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Traffic Counts for California State Highways

An example from Orange County

While this isn’t GIS data directly, the data available at the Traffic Data Branch website can be spatially enabled to show traffic counts at the various intersections of the State Highway System.

Data available include:

Traffic Counts 2011 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) […]

California Coastal Commission Zone Boundaries

The coastal zone, which was specifically mapped by the Legislature, covers an area larger than the State of Rhode Island. On land the coastal zone varies in width from several hundred feet in highly urbanized areas up to five miles in certain rural areas, and offshore the coastal zone includes a three-mile-wide band of ocean.


Caltrans GIS Data Portal

This is a rich set of data available from CalTrans – not limited only to Transportation data:


Transportation Layer Themes…

Road Base Map images (geo-referenced) Bus/Transit Freight/Ports Airports Projects California Interregional Blueprint (CIB)

Caltrans GIS Coordinators List (updated 7/2014)- click here.


More, from the website:

How to […]