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Annexation No. 2018-04 to the City of Santa Clarita

Annexation No. 2018-04 to the City of Santa Clarita (Plum Canyon, Skyline Ranch, and North San Canyon) became effective on November 15 2018. To download the shapefile of this annexation, please click on below. This shapefile download includes territories annexed to City of Santa Clarita .

Annexation No. 2018-04 to the City of Santa […]

Park Needs Assessment

In March 2015, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved a motion to initiate the Countywide Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment. This represents an unprecedented effort to document existing parks and recreation facilities in cities and unincorporated communities in Los Angeles County, and to use these data to determine the scope, scale, and […]

Hands-on QGIS Workshop materials

As part of GIS Day 2014 (see http://gis.lacounty.gov/gisday), John Hickock from our Public Works Department developed a brief training for our 2014 GIS Day event, which will give you an introduction to QGIS and some data resources to get started.

He has made the links and resources available, so we are publishing that […]

LA County’s Unified House Numbering System

After 11 years in the County, and many years dealing with addresses, I just learned about our Unified House Numbering System guidelines, which points to all of the relevant source information that we use to assign house numbers in the Unincorporated portion of the county.  Many cities were incorporated after this was adopted […]

Guide to Replacing Thomas Brothers

The County of Los Angeles has embarked on projects to replace the data it has historically licensed from Thomas Brothers with data that it owns and maintains internally. This will allow the County to distribute, update, and improve this data without current restrictions.  The layer by layer comparison is listed below, and in the […]