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Active Wells


The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works has developed a groundwater well web viewer to provide the public with current and historical groundwater depth information throughout Los Angeles County.



To provide active wells information to the public.


Supplemental Information:


The State of California Department of […]

Seismic Hazards – LA County (from State of CA)

Zones of required investigation for possible earthquake faulting, landslides, and liquefaction are delineated and distributed to cities, counties, and state construction agencies to help identify where higher building standards may be necessary for safe development.

Seismic Hazard Regulatory Hazard Zones Earthquake Fault Zone prevent buildings for human occupancy from being constructed upon […]

California Hazard Maps

CGS has developed a new online tool that allows you to search all of CGS’s Regulatory Maps, Landslide Maps and Tsunami Maps with related reports and GIS data. The new tool is now officially accessible through CGS’s home page. See below for a brief list of what the warehouse has to offer within each […]