide Address Management System (CAMS), a collaborative program between the County’s Registrar/Recorder, Chief Information Officer, […]

Catalina Zoning (Land Use Districts)

This is a seperate zoning layer from the rest of the county as it has different categories. Santa Catalina Island falls under a specific plan under Title 22 (Planning and Zoning) of the Los Angeles County Code (previous section – 22.46.050 et.al.), which designates land […]

Aerial Imagery (2001) – Pre-LARIAC

This aerial imagery was captured in 2001 in a cooperative project between the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works and Regional Planning.

It represents the initial imagery capture by the County of Los Angeles, which later become the Los Angeles Regional Imagery Acquisition Consortium (LAR-IAC).

Three imagery resolutions were captured:

1 […]

Zoning Index Map Grid

Zoning Index Map Grid

The grid that shows the zoning index maps that cover the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. These maps are a conglomorate of 25 zoning maps and have less detail on them. This grid follows alignment and numbering system as the Department of Public Works House […]

2008 4-inch Color Orthophotography – LARIAC 2


***NOTE***The 4-inch imagery is held under license from Pictometry International, and cannot be publicly released.Â

Natural color, leaf-off, 0.33-foot (4-inch) high-resolution, high-accuracy orthorectified aerial imagery, acquired by the Los Angeles Regional Imagery Consortium (LARIAC) in winter 2007/2008. This imagery covers the majority of urban/suburban areas of the County in […]